The 15 Worst Hints Your Wife Is Considering Divorce

The 15 Worst Hints Your Wife Is Considering Divorce

The 15 Worst Hints Your Wife Is Considering Divorce

The 15 Worst Hints Your Wife Is Considering Divorce

If your wife is dissatisfied with your marriage, it’s not always clear. That’s why I decided to research the most revealing symptoms that she wants to leave you.

You should be aware of signs that your wife wants to divorce you.



  1. Due to her constant use of her phone constantly
  2. Face-down she places her phone.
  3. On her phone, she will have a new lock screen or password.
  4. During your computer’s search history, the phrase “divorce” is found.

About her future goals, she is ambiguous or noncommittal (or vacations later in the year)
There will be fewer occasions when I express my affection for you (or at least not saying it first)
Being gone from home for a longer period of time than usual
When someone shows little or no emotion toward you, or when they are exceedingly nasty or critical (compared to normal)




When it comes to raising a family, establishing a job and providing for our loved ones, we put in the effort. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s vital when we’re concentrating on the broader picture.

You are not obligated to accept failure, the dissolution of your marriage, and the possible loss of your family as inevitable outcomes. We’ll take a deep dive into difficult relationships on the edge of ending in divorce in this post, so buckle up!






The signals that your wife wants to divorce you will be discussed in this section of the course. In addition, I’ll teach you how to put a stop to it so you can start working on your marriage again.

These symptoms that your wife wants to leave you CAN be remedied, but it takes time and patience.

Even if you are on the point of ending your relationship, there is still hope for you.
Not until they’ve experienced the worst of circumstances do things begin to turn around. You should read more about the wonderful folks who work at Marriage Helper before heading over there if you believe you could be.





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The 15 Worst Hints Your Wife Is Considering Divorce
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How can you know if your wife doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore?


If your wife decides that she no longer wants to be with you, she will be like follows:



  1. She will be uninterested in you, your day-to-day activities, and your personal life.
  2. She will be devoid of any feeling, if at all.
  3. Alternatively, she will be quite critical of you.
  4. There is a possibility that she may take up new hobbies or interests outside of the house. She may also take an increased interest in enhancing her physical appearance.
  5. She dresses more formally when she is out with friends than she does when she is out with you.
  6. She is more courteous to her acquaintances than she is to you.
  7. You are no longer in contact with her circle of pals.

Love doesn’t simply evaporate or disappear over night; it takes time to fade away.

Because the majority of us did not fall in love at first sight, losing love occurs gradually over time, just as falling in love does. Because it develops gradually, it is not often possible to detect until it is too late to prevent further damage.





However, if you are beginning to question if she still loves you, check for warning signs such as the following:

  • She constantly seems to be in a heated debate with you (but just fine with everyone else)
  • There is an almost complete absence of affection.
  • She has discovered new interests, activities, and pals.
  • You observe that she has made a significant improvement in her looks.
  • She will react to your conversation, but she will seldom start it herself.
  • Even when she is around, you still feel alone.

Fortunately, if you’re just now beginning to notice these warning signals, it’s not too late to take action to prevent more damage. All that remains is for you to take action. Unlike other types of situations, this one will not resolve itself on its own.

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What do you do when your wife decides to leave you?

When your wife decides to leave you, the following are the greatest actions you should take:

Don’t put any pressure on her or make her feel guilty for not returning.
Inform her that you and your partner would prefer to attend a marital counselor jointly.
If she refuses to go, you can find one on your own.


Do your hardest to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can be.
Locate a physical activity on which you can concentrate your time and attention. If your wife has already gone, I’m sorry to hear it.






As I will explain more below, I myself went through this when my wife left me in March of this year. During that moment, I was distraught and felt as if my whole world was collapsing around me. After all, we had two children (who are now three), and she took them and relocated to a different state.

It’s easy to get enraged, to feel violated, and to want to strike out at her while you’re in the heat of the moment. It’s possible that you’ll want to go out, get intoxicated, and have a chance encounter with someone.






While reasonable, this is not the course of action you should take in order to win her back.

Even if you believe you did nothing wrong, she is clearly upset, and you must recognize her distress. She’s probably been feeling this way for quite some time. Additionally, she’s most likely attempted to speak about it and felt as if you didn’t hear her or didn’t care.




Alternatively, she may have been too embarrassed to bring it up.

But, no matter what, she is experiencing these emotions, and although you do not have to agree with her, you must recognize and sympathize with the fact that they are very real to her.

