These 10 Tricks Will Have Him Chasing You in No Time

These 10 Tricks Will Have Him Chasing You in No Time

These 10 Tricks Will Have Him Chasing You in No Time

These 10 Tricks Will Have Him Chasing You in No Time

Do this if you want a man to chase after you without having to play games with his feelings.
In terms of the “chase” and how it varies from “playing games,” there seems to be some misunderstanding. In any case, I’m hoping that this piece, which was mentioned on youqueen, will put a stop to the ongoing discussion.






Try out some of these methods to attract the attention of a man and find out whether he reacts.

Give up on being too attentive

 overly affectionate, or overly gooey-eyed – To be clear, I do not mean that you should become icicles; nonetheless, you should not begin to ignore or give the poor man filthy glances, as he will wonder what he did to offend you. The idea is to direct your attention on yourself. Consider placing yourself in the position of supreme being rather than him. You will sense the change in yourself even if he doesn’t see it at first since he isn’t accustomed to paying much attention to you. As a result, you will have a more objective viewpoint, which is critical in achieving your goals..



Make yourself more and more unavailable –

 If you used to drop everything just to be around him, or have a long texting conversation with him because it’s convenient for him, it’s time to start cutting things short, even if you’re in the middle of shampooing the dog or doing your weekly grocery shopping. If you want to demonstrate that you have a life of your own without being unpleasant or abrupt, you may do it in a variety of ways. Keep the conversation brief and inform him that you have to go. Tell him you’ll call him back later since you’re currently occupied with other tasks. Let him know that you can’t hang out because you’re busy, but that you’ll let him know when you are available. Eventually, he will notice that you are suddenly busy, and it is at this moment that HE will know that he is no longer the center of your world.

Create an air of mystery about yourself –

 The more mysterious you can be about how you spend your own time, the more intrigued he will be in you, because suddenly you will be a mystery! We like the unpredictable, and we enjoy the challenge of delving into mysteries. As soon as he becomes interested in you, he will begin to go out of his way to learn more about you, which will indicate that he is finally paying attention to you — after all this time.

Make it clear that you are appealing to other guys – 

Placing yourself in a competitive situation is a certain method to keep any man who is interested in you on his toes. If you are interested in other guys, you won’t even have to tell him about it because he will pick up on it from the way they are sniffing about you – even if they aren’t interested! Simply dropping names here and there will suffice. In the event that he hears the same name more than once, he will begin to question who this mysterious stranger is, and who he is in relation to you. For fear of missing out on the chance and this stranger getting in before him, it will motivate him to communicate his own sentiments and demonstrate to you that he wants you.. 




A wonderful approach to demonstrate to a man that you are appealing to other men is to plan a night out with your pals and a few other guys (not just his buddies), dress up a little, and let your hair down a little more. It is certain that seeing you in action – on the field, as it were – will jolt him out of his stupor!




When he begins to pursue you and you are content with the way things are going, resist giving in and returning to your previous behavior of adoration. Keep what you’ve accomplished in tact and order. Toss a few curveballs at him. Don’t give him everything he asks for all at the same time, please. If you keep your focus on becoming self-sufficient, you should be able to maintain control and send him chasing after you wherever you want, for whatever long you want!

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We are wired to be constantly yearning for something or someone, but no woman wants to be forced to wait indefinitely, particularly when it comes to males. They aren’t that difficult to understand, in fact. Getting their attention, on the other hand, may seem difficult. 


It’s customary for them to initiate contact, but what should you do if a man has no clue that you’re interested in him? Why would you want to hunt him down if you can genuinely get him to do something for you instead? So, how do you get a guy to chase after you? It is really much simpler than you may imagine. You just need to learn a few tips and tactics, and it will all come together—the desired guy will be right there behind you.

Grasp His Attention

Don’t go up to him right away since it would be too simple for him to guess. Men like hunting, and if you are easy prey, you will not be very fascinating to them.

As soon as he enters the room, take a seat close to him so that he can see you.

Always keep in mind that you shouldn’t attempt to be overly loud or pushy in order to grab his attention. You should just check to see whether he has taken notice of you. It seems to be simple at first glance, but the important thing to remember is that you must execute it correctly.

