Things to Talk About with a Guy to Keep Him Interested

Things to Talk About with a Guy to Keep Him Interested

Things to Talk About with a Guy to Keep Him Interested

Do you want to know what to speak about with a guy? 


Here are the ideal subjects to discuss with him in order to capture his interest and hold it for the long haul.

Men have a tendency to get disinterested very quickly. Without knowing what to speak about with a man, your relationship or friendship may become monotonous and uninteresting very quickly.


The truth of the issue is that most men have attention spans comparable to those of toddlers. Their attention spans are short, and it may be difficult to keep them focused on you or anything you have to say at any one moment.


When it comes to being in a relationship, many individuals are most concerned about losing their significant other’s attention. However, although they will most likely retain an interest in you only because they like your personality, it may seem that they are becoming more distant—particularly when it comes to communicating.



It is possible, though, that they will not feel inclined to speak since the discussion is not engaging to them at the moment. And so, what topics should you bring up with a man in order to retain his attention?



Keeping a guy’s attention is difficult.

It may seem sexist or out of date for you to be the one who has to keep him engaged. And, in fact, it is. The responsibility of taking the initiative in the relationship and maintaining an open line of communication shouldn’t fall entirely on your own shoulders.

Have fascinating topics to discuss with a man so that he doesn’t lose interest in you seems to be advice that would be found in a 1950s-era women’s magazine.



 The problem is, no matter how much progress has been achieved, we, as women, continue to hold the reins when it comes to determining what constitutes a successful relationship.

We have a tendency to be the ones who encourage our partners to communicate, to open up, and to preserve honesty. Despite the fact that it is not fair or right, this is the situation. We could, of course, just sit back and watch everything fall apart, but that is not our style.


Instead, we take the effort to discover topics of conversation with a man to ensure that he stays interested in us and that our relationship does not become strained. What is possible is that after a period of time spent seeking appropriate topics of conversation with a man, he will pick up on it and take the initiative.


Talking topics to bring up with a man

When it comes to topics to discuss with a man, sports and different kinds of beer aren’t the best options. We are not that out of touch with the times. However, keeping this in mind, he is not your girlfriend either.



If you’re talking about how someone stole someone else’s baby name or how someone got terrible bangs, it’s unlikely that he’ll give you his whole attention.

Here are the greatest topics to discuss with your boyfriend in order to keep him engaged and your relationship intact. These are some guaranteed methods to capture his attention and keep his gaze fixed on you for the foreseeable future. 


1. His areas of interest

It doesn’t matter whether you’re having trouble coming up with topics to speak about or if you just want him to open up more, bringing up his hobbies is a fantastic place to start. This demonstrates to him that you are dedicated to him and that you are willing to discover new things about him.

Guys don’t speak about their hobbies and interests as often as you would expect. As a result, they will be delighted to have someone with whom to discuss this. Recognizing that you have an interest in learning about his hobbies and interests encourages him to approach you when he has something to offer.


2. His work

People spend about 70% of their waking hours at work. Whether he loves his work or despises it, being able to rave or vent about it with you will make him feel more at ease in your company and vice versa. So inquire as to how his work is doing.

Make a point of discussing his new work objectives, any projects he is currently working on that he finds particularly interesting, and anything else you can think of. By demonstrating that you are concerned about these areas of his life, he will stay engaged and want to get closer to you because he feels so comfortable by your presence in his life.


3. His interests and pastimes

You may shudder at the prospect of spending time with his coworkers discussing his last golf trip, but if it’s something that he considers significant, make it a point to bring it up in the conversation nonetheless.

Inquire about how it went, what he learnt, whether or not he is getting better, and so on. You don’t have to like everything, but just letting him know that he can share with you without making you roll your eyes is a wonderful gesture.

Furthermore, this should demonstrate to him that he is capable of doing the same for you. He may not be interested in hearing about the great bargains you found at the mall over the weekend, but he will listen since it makes you glad to tell him about them.


4. The genital arousal

It is the word “sex” that has the ability to make a guy perk up and pay extra careful attention to what is being spoken. If you approach talking about sex with the attitude that something is wrong, this may be a sensitive topic for guys. However, when you’re looking for a fantastic topic to bring up that will keep him interested, speak about the bedroom!

