What Are the Signs That a Guy Is Playing Hard to Get?

What Are the Signs That a Guy Is Playing Hard to Get

What Are the Signs That a Guy Is Playing Hard to Get?

What Are the Signs That a Guy Is Playing Hard to Get?

The ability to be difficult to obtain is shared by both men and women.

Maintaining your composure in the face of this kind of conduct is essential; it is not “manipulative.” A man would normally play hard to get with a female who seems to take him for granted, or with a girl who considers him a close friend.

His subtle message to the lady will be that if she does not want to be his girlfriend, he has other possibilities available.




Here are a few indicators that a man is trying to be “hard to get” with you.


1.) He has a chill and becomes depressed.

The fact that the person you were so friendly and comfortable with suddenly becomes cold and uninterested toward you might simply indicate that he wants to go beyond the friend zone and into a more serious relationship.


Secondly, he begins to flirt with other women

The person you’ve been getting along with for a long time suddenly stops paying attention to you and begins flirting with other females in your presence.

When he makes you jealous, he’s also sending out a message that he’s prepared to move on if things between the two of you don’t become hot and heavy between you.




Third, he disregards your messages and phone calls.

You must exercise caution when dealing with this behavior since it is possible that he is really “pushing” you out, but it is also possible that he is attempting to make you believe that he is too busy to return your calls or texts, generally with the goal of piqueing your interest in him.

He might even do this in order to make you miss him even more and feel even more eager for his approval and approval.



The importance of you in his life is downplayed by him.

For other males, talking down to a female is just a way of conveying the message that they believe she must work for her position in his life.

For example, he can tell you that his business is more important to him than the relationship, with the purpose of making you feel that you can’t take him for granted and that you must work hard to keep his interest in you afloat….





5.) He becomes extremely critical of your actions and decisions.

The majority of the time, this is a really nasty way of doing things, but some males may be quite critical of their girlfriend solely to demonstrate to her that they are in charge.

Guys with a “dominant” mentality are more likely to exhibit this behavior.

He is attempting to communicate by his actions that you must earn his admiration and understand his worth…



Your dates are canceled by him.

The next time you find yourself having to cancel a date at the last minute because of some lame reason, it’s possible that he’s trying to be sneaky by informing you that he has many other responsibilities in life.




Guys cancel dates on purpose to demonstrate to the female that they are in command of their own schedules.

So these are just a few indications that a man is trying to be difficult to get with you and your girlfriend. 



Increase your level of performance in order to cope with this issue. Attempt to approach him from the side, but avoid doing so too often, since this can come off as desperate behavior.


 The fascination will be maintained and you will come across as mysterious and challenging at the same time. You should allow him to find out who you are while you attempt to figure out who he is

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