The most effective methods to cope are also the most effective ways to attempt to win her back; concentrate on being the finest version of yourself that you can possibly be. If you are overweight, you should begin an exercise program. If you have poor habits, you should try to break them. Attend treatment sessions or learn yoga.




In a nutshell, work on yourself and make yourself happier, and you may just be able to rescue your marriage and wind up back in a happy partnership. Best-case scenario, you’ll be a lot better person for your future relationship as a result of this experience.

Those seemingly little details may sometimes make all the difference.


If you’re thinking of getting a divorce, here are several signals you should.
The following are indications that you should seek a divorce:

It is when your spouse’s behaviors do not elicit any emotional reaction from you that you should be concerned.



If your spouse is already involved in a serious relationship with someone else,
When you continue to learn facts about your spouse that they were lying to you about, when your spouse moves out, and when your spouse refuses to go to marriage therapy despite the fact that your marriage is clearly in trouble




If your partner is continuously criticizing and demeaning you, it is time to separate.
When abuse becomes physical, it is called physical abuse.
Sometimes a marriage is just not worth attempting to save.

Is it possible that there has been too much harm done and that there is too much water under the bridge? Because every marriage is unique, it’s difficult to predict when that time will arrive. Each individual also has a personal line they establish where they do not cross the line.

In addition, I believe that any kind of physical violence is a dealbreaker and a clear indication that the marriage is on its way out.





However, in addition to these indicators, the following are some more typical symptoms that it is time to obtain a divorce:


The feeling of love has been replaced with feelings of hatred.
You or your spouse has cheated on more than one occasion with different individuals.
Marriage therapy (at least six times) has previously been attempted; there is a great deal of hostility between you; and, as a result of any perceived fault on your part, you both react against the other’s actions.







What should you do if your wife wants to divorce you?

When your wife has expressed a desire to leave you but has not yet done so, it indicates that reconciliation is still a possibility. Instead of putting pressure on others, concentrate on improving yourself and your mindset. Visit a marital counselor, preferably jointly, but alone if your partner is unwilling to do so, and accept full responsibility for the things you have done to harm your relationship.

Separation is a very significant matter.

According to DivorceStatistics, upwards of 85 percent of couples that split end up divorcing, which makes it very difficult to reconcile later on in the relationship.

Early in 2013 (and again in 2021, but that’s an other tale), my wife decided to divorce me.

For us, it was more clear since I had a short affair during the first two months of the year in question. However, along our long road to recovery, she confided in me that, although she still loved and cared for me, she wasn’t sure she was still in love with me at the moment.



Listed below are the actions I took to resolve the situation and win her back:

  1. I didn’t attempt to guilt her back into it or put any pressure on her.
  2.  I just let her to vent whenever and wherever she wanted. 
  3. Holding onto anger or annoyance would only be harmful to her and lead to resentment on her part. 
  4. I, on the other hand, concentrated almost entirely on becoming the greatest version of myself I could be. 
  5. Even if I were to become the guy she believed I was and the person I actually wanted to be, that would be sufficient.
  6. I accepted complete responsibility for my acts and never attempted to excuse my conduct.
  7. If you have problems controlling your temper or managing your anger, demonstrate to her that you are committed to correcting your behavior problems by discovering and attending programs that are meant to assist you with these challenges. After all, at this stage, she need more than just verbal confirmation; she requires action.
  9. Do your hardest to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can be.
  10. Don’t put any pressure on her since doing so may cause her to withdraw. You should let her know that you are interested in making it work, but then allow her the space she needs to process her emotions without breathing down her neck.


Pleading, nagging, or pressuring your spouse into a divorce are not desirable attributes, and if your spouse was already on the fence about beginning a new life, your actions may just push them in the direction of a divorce lawyer.




Is my wife really serious about getting a divorce?

When a couple threatens divorce, it is not always because they are serious about ending their marriage. In order to determine if your wife is serious about it, you must see any or all of the following signs:



She takes no attempt to reconcile disagreements or confrontations with others.
There is no love or sex between the two of them.
She is spending more and more time outside the house, pursuing her work, engaging in hobbies, or socializing with others.
You notice a significant change in your physical appearance (losing weight, plastic surgery, etc)
She is adamant about not sharing her sentiments, particularly personal ones.
It might just be a signal that something needs to be changed. However, these might also be clear signals that she is seriously contemplating divorcing from her husband.

