What Causes Men to Withdraw After a Sexy Experience?

What Causes Men to Withdraw After a Sexy Experience

What Causes Men to Withdraw After a Sexy Experience?

Your sex was fantastic, but now he’s acting strange and distant from you. In the aftermath of an intimate encounter, why do men withdraw? What you’ve been missing is now explained.


The fact is, you’re not alone in believing you had an emotional connection with a man during sex. Then they vanish as if by magic, leaving you to ponder why men separate themselves when intimate relationships end.


And this isn’t the first time something like this has taken place. When it comes to guys, this is one of the most often asked questions by females. That is also very understandable. Why would you do anything like that, I mean, come on. Assholes.

Okay, we all know that calling people names isn’t going to get us any farther in this discussion. It’s time for some solutions! Our natural tendency is to look inside and see where we went wrong. Is it possible that I farted a little bit too loudly? Is it possible that I was a little aggressive? The sex turned out to be terrible.

How do you feel about intimacy?

We need to examine our own conduct before we can understand why men remove themselves after closeness. We didn’t do anything to entice him to leave. Women, on the other hand, react differently to sex than males do. If you can believe it, it’s biological.

Dr. Aseem Logani, a sexologist, claims that hormones are to blame. Women produce oxytocin during sex, which causes bonding and leads to deeper feelings. Men, on the other hand, produce dopamine, which is more concerned with physical pleasure than with emotions.


This isn’t to say that guys can’t have emotions for you after you’ve been intimate, but it does imply that you’ll react differently. It doesn’t always imply that you did anything wrong or that he dislikes you.


Why do men move away from each other after they’ve been intimate?
To begin with, stop thinking it’s all due of you. It’s not the case. We do know, though, that the man has gone totally quiet. He isn’t writing you a letter. When you text him, he doesn’t respond for hours. It’s as if he doesn’t exist at all. Oh, but you know he’s there, he’s breathing.


So, after your wonderful night together, we’re going to tell you why he’s not infatuated with you. Even while we like having sex, it has the potential to destroy everything. This is why.


1. The pursuit is ended.

Even though we’ve all stated, “I detest playing games,” people like flirting with each other and playing games. We like it at the end of the day. We like being pursued, and they enjoy pursuing us.

The hunt is finished now that you’ve slept with him. He was interested in learning more about you. You were enigmatic. You aren’t anymore. It’s a drag, but it all boils down to a guy being a man. That isn’t to say it is correct, but it is true.

So, what exactly is he up to? After that, we’ll go on to the next pursuit. That’s correct, it’s depressing, and what happens next? You begin pursuing them. 


2. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

The issue isn’t with you personally. The issue is that he recognizes that this isn’t simply a fling, but something that might develop into something more significant. He isn’t looking for anything serious. It isn’t because you aren’t a good match for him. It’s because he isn’t prepared.


You’ve undoubtedly heard him remark, “I’m not ready for something serious,” but you decided to ignore it and see if you were the exception. You aren’t, and that is why he is putting distance between you and him. Again, this is heinous, yet it occurs.


3. He had no intention of sleeping with you twice.

We know this one will hurt, but some men are searching for a one-night stand expressly. Of course, the proper thing to do would be to inform you, but they don’t always since they know you won’t sleep with them otherwise.

Yes, this is a complete disaster. It’s obnoxious and demeaning. And you’re left feeling abused and even embarrassed, which is something you shouldn’t be. This man, on the other hand, is a pro. He had no intention of spending any more time with you than that one night. 


4. You’re going too quickly.

You’re already cooking him breakfast in bed and planning your weekend together now that you’ve slept with him. This may be exhausting for him, particularly after sex, when his hormones urge him to retreat.

He’ll flee, and he’ll go quickly, if you’re already planning your future with him after one night.

For the time being, you should take it easy and go with the flow. Take advantage of the time you have together and get to know him. You don’t have to commit to anything right away after making the bed. 


5. You’re a clingy person

Okay, so you’re not being clingy right now, but he can tell you’re on the verge of becoming one. You may not understand what he’s saying, but he’s undoubtedly dealt with it before and is projecting. It isn’t right, yet it does happen.

