What are the job opportunities in London without qualification

What are the job opportunities in London without qualification

What are the job opportunities in London without qualification

What are the job opportunities in London without qualification

Degrees and other forms of higher education are no longer considered a guarantee of a high wage, and you may be able to make much more money without one in today’s society.

With no formal education necessary, there are now positions available that pay as much as £68,793 per year.




As reported by Adzuna, which examined more than a million job postings and eliminated those that could be applied for without requiring any official qualifications, this is the case.

In all, they discovered nine ‘unskilled’ positions that paid more than the average advertised income for professional positions, which was £35,773 per year.

There were more than a dozen positions that paid at least £30,000 a year.

“Jobs that do not need a formal certification may nevertheless be incredibly rewarding,” says Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna.




An “ethical hacker” is someone who tests the security of websites and businesses by attempting to hack into them. This is the highest-paying career that does not need a degree or certification.

That implies that computer skills, resourcefulness, and experience are more important than formal credentials in most cases.





With an average pay of £46,500, the next highest paid position for individuals without degrees is “private chauffeur,” while bouncers may earn well over £40,000.


Several public sector positions also pay well, with military security professions and Army commanders earning an average salary of more than £39,00.





According to Hunter, “job seekers without a degree or diploma should be prepared to work hard for these positions, demonstrating soft skills such as communication and emotional intelligence during interviews and preparing for the fitness and agility tests required by more physically demanding positions in the Army and Police.”





Professional Ethical Hacker – £68,793
£46,500 for a private chauffeur
£42,881 for a bouncer.
– £42,757 for mining and construction
Operations Manager’s salary is £40,014 (plus benefits).
Estate Agent – £38,644 (total).
Security for Military Personnel – £39,464.00
£39,000 per year for an army officer.
34,551 pounds for Power Plant Operator
Manager of Human Resources – £38,469 annually
£36,936 (for a courier)
34,554 pounds for the position of criminal investigator
34,532 pounds for a firefighter
£37,275 for a Food Taster
33578 pounds per year as an executive assistant
£33,035 per year as a recruiter
Contaminated Landfill – £32,100
317,707 (plumber).
30 656 pounds a year as a sales executive
£31,451 per year for a police officer

There are certain people who are not suited to university life…. Tuition rates are rising, and the prospect of repaying student debts for the rest of their working lives is deterring an increasing number of young people from pursuing higher education. However, it may frequently seem as if it is impossible to advance in your profession without a formal university degree – to the point that many individuals enroll in university without considering their other possibilities.





In truth, there are a variety of professions available that do not need a few years of postsecondary education to do admirably. Don’t worry if you don’t believe university life is for you. We have put together this handy list of the top 21 highest-paying occupations that do not have a degree need as part of their job description.




It’s possible that your school’s career advisor isn’t telling you about them, but there are plenty of stable and well-paying positions available that are within your grasp, even if you don’t believe that going to college would be beneficial….


It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in literature or finance; there’s a strong possibility that you’ll be able to make a solid living in your chosen field without having to spend a lot of money on rent, food, and alcohol.




As a matter of fact, you could even become a real-life Wolf of Wall Street and avoid years of onerous debt repayments as a result (as long as you don’t get arrested for insider trading).


The top 21 highest-paying occupations that don’t need a college degree may be found by scrolling down the list below.



Cabin Crew Member – average annual salary of £25,000

However, while we’re confident that your daily experience as an airline cabin crew member will vary depending on the airline and flight routes you travel on a weekly basis, working as a member of an airline cabin crew can be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who does not wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a university.



Be aware that you will be expected to complete extensive training prior to beginning employment with your selected airline, so plan accordingly. In most cases, this entails attending a rigorous four-week training center that includes both online examinations and in-classroom instruction.

The starting wage for this position is between £20,000 and £25,000 per year after you’ve completed your training. You should also keep in mind that you may earn money while traveling all over the globe!




Greater firms like as Virgin and Emirates are well-known for providing its staff with additional benefits such as housing and greater compensation while flying long distances.


Pay range: £25,003 to £27,500 for a personal assistant.

Any school-leavers who do not choose to pursue a postsecondary degree may pursue a career as a personal assistant.



However, although we have given the average compensation as £25,003, your actual wage may vary greatly depending on who you are working for (i.e. an individual or a firm) and how many hours you are required to work each week.


