Why can’t I make my wife happy?

Why can't I make my wife happy

Why can’t I make my wife happy?

Why can’t I make my wife happy?

The remark “My wife is usually unhappy” is one that no married guy wants to hear himself say. Marriage is a committed collaboration, and the feelings of one spouse will always have an influence on the feelings of the other. Living in a relationship when your spouse is temperamental, distant, or hostile may be emotionally draining. 



Attempting to make somebody feel better is a difficult undertaking unless you have some insight into what is causing them to feel the way they do, which is not always the case. When it comes to your wife’s dissatisfaction, it’s critical that you attempt to figure out what has brought her to this place and what, if anything, you can do to brighten her mood and enhance your relationship. If you love her and are committed to the continuous development of your marriage, it is time for you to put your efforts into making her feel better.



Obviously, women are unhappy for a variety of reasons, but within a marriage, there are frequently hints as to where her dissatisfaction is coming from. If there has been an ongoing disagreement between you and your wife, it is possible that she is suppressing it internally. 



She may be unable to let go of her bitterness or unhappiness about the situation, and this may be affecting her overall mood. Consider what you and your partner have been arguing over recently and what you can do right now to make things better. Most certainly, compromise will be a part of the equation, and although it may need further discussion on your behalf, it will be worthwhile if you can get back the happy and satisfied lady you married.




Some women get into a state of despair as a result of their dissatisfaction with their life. You can frequently tell whether this is what your wife is going through based on the subtle signs she provides in her conversations. If she expresses regret for not pursuing her job or expresses confusion about what she wants to do with her life, she is likely to be battling with her own identity as a woman. Discuss with her what it is that she would love doing for herself.




 It may be as easy as enrolling in a few evening courses to pursue a degree or as complex as taking on a part-time job. Whatever it is, be as encouraging as you possibly can. Helping her achieve her objectives and rediscover her own identity outside of her roles as a wife and a mother will help you two rekindle your relationship. Every woman wants to know that her spouse has faith in her.

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What do you do when your wife is dissatisfied?

A hubby could really make his wife happy. He can, however, assist her in identifying the source of the issue and providing assistance while she attempts to resolve it. Listen more than you “fix,” empathize, and be caring and supportive.




The fact of the matter is that you cannot make your wife happy. You don’t have the ability to make her happy or unhappy. That is something only she can accomplish.

However, this does not imply that all hope is gone.






You may and should take the time to listen to her and attempt to understand where she is coming from. Listen attentively without rejecting her or justifying your behavior.

Make an effort to understand why she is unhappy, and give her the time and space she needs to work through her issues. If you’re not sure why she’s upset, just ask her! Talk to her about it. Try to express her dissatisfaction in your own terms. This is reassuring to her and demonstrates your genuine concern for her sentiments.






While you may create the conditions for happiness, you cannot force her to be happy.

It is perfectly natural and good for couples to have tiny conflicts on a daily basis in a relationship. It is not the frequency with which you fight, but the manner in which you fight that makes the difference.





Couples might be in love with one another yet find themselves drifting apart and on the verge of divorcing. With or without your spouse’s assistance, there are actions you may do to restore your marriage to the lovely place it once was. Save your marriage and rebuild it into a more connected, meaningful relationship.






No matter what I do, my wife is never satisfied: My wife is always depressed.

Some men may assert that they will never be able to completely satisfy their wives’ needs. Despite their efforts, they may claim that they are unable to please the ladies in their life. However, there is some good news for all of you, husbands. 



Creating happiness for your significant other is more simpler than you would believe. All it takes is being a nice spouse, after all.

The most important component, though, is to make your wife feel valued, respected, and loved… and, as if by magic, you’ll get even more in return, with the end result being nothing but a marriage that is overflowing with love and happiness.





Richard Webb, a marriage therapist and author, offers four suggestions on how to be a good husband and keep your wife pleased and happy. Continue reading, and you’ll be well on your way to a more joyful marriage.




You will experience a deeper, richer life and a deeper and more fulfilling connection with your wife if you are a decent husband, which is the good news. So, if you don’t want to wait any longer, here are four equally vital advice from relationship guru Webb.




Be an attentive listener who takes into consideration her sentiments.

 It is natural to have moments when you cannot comprehend what she is saying or agree with what she is saying. Nonetheless, it is critical that you learn to pay attention to her. A good marriage is built on open communication, and if you don’t listen to your wife, she will get even more irritated with you.




Allowing your wife to express herself authentically can help her feel cherished.

 Sharing is caring, and when you listen to her, you are sharing your time and sympathy with her, just as she is sharing her ideas and feelings with you.





Spend time with your wife to strengthen your marriage. 

A decent husband puts his wife first and foremost in his life. Make her feel unique by assuring her that she is and always will be the most important person in your life. Of course, it’s fair that you and your spouse need time apart to pursue your own interests, but don’t forget about your wife’s requirements.





Go on dates with her and come up with creative methods to express your admiration and affection for her. 

Surprise her with presents on a regular basis, even if there isn’t a special occasion. Sexy lingerie may help her feel more confident, and it’s a terrific way to let her know that you still think she’s beautiful.





Don’t be afraid to be your wife’s hero in shining armor. 

Your wife may seem strong and self-sufficient, but there will be moments when she will want your assistance in ensuring that she feels confident in the knowledge that you are behind her, alongside her, and ready to stand by her no matter what.


You should not assume that she is in a good mood. Take the initiative, particularly when she feels like a damsel in distress.




Genuinely express your appreciation for your wife. 


Tell her she’s gorgeous if you want to. It’s something she enjoys hearing again and over. Do not jeopardize your relationship by spending time with other ladies. Your wife will feel vulnerable and intimidated as a result of this action. Recognize and appreciate your wife’s most endearing qualities.
Maintain your dedication. Make a decent husband out of yourself. There are no limits to the advantages!

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