We know you like him and want to pursue a relationship with him, but clinging to him like a life raft isn’t going to work. Furthermore, you may not like him as much as you believe.

You probably don’t know him all that well. Sex may help you feel more connected to him. So, take a step back and get to know him a little better.


6. He’s terrified

Men are afraid of falling in love. The majority of women think this, and we can’t deny that it’s somewhat accurate.

They flee the moment they realize they have the capacity to like you. They don’t want to be wounded, and they certainly don’t want to lose their single status. It’s also a huge thing to have strong emotions for someone. He’s frightened if you know he has emotions for you and he acts distant. 


What should you do if he withdraws after intimacy?

So now that you know why he’s backing away, you need to find out how to bring him back. Don’t be concerned. It isn’t over until it is. As a result, you still have an opportunity to make amends. You’re probably stressing out right now, but don’t be, since this is a perfectly common scenario.


1. Give him some breathing room

We understand that you are hesitant to do this because you are concerned that he may find someone else or forget about you.

You need to give him space since worrying over him and stalking him is obviously not working. If you give him the space he needs, he will be able to reflect, clear his mind, and relax. Giving him space demonstrates that you can give him space when he needs it.

Don’t make contact. If he likes you, he will make an effort to contact you. Have faith in yourself. Don’t let him dominate your thoughts if he makes you wait too long. Now is the time to move on. 


2. Keep your cool.

You’re freaking out in your mind. That’s understandable. However, you must seem to be as cool as a cucumber on the outside. Don’t let on that he found you. This stinks, but telling him how much it stinks won’t help, at least not right now.

Allow him to approach you. Be at ease. Find a pastime to keep you occupied. But don’t let him get away with it if he does reach out; else, he’ll make this momentary ghosting a habit.


3. Demonstrate to him that you don’t need his assistance.

He’s stressing out right now because he believes he’ll never be a single guy again. It is, whatever that implies. But you must demonstrate to him that you do not need his assistance.

Isn’t it true that you’re a self-sufficient woman? So, go ahead and be that lady. Go out with your pals, go about your daily routine, and prove to him that you can manage on your own.




4. Make him run after you.

He’ll be able to relax and think things through more clearly if you give him some space. You now want him to return to you. So, make him chase after you. Instead of the other way around, let him come to you and ask for a commitment.

He’ll realize how big of a mistake he’s making if you show him you don’t need him and leave him alone. 


5. Don’t be obnoxious; instead, be friendly.

Don’t be obnoxious and closed off when he returns. Isn’t it true that you want him back? As a result, you must be open and communicative.


Tell him how you felt when he backed off and that you understand why he did it if he explains it, but it’s not something he should grow accustomed to.

Allow him to speak to you about his feelings and thoughts. You can comprehend his worries and discover what made him panic out with this knowledge. You’ll be able to prevent this from occurring again this way.

Emaciate Your Man? Things Women Do to Hurt Men

A major responsibility that you have as a woman and a lover is to influence your partner for the better. He has faults and shortcomings that you can see, and you want to assist him in correcting them.


 After all, many guys are diamonds in the rough that need a little polishing in order to become better versions of themselves *correct?*? 


However, you must exercise caution to avoid inadvertently emasculating your partner in the process.

Surely it is each spouse’s unselfish love that allows their other to become the greatest version of themselves while they are together? True to some extent, but you must realize that if you go too far, you run the danger of transforming him into someone who is no longer recognisable to you. Surely, that isn’t the goal.


Keep allowing him to be himself, but assist him in smoothing off any rough edges that may have developed in the process. Avoid making him feel responsible for his character or faults — we all have them! –


It’s also important to realize that you are not without flaws yourself.


Relationships are built on mutual respect.

True to their nature, the majority of men feel emasculated on a daily basis.

He will feel much more emasculated than other guys if he begins to think that you don’t trust him or respect him in the relationship.

Afterwards, he’ll seek for the first thing he can do to make himself feel like a man again: he’ll immerse himself in his job in order to earn more money while also feeling more strong.


