Why Networking Can Boost Your Productivity

Why Networking Can Boost Your Productivity

Why Networking Can Boost Your Productivity

Why Networking Can Boost Your Productivity

The way your career develops is heavily influenced by your ability to work hard, but it is not the only factor that influences your success. It turns out that a person’s ability to network and be productive are both significantly connected to their level of success. How? Here are the four most significant ways that socialising may help one become more productive.

Communal Objectives

“You are what you eat,” the adage goes. This is a statement that you’ve undoubtedly heard before. It bears a significant amount of significance in the context of professional productivity. How? “What you eat” should be replaced with “who you hang out with.”

Creating a network of professionals in the same field as you will result in a group of people who are all working toward the same objectives as you. This has the potential to be really inspiring. It is possible to get burnt out in any career, even one that you are enthusiastic about; but, having coworkers and friends who share your enthusiasm can help you stay on course. And if their drive begins to fade, you may provide them with the same assistance.

Accountability on a Professional Level

When you keep in contact with other experts in your sector on a daily basis, it becomes hard to disregard any career-related objectives that you set for yourself in the future. Therefore, it is critical that you truly set apart time for others who are connected to the same network as you are.




Take, for example, selecting one or two persons with whom to check in once a month. Make a selection of individuals who have a little more experience in the sector than you have. Make a request that they keep you responsible for meeting a deadline at work or completing an important professional move within a certain time period.

When you have someone else rooting for you on the sidelines, it will be much more difficult to put off having that uncomfortable talk with your employer about a promotion or taking a step back from starting your own company.

Recommendations that are sound

Your network of like-minded individuals will not only assist you in reaching your objectives, but they will also assist you in achieving them. They will be able to provide insight into whether or not you should take on another job or make a career change if you are undecided about your situation.

Because they work in the same business as you, it’s likely that they’ve dealt with a problem similar to yours before as well. And if they don’t, they at the very least have a greater knowledge of the work than you do.

Stimulation of Social Behavior

Having a conventional network of colleagues and friends in place may help you be more productive, but did you know that regularly checking Facebook can help you be more productive as well?

Those who take brief pauses to check social media are nine percent more productive than employees who stick their heads to the grindstone throughout the day, according to new research. The quick break from work allows one’s brain to recuperate and offers one a much-needed boost.


Some businesses are also experimenting with the usage of social media networks inside their own organizations. When you can utilize a social media platform that you are already acquainted with, such as Twitter or Facebook, it makes it simpler for you to communicate with other workers and the organization as a whole. As a result, in this environment, social media may assist you in becoming more connected with and invested in what is happening at a higher level, which can encourage you to work much more.


Considering all of the good features of networking, it’s tough to deny that meeting more people in your area will have a favorable impact on your career. There’s no denying the link between social media and productivity, whether you’re brainstorming with a seasoned colleague or taking a break from crunching figures to check Instagram while you’re at it!