Demonstrate Your Confidence

If you feel like talking to him, don’t be hesitant to approach him and start a discussion. Maintain your composure, look him in the eyes, and smile. If you are unsure if you will be able to complete the task, it is best to postpone it until the appropriate time. If you start stuttering or behaving strangely, you run the risk of completely messing up your presentation.

If you are unsure of how to make him run after you by taking a direct approach, put it off for another time and try again.



To put it another way, having self-confidence is quite crucial. You should constantly maintain this demeanor whether conversing with him or anybody else. It is true that men are attracted to women who are clear about who they want in a relationship and who have the confidence to express themselves.



Always Maintain a Professional Appearance

To tell the truth, every guy appreciates the sight of a beautiful lady, and the key to a woman’s beauty and appeal is typically found in her self-care habits and practices.

Make sure your nails and hair are in good condition. Make an effort to dress in clothes that are visible and well-made. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard or be overly ostentatious. You don’t want him to have the incorrect impression of you, so don’t say anything.

Make a fashion statement by wearing cosmetics all of the time, particularly if you know he will be around.



Don’t make yourself too available.

Men are hunters by nature. If you are always present, you will not be able to make a man follow after you. If you phone him on a regular basis or respond to his texts in a couple of seconds, he could find you annoying.

Don’t respond to every message. Sometimes it’s best not to answer his phone at all.

Demonstrate to him that you have a life of your own and that you are OK even if he is not around. That will undoubtedly drive him insane, and he will seek you out in order to punish you.

Don’t go too far away from him, but constantly try to stay one step ahead of him.

Be a Little Bit Flirty

As with any piece of advise, use caution while following it since you must be careful not to overindulge.

Flirt with him, but only in a subtle and indirect manner. You may sometimes give him a wink or a compliment.

It may also be beneficial to whisper something into his ear.

When you’re talking to him, look him in the eyes and smile.




Demonstrate to him that you are capable of surviving without him.

Of course, it is essential that you be content on your own for the first several months. In the event that you are desperate for his attention, he may be able to tell, and he may find it repellent.

Allow him to wait a little while while you devote your attention to yourself. When he learns that he will not be able to have you anytime he wants, he will become obsessed with you. That’s one piece of sound advise on how to get a man to chase after you, believe me.



Make an effort to be outgoing and talkative.

Everyone enjoys the company of outgoing individuals. They get a great deal of attention. Increase your socializing and posting on social media, but be sure not to overlook your responsibilities. It’s just a matter of finding the right balance.

Women who are popular are more sought after. They seem to be out of reach, which is one of the reasons they are so intriguing. Be one of those ladies, and if you are an introvert, try to push yourself a little outside of your comfort zone.

If, on the other hand, the crowd isn’t your thing, don’t push yourself too hard.

Assure him that there are other men who are interested in you.

If you want to know how to make a man pursue after you, this is one of the greatest advice you can obtain. We are all concerned with our own self-image. That is very natural. He should be aware that you are capable of replacing him. Be the kind of lady that every guy desires. That is precisely why guys seek for the most attractive women possible. Their efforts have resulted in a genuine reward. It has a really positive effect on their ego.



Never Pretend to Be Someone or Something You Are Not.

This is something you should never do because you will fail miserably. However, even if you succeed in making him fall head over heels in love with you, one day you will simply have to stop pretending, and all the enchantment will go away.

For your own sake, be true to yourself.

Improve yourself and avoid acting in a manner that is completely out of character. Fake individuals, and not just males, are unattractive to everyone of society.

Be one of a kind.

Work on improving both your own style and your talents. Demonstrate to your lover that there is no other lady like you.

If you want to make him run after you, you need to be something that he will not be able to replace as easy as he can replace his own.

Make every effort to learn all you can about him. Discuss the things you have in common with him and make him laugh with your witty repartee. When a beautiful lady demonstrates her other traits, men can’t help but fall head over heels in love with her.







 As you can see from the material above, there are a plethora of approaches you may use to entice a man to pursue you. You should combine all of the advice offered and utilize them at the appropriate time, or you may pick and select simply the ones that are appropriate for you and your circumstance. No one should be compelled to do anything, and there should be no fear. Simply being yourself and displaying a little bravery will enough. You shouldn’t be concerned since at least one of these suggestions will almost surely work. Slow down and take it step by step, and the guy you want will be yours.

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