Alternatively, he will follow another lady who will allow him to feel like a man once again if necessary.

In a partnership, mutual respect is critical to the long-term success of the relationship as well as the pleasure that both of you enjoy. Your relationship is destined to failure if you don’t treat one other with respect.

After all, how would you feel if your spouse was continually bringing you down, demeaning you, and making you feel less than your real self? What if you didn’t want to stay? To be sure, this is justified!


When his wife or girlfriend thinks he isn’t good enough, a guy will constantly feel emasculated.

It is also important to consider one’s own ego. Women who have lost an ego fight report feeling dominated and limited. Furthermore, when a guy is defeated in his own ego fight, the feeling of emasculation is overwhelming. 

An individual’s initial indication of emasculation in a romantic engagement.


How can you tell if your man is beginning to feel tiny or emasculated on a subliminal level? 

Watching the way he interacts with you will provide you with enough information.

The communication skills of a man who feels tiny or emasculated will begin to deteriorate. 

The fact that you would consider him to be foolish or a loser will make him feel that he cannot communicate with you.

 Even if a guy may disclose many things to his girlfriend, if the confession jeopardizes his masculinity, it will be the one thing he will prefer to keep hidden from her.


Manipulated by the world, emasculated men do not want to be seen as weak. They despise the idea of having to ask for assistance because they think it would make them seem weak and less masculine. 


You emasculate your guy by saying or doing these things.


You may have noticed that your spouse or boyfriend is beginning to talk less about his job or the difficulties he’s facing.

 It’s possible that he is starting to feel emasculated.

You might also be saying anything to him that makes him feel you will judge him adversely or that you believe he is a lesser guy as a result of what you have just said.


Sometimes a woman’s role in emasculating her guy is secondary to the actions of her husband. However, if you say or do any of these things, it is likely that you are already emasculating him. For more information, see 


The first step is for you to take control.

Don’t push him aside and take over a discussion or an argument, particularly if you feel he isn’t presenting his point persuasively enough. As a result of your intervention, he will assume you are concerned about his ability to defend himself.


Your background is something you want to boast about.
To put him down, do you tell him about your sexual past or his lack of life experience every now and then? You’re confident in his ability to compete with you, yet he still tries?

A man’s thought process is heavily influenced by his sexual desires.


 He’ll simply want to go out there and score a few more to make himself feel like a guy again if he knows he isn’t as experienced as you.


3. Make fun of his pay.

During a romantic relationship, a man has the subliminal impression of being both the hunter and the provider. Scoffing at the one thing society has persuaded him is his job, i.e. providing for his family, would undoubtedly make him feel like he is less of a man than he already is.


4) Inform him that he is weak.

If your guy was unable to approach someone or deal with an issue, don’t label him a coward for his inability to do so. Reason with him and discuss what a better course of action would have been instead. At the same time, remember to sympathize with him.

Make negative comparisons between him and other guys.

No man enjoys being compared unfavorably to another guy, particularly by his own girlfriend or wife, and this is especially true for men who are married. Do not engage in such behavior. Because it’s rude, imagine how angry and outraged you’d be if he did the same thing to you.


6. when you point out his faults, you suffocate your partner’s ego.

Talk about your shortcomings in private, never in front of others, if you have any that you need to face. The fact that you are bringing up his shortcomings in front of others will enrage him and cause him to emotionally distance himself.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to pull it off,” you say. 


When he hears this phrase from a woman he loves, it hurts like a low strike to the groin. He’s even unable to defend himself since he has failed in your sight, which is the worst aspect of it all.


7.When he’s on top of you, you look up at the ceiling.

When it comes to having sex with him, there isn’t much you can do to blame yourself. While both of you are engaged in a passionate hug, if he notices you looking at the ceiling or yawning as if you’re bored, his member will shrivel up in no time, and he will lose his member in a matter of minutes! Faking it and being caught is just as bad as it is for doing it. 