Personal assistants are expected to be upbeat and well-organized people who are able to manage many deadlines at the same time. You’ll need certain very particular personal characteristics to succeed in this role.




As a corporate PA, on the other hand, you may be able to carve out a lucrative career for yourself in this field. Administrative personnel is highly valued by businesses, and you’d be shocked at how much personal assistants may earn for organizing the daily schedules of CEOs and other senior management.




Remember that working as a PA for an individual might be far more taxing than working for a business. However, even if the income may be larger than the wage supplied by a firm, you may find yourself having to give up your free time in order to cater to the demands of your employer rather than your own.



The average salary for a prison officer is £27,037 per year.

For those wishing to pursue a career outside of academics, prison officers may earn a good living without having to go to university for three years. Therefore, if you’re trying to make money without going to university, this is an option that is certainly worth pursuing.





To be allowed to work on the wards, you must be above the age of 18, and you must also pass a number of background checks. No applications will be accepted from ex-convicts. You will be expected to take a Prison Officer Selection Test rather than bringing a degree to the position, which will examine a variety of talents, such as your ability to read and write, your arithmetic skills, and even your physical abilities.



Keep in mind that dealing with convicts has a unique set of issues that must be addressed. But if you decide that being a prison officer is what you want to pursue, you can expect to earn a starting salary of around £18,720, which will climb to approximately £33,000 at the senior level.




The average salary for an ethical hacker is £30,071 per year.

There are many varied vocations available as a result of the digital age’s emergence, but ‘ethical hacker’ is certainly one of the most unusual. Hacking into firm IT systems is required for this specific position, which necessitates the hiring of a computer wizard.


These days, most highly experienced hackers do not have a university background and are almost entirely self-taught, therefore a degree isn’t necessary for this specialized position.



Ethical hackers may expect to earn an amazing £35,000 a year to begin with, with the possibility of earning as much as £90,000 throughout the course of their careers. When it comes to programming, it’s definitely something to consider about.



Newspaper and magazine reporter: £30,998 per year on average

A degree in journalism is not required, which may come as a surprise.

The ability to identify a compelling story and outstanding written communication skills are the only requirements for a career in journalism. While there are many successful wordsmiths who have a Cambridge or an Oxford degree to their credit, it is definitely not a necessity.




Even though Caitlin Moran (seen above) is a Times columnist and novelist, she does not have a formal education, much alone a university degree, to her credits. After winning many writing contests, she instead started her professional writing career as a contributor to the music magazine Melody Maker when she was sixteen years old.





Julie Burchill (shown above), a novelist and a frequent writer for the Independent, is another well-known journalist who has never attended a formal institution. “As a youngster, I desired just two things: to be left alone to read my library books and to be able to move away from my little village in order to pursue a career as a writer in London,” Julie said. And I was always aware that when I arrived, I wanted to earn a lot of money.”



 Fashion Industry – The average salary is £32,500 per year.

A job in the fashion business is generally not for lovers of the film The Devil Wears Prada, but if you can’t get enough of the current fashion trends, you should seriously pursue a creative position in the sector instead.

It’s important to note that the garment business values practical experience above academic credentials, so if you’re not into the university environment, this is a good opportunity for you.

Please keep in mind that you will most likely have to begin your career working for free or as a low-paid intern in the early stages before you can begin to move up the fashion ladder. Once you’ve accomplished this, your compensation will be incredibly competitive in the market.



The average salary in the fashion sector is £32,500 per year, so any fashion enthusiasts out there who are considering going straight to university may want to rethink their decision.



Average salary for emergency response workers: £37,500

It is possible to be severely physically and psychologically taxed when working in the emergency services.

However, for those who are up for the task, it’s worth noting that you don’t absolutely need a university degree to pursue a career as a police officer or a firefighter.



The requirement for each function will be a high degree of physical condition, as well as the ability to pass a series of written assessments. Employers will be searching for certain traits in you, such as the capacity to rapidly grasp facts and processes, and the ability to maintain a cool and determined demeanor in the face of difficult events, among other things.


Start-up pay for emergency services workers in the United Kingdom are typically under £20,000, but they swiftly rise to roughly £32,500 on average over time.


Average salary in marketing is £32,698 per year.

The marketing sector is always on the lookout for individuals that are innovative and full of ideas. Then you might be interested to hear that not all marketing positions need a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university.