Why is Speech Freedom Vital in Modern Society?

Why is Speech Freedom Vital in Modern Society

Why is Speech Freedom Vital in Modern Society?

Why is Speech Freedom Vital in Modern Society?

Each of us is confident in expressing our thoughts and feelings…. Freedom of expression is fundamental to our way of life, whether it is at a social gathering with friends, a business meeting, or even just while writing a review for a book or a product. However, things have not always been this way. In the history of political organization and mankind, democracy was not the initial type of political organization, and some nations are currently engaged in a protracted battle against fascism, communistsism, or Nazism.





Neither one of the political philosophies described above cherished free expression, and individuals were controlled or even punished when they dared to speak their opinions without fear of retribution from the authorities. 



The concepts were rejected because they reflected a critical view of political parties, the growth of a nation, or the governance of a particular country. 




The candle of a revolution may have been lit by this event. In the end, this occurred in almost every country on the planet.

People have not always had the freedom to express themselves freely, and some of them are still struggling for it now. Then, what exactly is freedom of expression, and why does it need legal protection?




Expression is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

Free expression refers to the ability to express yourself and your thoughts without fear of repercussion. We are all well aware that some of these beliefs are troublesome, provocative, or forceful in their expression and implementation. 




These thoughts may be spoken, however, because of freedom of expression. Several individuals believe that freedom of expression and communication is a one-way street. Nonetheless, freedom of expression includes the right to have access to this information as well as the right to disseminate it to others.




Even though it may seem a little bit like social media platforms, they are just an atmosphere in which individuals feel safe expressing their thoughts.. Take inspiration from the free speech essay examples collected by WritingBros if you want to learn more about freedom of expression, its history, and impact on the modern world.




 If you want to learn more about freedom of expression, its history, and impact on the modern world, take a look at the resources listed above. How is it, therefore, that freedom of expression is so critical in contemporary society? It, on the other hand, contributes to the advancement and development of society. It facilitates people’s ability to interact, collaborate, meet, and form friendships with one another. It is possible to express one’s views without fear of being penalized under the freedom of expression clause. It is also possible that merely being aware of this might lead some people to go too far.





Events in the United States have made headlines recently.

Following the police shooting death of an unarmed black man, the social movement Black Lives Matter has acquired even more support. Around the nation, demonstrations erupted, and extreme organizations took to the streets, destroying the shops and stores of countless individuals. Following a tweet by President Donald Trump, the Capitol was under assault this year.

In addition, we might claim that all of these expressions are similar to the right to freedom of expression.





Some people have gone to the extreme of expressing their thoughts without regard for the opinions of the other participants participating in the discussion. To the point that hurling stones through shop windows and setting automobiles on fire is considered acceptable means of expressing oneself.





All demonstrations should have the purpose of increasing awareness, but they should be conducted in a way that does not negatively impact the businesses of innocent people. Because the United States has one of the world’s greatest levels of cultural variety, it is possible to meet individuals from all over the globe here. One group comes here in search of a brighter future, while another comes to experience the American Dream.




All of them, however, are protected by the First Amendment right to free expression.




What is it that need legal protection?

In certain instances, such as the ones described above, freedom of expression may be curtailed. It is possible for governments to limit freedom of expression when it becomes hateful or inciteful discourse. These limits, on the other hand, are often established in order to preserve the public’s welfare. These limits should be clear and unambiguous so that everyone can have access to them and understand what they are limiting access to.





Those governments or local authorities implementing the limits should remember that they cannot be founded on religious or personal convictions, nor can they be discriminatory against persons who come from a different country, are of a different race, or are of a different faith than they are.

A legal safeguard for freedom of expression is required.




 Why? In order to thrive and progress, it is the driving force behind any civilization. Liberties such as freedom of expression enable individuals to collaborate on projects, respect one another’s opinions, and debate views that are diametrically opposed to their own.




At the same time, freedom of expression enables you to voice your dissatisfaction with the government or your gratitude for it. Most importantly, since people have the freedom to voice their thoughts, publications like as newspapers, periodicals, investigative reporters, blogs, and many others can exist.




In the event that it is not protected, what are the repercussions?

Our society’s progress might be hampered if the right to freedom of expression is not guaranteed by legislation.

Due to the fact that the free press will be sued for anything they print, the free press will gradually cease to exist over time. Several notable figures, including politicians, have expressed a desire to keep parts of their illicit companies hidden from the public.

Inability to express one’s opinions openly would very certainly send us back in time a few hundred years, when individuals were silenced and jailed for expressing their disagreement with the ruling elite.




One last observation.

Today’s society places a high value on freedom of expression. It is at the heart of our democracies, and it helps us to develop and learn from the experiences of other people and countries. People’s right to freedom of expression permits them to criticize and even voice offensive beliefs, however there are certain limits. We will not accept hateful or inciting remarks. Obscenity, on the other hand, does not.





Without legal protection, we shall revert to a period when individuals were banned, and in some cases punished or tortured, just for expressing their opinions openly on the Internet. In particular, public officials and governments came in for harsh criticism. We must place a high importance on freedom of expression in current society since it is still practiced in certain places.





Judy Nelson is a content writer and blogger who lives in the United Kingdom. She also contributes to an online magazine with a weekly piece every week. Judy delves into some of the most critical issues facing mankind today, including as global warming, prejudice, and racial injustice.

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