9. You inform him that you’ve seen something greater than this.

A large majority of guys are well aware that there are other men with more substantial offerings. His aversion to acknowledging or discussing this reality is understandable. If a man believes he is the most important thing that has ever been inside of you, he will do everything to maintain that position.


It is an urban tale or a fiction to a man that there are other men with larger packages. It’s a possibility, but there’s no evidence to support it. You will however, deal a serious blow to his ego if you ever tell him that you have directly experienced larger ones. This will shatter his myth and turn it into a reality.


10. Diss his accomplishments or minimize them.

If he does, does he tell you about his accomplishments, no matter how minor? Moreover, what should your reaction be in the event that he does? A huge grin on his face and a clap on the back? Or with a “well, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be able to perform better next time” kind of response?

It would only make him feel further distant from you if you minimize even his slightest accomplishments.


11.He is being yelled at.

Yes, yelling at your guy is okay, but only if your man is a yeller himself and has the ability to defend his position. Instead of scaring him and shutting him down, you’ll make him cry away into a corner if your man isn’t one for yelling himself.

He feels like a failure because of what you do to him.
No direct communication with him is allowed. Your guy, on the other hand, would undoubtedly feel emasculated if he begins to believe he isn’t good enough in your eyes for any cause or via your behaviors.




12.Men should flirt with one another.

Having a harmless flirtation with another man is never a terrible thing, provided that you do it in the appropriate manner. 


Fling with other guys while you’re at a party or get-together; as your partner enters the room, stop flirting with other men. Alternatively, tease other guys while remaining firmly rooted in your man’s arms and giving him your whole and total devotion.



13.Whatever you do, avoid making him feel insulted or abused by your actions.

 Simply seeing how all of the other guys in the room are envious of him will give your man a tremendous ego boost and a boost in his sense of maleness.


While flirting and engaging with other guys while totally ignoring your own man, you will undoubtedly emasculate and enrage him. When a man finds out that his partner has cheated on him, he feels something quite similar.


14.Saying he is not a man enough.

An emasculation blow of this magnitude may be delivered to a guy. It is never acceptable to tell your guy that he isn’t masculine enough just because he does not act in the manner that you believe he should in a certain circumstance.





How to make your man feel less suffocated in your presence

Men who have been emasculated do not suffer from any emotional distress. Emasculation is experienced by unhappy males. Simply said, it’s the case.


If your guy is content with his life, proud of his accomplishments, and self-assured in his skills, he will not feel emasculated even if you criticize him for not being a strong enough man for you. 


In the end, his own ego will serve to soften the blow, and he will continue to feel very much like the strong, masculine guy that he believes himself to be.
It is only when a guy is squatting in the mud and feeling emasculated himself that your harsh remarks will further emasculate him.


 Keep in mind that if your guy feels emasculated or broken down, it is not necessarily your fault that he perceives himself to be less than he should be as a man. 


Avoid making matters worse by doing so.

To be sure, by refraining from saying things that would further emasculate him and by providing him with emotional support, you may assist him in bouncing back more quickly and become a better man in one fell swoop.

By staying away from the things we’ve discussed so far, you can ensure that you aren’t the one who unintentionally makes him feel unworthy of your affection.


The best way to increase your man’s self-esteem

Here’s how you can make your guy feel more like a man by boosting his morale and making him feel more manly. He’ll be a happier man as a result of these suggestions, and a better lover or spouse as well.


1.Take him out of the childish role you have been treating him in 

It would only serve to further emasculate him to shout at him as you would a kid. Discuss anything that you want quietly with each other if there is anything that you want to discuss with each other.


2. Refrain from correcting him on a regular basis.

Never tell him what he could have done better while he’s talking about his terrible day or when he’s telling you about a mistake he made.

When you do this, conversation is halted since you have already offered a solution when he expresses an interest in discussing the issue. Simply listening to him, empathizing with him, and offering ideas without pushing them down his neck are all that’s required to help. He is well aware that he made a mistake and that there are a zillion things he might have done better to avoid this situation. Avoid making him feel even worse about it by saying anything negative about him.


3) Allow him to have some breathing room

Weekly leave should be granted so that he may go out and socialize or spend time with his family