The most often encountered issues in relationships

The most often encountered issues in relationships

The most often encountered issues in relationships

The nature of each individual’s connection is unique. However, we do have problems that are comparable.



It may be reassuring to know that you are not alone in your struggles in a relationship, regardless of the circumstances. In order to assist you with the most frequent relationship issues, our therapists have compiled a list of practical recommendations from their experience.



What should I do if my spouse drinks excessively?
It may be very stressful and upsetting to believe that your spouse drinks excessively in a relationship. Some people have a sense that their spouse is being ripped away from them – both physically and metaphorically speaking. Perhaps you are resentful of the amount of time they spend with you.


Is it possible to tell whether someone is ‘the right one’?
It may be difficult to predict whether or not our relationship will be successful in the long run at certain points. We have a video that you may find useful if you’re having trouble deciding if your spouse is “the one.”


In comparison to my boyfriend, we have a significant age difference between us.
These kinds of relationships have historically been viewed with mistrust, and clichés abound when it comes to these kinds of partnerships. Her sole interest in him is his money. He is old enough to be her father.’ ‘She’s just interested in him for his money.’ Some of the terms used include “sugar daddy” and “toy boy,” just to name a few.

My boyfriend wants to get married, but I’m not ready at this point in our relationship.
When it comes to commitment or marriage, it’s not unusual for a couple to have varying levels of preparedness. Possibly, your spouse has begun to drop clues, and you aren’t sure what to make of them. Perhaps you’ve reached a point where it’s no longer possible to continue?



Are you prepared to take your relationship to a new level of intimacy?
Although it isn’t always easy to talk about the future of a relationship with your spouse, it is essential in many cases. The commitment questionnaire will reveal your thoughts on remaining together as a couple, as well as your level of communication effectiveness.

Which of the following statements best describes your current state of mind?
It is possible that the prospect of beginning a family may bring up a slew of contradictory emotions, including excitement, optimism, and fear. Taking this questionnaire can assist you in identifying your strengths as a pair, as well as any problems that may be interfering with your relationship.



As a result of our inability to produce children, our relationship is suffering.
The realization that you are not able to have children may be a harsh and unexpected blow to your self-esteem. The fact that one in every seven couples has difficulty conceiving and one in every 100 women has recurrent miscarriages, according to NHS statistics…

Is it better to call it quits now or risk more pain down the road? Ask Ammanda.
My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over two years at this point in time. We have a great deal of affection and regard for one another. We have common beliefs, we enjoy each other’s company, we look forward to spending time together, we listen to and encourage each other, and we are totally at ease with each other. We are…

If you’re in an abusive relationship, ask Ammanda for advice.


Although I believe I am in an abusive relationship, I am unsure of my situation at this point in time. Seven years have passed since I met my current boyfriend. In our early thirties, we’re both single. We purchased a home together last year, and now we’re engaged to be married. We didn’t have much when we initially moved in with…

Inquire with Ammanda: My spouse of 42 years has said that he would want to get a sex alteration.


What should I do now that my husband of 42 years has informed me that he wants a sex change? I’m at a loss for what to do. After we’d been married for a few years, he confessed that he enjoyed dressing in women’s clothing to alleviate stress and tension. He made the following statement at the time:



Afraid you’re being too hasty in your decision to end a relationship?
Exiting a relationship may be a smart decision for many reasons. Sometimes the person you thought you were talking to turns out to be someone else entirely. Perhaps, now that you’ve gotten to know them better, you’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t enough compatibility to go around….



If there is one marital deal-breaker that everyone knows about, it is this: I want babies, but my spouse doesn’t When one person wants children and the other person does not, it may seem like an insurmountable issue – one that there is just no way to solve. As well as the fact that this is possible…



How a couple copes with miscarriages
After losing a child via miscarriage, couples may be in a state of shock and sorrow, but finding a means to speak about what has occurred may be very beneficial.

Because of my relationship, I feel compelled to engage in sexual relations.
In any relationship, feeling pushed into having sexual intercourse on a regular basis by your spouse isn’t a healthy dynamic. A healthy relationship is built on mutuality and trust – and not feeling like you’re being forced to do something that you don’t really want to do.



Ask Ammanda: My spouse has broken up with me – what should I do during the holiday season? Ammanda:
My spouse has just recently informed me that he is very dissatisfied with our relationship and that he has lost his love for me. He still has a special place in my heart, and I’m heartbroken. What I’m stuck on is what to do before the holidays come around again. I’d want to have a conversation…

Inquire with Ammanda: I am well aware that I should not continue in this relationship, but I feel stuck. I have been with my spouse for almost six years, and we have been married for nearly four years as well. Almost six months have passed since we welcomed our first child together. My spouse, on the other hand, is finding the increase in responsibilities difficult to accept.



What are the chances that my spouse may alter their mind?
Nowadays, words such as ‘commitment problems, ‘fear of commitment,’ and “commitment-phobia” are often used to describe individuals who have difficulty committing to anything. We tend to use these words to describe someone who seems to be unable to sustain long-term relationships – even when they have the best of intentions.



Is it always a terrible idea to be in a rebound relationship?
What are the chances of a rebound relationship becoming successful? Recovery partnerships are generally considered to be a bad notion by most people. Someone entering a new relationship before they have gotten over their former relationship is the traditional definition of a rebound relationship.

My boyfriend’s mother forced him to terminate his relationship with me because she believes I am too shy, asks Ammanda:


After her boyfriend’s mother demanded that they terminate their relationship, a lady writes in to Ask Ammanda to tell us that her boyfriend has ended his relationship with her.

Take this quiz to find out whether your relationships will make it through the holidays!
For many individuals, the holiday season may be a particularly trying time of year. You may use the Christmas questionnaire to learn more about yourself and how you think and feel about the holidays. You’ll also learn about some helpful strategies for coping with the holidays in a constructive manner.

Because of the emotional rollercoaster that my relationship has been on, I’ve been feeling drained.


Your relationship is likely to have many highs and lows, sometimes in quick succession, if it is a ’emotional rollercoaster.’ After a particularly heated argument, you may find yourself feeling very pleased and connected to your partner the next day. Trying to foresee the future may be difficult…



The person that is dating me needs to mature.
If a relationship is experiencing difficulties, we are typically hesitant to label either member of the pair as ‘immature.’ Because maturity is frequently determined by one’s point of view, what one person considers to be irritating, immature characteristics may be seen as good characteristics by another.

Inquire with Ammanda: My spouse refuses to acknowledge that our daughter is homosexual.
It was received from a lady who expressed concern over her husband’s reluctance to accept her daughter as homosexual, which she claims is ripping their family apart.