Consider talking about something you truly enjoy instead of complaining or discussing sex with someone else. You could also ask him if there is anything he would be interested in doing instead of complaining or discussing sex.


In addition to being a wonderful method to keep him engaged, it also helps to bridge the communication gap that may occasionally exist between partners. This also demonstrates to him that you are confident in your sexual orientation.


5. It’s just him.

Let’s be honest about this… Men have a strong need to speak about themselves. Who doesn’t like it? Inquire as to how his day is going. And pay close attention when he offers out any more information. He is simply dying for you to inquire about his new exercise routine since his physique seems to be in excellent condition.

You should express your displeasure if you have observed him spending more time in the gym or experimenting with his hairstyle. Inquire as to what new exercises he’s been doing, or what he believes has prompted his dramatic change. This will almost certainly keep him engaged since you are demonstrating to him that you are paying attention to him.


6. Consumption of food

I’m fairly sure that eating is something that everyone enjoys, but males may have a serious food addiction that can be debilitating. When you start talking about it, he will almost certainly continue to be interested in you. If you mention that you’re going to cook him something, you’ll get extra points.

Inquire with him about what you should create. Is there anything from his upbringing that he would want you to try? What kind of meal can he prepare for you?


7. What you have in common with one another

Demonstrate to him how well you and your friends work together. Some of the most interesting topics to discuss with a man are the things that brought you together in the first place. If you have common interests, speak about them as often as possible. Make sure to bring up any fresh information regarding your area of interest that he may be unaware of.


My partner and I first became acquainted via our shared interest in television and movies, and we are constantly excited to learn about fresh behind-the-scenes information and upcoming projects. It’s an excellent approach to demonstrate to him that you and he will never run out of topics to discuss.


8. Interests and Hobbies

Simply put, ask him what he is passionate about and then sit back and listen to him go on. Not only will he appreciate the fact that he will be able to share with you, but you will enjoy seeing how engrossed he becomes in the subject. Also, share your own interests and hobbies. He should be delighted to hear you talk about the things that make you happy.

It is uncommon for couples to be able to share such intimate details about their lives with one another. He will be grateful for your efforts and remember them.


9. His ambitions

I believe that every man has a particular purpose of some kind that is simply waiting to be realized in the back of his mind.

Inquire if he has any available at the time and speak with him about them. He will be thankful for the opportunity to open up to you, and he may even discover that you inspire him, which is something that men do not want to lose.


10. Describe what it is that makes you tick.

Contrary to common belief, men, or at least good men, are interested in learning more about you. They are interested in learning about what distinguishes you as a unique individual. He gets a thrill out of hearing you speak about the things that are important to you.

He will be interested in knowing what you are engaged in, whether it is your family, your career, or a pastime. Not only will he hope that you would become that enthusiastic about him, but he will also appreciate your capacity to show concern for those around you.

11. Laughter and hilarity

Everyone enjoys a good chuckle. Disseminate information about a comedy performance you attended. Discuss your favorite sitcoms or movies with your friends. Even sharing memes to one another may result in some funny topics to discuss with a man.

Make a spectacle of it if you know he finds particular things amusing! It’s possible that it may spark a lively discussion that will make him want more time with you.


12. A variety of subjects

Don’t be predictable. Bring up a subject that he is well-versed in or something completely out of left field. Demonstrate to him that you have a variety of personalities. Perhaps you spend a lot of time discussing pop culture. The next time you come across a fascinating historical fact, tell him about it.

Surprise him with a range of options. Because he will never know what to anticipate next, finding fresh topics to speak about and debate will keep him engaged and interested.


13. Ask a total of 20 questions.

There are probably hundreds of questions he wants to ask you, but he hasn’t had the chance to do so until this point. You may now hand it to him on a silver platter, if you so want!

For a conversation starter, tell him you want to play a game of 20 questions with anything as a fair game, and he’ll be more than happy to participate. The two of you will grow to know one other better and better, and he will probably learn things about you that he didn’t know before—which may encourage him to stick around to find out even more information about you!