Your Husband Wants You to Send These 50 Sexy Texts!

Your Husband Wants You to Send These 50 Sexy Texts!

Your Husband Wants You to Send These 50 Sexy Texts!

No exaggeration when we say that our men have a sexual thought every nine seconds. So why not give him what he wants with these 50 sexy messages your husband wants you to send him?
There are 50 sultry texts that your husband wants you to send him right now.

Being married is a dream come true for me!

 Marriage, in my opinion, is the best and most enjoyable journey I have ever embarked on! I remember being so timid and feeling so uncomfortable when it came to discussing personal matters with my husband when we first got married, but let me assure you that shyness soon faded away! And do you have any idea what occurred when it happened? My spouse and I’s relationship progressed in leaps and bounds over time.


The importance of having an intimate connection with your spouse cannot be overstated since, let’s be honest, our husbands are always thinking about getting intimate with us. Every 9 or so seconds, to be precise! They have a strong desire for us to get intimate with them as well! What’s the harm in giving people what they want, you may ask?

I understand what you’re thinking. I’m too weary or too busy to do anything. Believe me when I say that I am standing with you! With two little children always tugging on me and older children who need my attention, it may be difficult. Would you believe me if I told you that a simple sexy SMS would go a long way toward improving his opinion of you and your marriage?



What if I told you that your marriage is in desperate need of some personal moments? So, what better method to communicate with him while he is at work and you are waiting in line at the pickup line? Send him a text message!

We’re going to share with you today 50 filthy texts that your husband wants you to send him!



**Please keep this in mind! This is a more personal article in which I discuss some interesting methods to spice up your relationship via texting! You may want to skip over this article if you are easily humiliated by the prospect of discussing how to spice up your extracurricular activities in the bedroom.



Just a few reminders before we hand over all of these sleazy messages to you!

As a parent of older children, be certain that you understand how to erase photos and texts from your phone. No one wants their children to be aware of their personal connection with another person!


Before you send one of these messages to your husband, take the time to get to know him. 


While it comes to relationships, sometimes more conservative approaches are preferred; remember to keep this in mind when selecting the messages you send. Don’t send one if you know it will completely upset your spouse since it is too provocative.
As long as both sides are cool with it, having a dirty conversation with your spouse is normal and acceptable behavior.


Your spouse is losing out on an excellent opportunity to connect with you on a whole new level if you’re not sending him romantic text messages.

Sending romantic messages is not just for newlyweds; it is also for everyone! What are you waiting for? We’re providing you all sorts of ideas that you may submit to us right now. Take out your phone and send a sultry text message to your spouse. Never forget to let us know how things went!

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Possess An Emoji
Everyone likes emoticons, so why not use them to convey your emotions to your husband? Consider it a secret code. Find an emoji that, when seen by your spouse, signifies just one thing! Yes, he will be ecstatic when he returns home tonight!

From The Heart, A Message Of Love To Him


Occasionally, all you want is for your spouse to know how much you love him, and a romantic note for him can do that!

When you’re around, my whole body is aware!
Every time I see you, I still feel butterflies, so let’s flutter tonight!
I wish you were here right now with me!
I’m overjoyed to have discovered you!
Additional Romantic Message Ideas For Him
I’m just over here preparing your favorite meal, no big deal! I’m very excited for you to return home!


If you asked me to marry you again today, I would reply, “I do.”
I like your devotion to me. Many thanks for being there for me at all times!
All the small things you do increase my admiration for you!
I don’t express how much I adore you often enough, but I want you to know how much I adore you!


Texts To Send To Your Husband That Are Flirty/Fun

You know those days when you wish you could be a bit more flirtatious with your spouse when you’re apart? Here are some of the greatest flirtatious messages to send him!

Tonight, let’s go on a date. I believe you’ll like the conclusion!
Send the Boys 2 Men video for “I’ll Make Love to You.”
Create a seductive nickname for him and use it exclusively while texting him. Sexypants is the name of my spouse!
I’m really excited to kiss you later.
Would you want to put the children to bed early tonight?

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Additional Feminine Texts To Send To Your Man
Sending flirtatious text messages to your guy lets him know that you are thinking about him all day.


Tonight, let’s have a happily ever after!

Tonight, how about the bedroom Olympics? Perhaps you’ll earn a gold medal!

I’m really excited for tonight… I’m giddy with anticipation just thinking about it!

Would you want to guess what I’m thinking about right now?

Skirt or slim-fitting jeans. You have an option.

Would you want to see my boobs? ‘.’ ( . )




Texts To Send To Your Husband

Have you ever wanted to shake your husband’s world? Here are all the provocative messages he is certain to like!


Tonight, beginning at 8:00 p.m., your desire is my order (insert time).
I’m really excited to treat you tonight.
Which outfit should I choose for tonight’s bedtime? Which option do you prefer?
I was considering inviting you to dinner tonight. What are your thoughts?
Apologies about the altercation! Let us resolve this as grownups. In the master bedroom. Naked.
I’m experiencing some sexual tension; might you assist me?
I like it when you use derogatory language. Tonight, let’s practice.
What is the most seductive thing I can do for you when we meet?
How may I gratify you, Mr. (enter surname here)?
Which color underwear do you like on me… Simply inquisitive; guess


You have no idea how hot it would be if you were suddenly turned on at work thinking about me. Simply stating the obvious.



Text Messages That Are ….Freaky

Occasionally, some bizarre text messages are required to take things to the next level.




I’m somewhat turned on by the mere thought of you.
Simply said, dirty language is a huge turn on.
I loved it last night when you (fill in the blank).
What is it that you want me to do for you tonight that will ensure you never forget it?
How would we spice things up if we were in a long-distance relationship?
I wish you were here right now with me. Naked.
At eight a.m., a blow job?
I adore our sexual encounters.
I was just reflecting on my favorite sexual positions and wished you were here.
I’m now shopping for lingerie and need a second opinion; are you willing to assist me?
Want to experiment with a new sexual position tonight…
Try not to think of me in (insert favorite clothing here)… It is not acceptable to do so while on the job!
Tonight, You + Me = Bam shaka wham wham!
Is there a certain sex position that you consider at work?
You remember the day you shook my world? Therefore, let us repeat it tonight!
A Few More Sensational Love Messages!
I adore your (enter your preferred body part here!)
Let us make a point of locking the door tonight!
Complete the blank. I wish you had done more for me in terms of (fill in the blank).
Shower at 8:00 a.m.?
Let us begin!
I want you immediately…
I’m so relieved that we’re not in a long-distance relationship; I really need more evenings like last night.
You looked very stunning when you left this morning… I’m sure you’ll seem much more seductive later, with our door closed and locked.
Complete the blank… I like your I’m not wearing any underpants at the moment.
I’ve already chosen tonight’s coupon!



Express Yourself Visually(picture)!
Occasionally, a picture is worth a thousand words, and your sex life is in desperate need of some images. Thus, here are some AMAZING suggestions for the ideal image to give your spouse through text message!



Send him a photo of two different lingerie choices and request his advice on which one to wear tonight.


Send him a photo of yourself winking at him.

Send a photograph of yourself wearing a sexy appearance.

Send a picture of yourself with a genuine smile on your face and the message, “Want to know what I’m thinking right now?”

Send a photo of lingerie and inquire, “Would you want me to wear this tonight?”

Send a photo of your cleavage and state, “There’s more where that came from tonight!”

Of course, there are many more photo choices, but we’ll leave it there for now, since my parents and children read my blog! Howdy, Mom Simply be creative and have fun, but don’t forget to remove it from your phone!



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