If you don’t plan to follow through on your threats, you should never issue them in the first place; this is a type of manipulation and is not a pleasant way to treat someone you care about.

However, we are all flawed individuals who, from time to time, do things to others we care about that cause them pain.



However, if you see these early indicators, it does not necessarily imply that the ink is completely dried. You still have time to make a difference in your situation. Concentrate only on yourself and striving to be the finest version of yourself that you possibly can be.



What is the best way to detect whether she has had a sexual encounter with someone else?


Some of the symptoms that your wife has had an extramarital affair are as follows:


  • Her phone’s password was changed lately.
  • Alternatively, her phone is now locked whereas it previously was not.
  • She has lately been staying at work later and/or going out after work on a more regular basis.
  • Her social media participation has slowed significantly.
  • You discover different social media accounts registered in her name that you were previously unaware of. 
  • She walks to another room to make or receive phone calls.
  • You see that she is putting more care into her physical appearance today than she has in the past. You also notice that the search history on her computer has been cleaned.

Cheating is one of the most telling indicators that your wife is considering a divorce.

When a cheating spouse is contemplating divorce, it is possible that the affair is the reason for this decision. 


However, it is also possible that the marriage has become so awful that she is just attracted to someone else out of loneliness or frustration.

You are most likely to cheat on your husband if your wife is in her 30s and you have been married for more than seven years. 



These are the circumstances under which most women cheat when their marriage has gone south and is no longer a healthy partnership.

Working spouses are also more likely to cheat than stay-at-home mothers, according to research.

After instance, when either spouse works outside the house, there are beautiful co-workers, flirting clients, and after-work get-togethers to consider, all of which might pave the way for an extramarital relationship to blossom.


Additionally, some of the other probable symptoms that your wife is cheating are as follows:

A salary of at least $75,000 each year (according to data from the National Opinion Research Center)
When one of her parents cheated (as is the case with drugs, alcohol, and smoking, offspring of cheaters are more prone to emulate their parents’ poor choices), she was more inclined to cheat herself.


You are the parent of a small kid (the stress of a newborn and feeling unattractive trying to lose baby weight can sometimes push wives to cheat)
She has a poor sense of self-worth (and a fling superficially makes her feel better about her appearance)
You are her 2nd (or higher) marriage, according to her records (2nd marriages have much higher divorce and infidelity rates)

The 15 Worst Hints Your Wife Is Considering Divorce

The Worst Signs Your Wife Is Considering Divorce


1.Constant Arguing is Sign 

It’s no secret that fighting with your wife all of the time is a terrible indicator.

It’s a clear sign that your relationship needs assistance. It’s possible that it’s one of the Top Divorce Causes (click to read the article on my site). While not all of the top reasons will astound you, a few will.




Don’t get too worked up if you and your wife have a few fights a week. That isn’t always a hint that your wife is planning to leave you.

From time to time, every married couple has a conflict. Arguing is, in fact, beneficial as long as it is resolved and does not lead to bitterness.




It’s crucial to pay attention when such discussions arise on a regular basis. Coming home 5 minutes late, for example, might result in a massive shouting battle or (worst still), the silent treatment.

If you have a lot of these disagreements, it’s likely your wife wants to divorce you. It’s also a sign that things aren’t going well in your relationship.




The majority of the time, couples who quarrel excessively but have generally good marriages may quickly resolve this issue.

In simple words, if you and your wife fight regularly about little concerns, it’s critical to learn how to dispute less frequently and more productively.

When one or both of you cease attempting to address dispute, this is a more significant symptom of an unhealthy marriage.

That brings me to another of your wife’s symptoms of dissatisfaction….





2 – Rather of resolving issues, you choose to give up.

If your wife is no longer interested in arguing or is unconcerned about anything, it might be a sign of a serious issue.

Your wife may become emotionally disconnected as a result of this negativity. You’ll start to question whether you and your partner will ever be able to work things out. That’s obviously a bad thing. If you see this warning sign, now is the time to act.




Counseling for couples might be beneficial. However, it is not suitable for everybody.

Do you want to see whether a marital counselor can assist you (click here to read my article)? Take a look at one of my most popular articles on the subject.




3 – You’ve been ignoring her for quite some time.

We’re all guilty of making errors.

However, the key to avoiding errors is to identify them, accept responsibility for them, learn from them, and not do them again.

However, if you have consistently mistreated your wife, cheated on her, or otherwise made her feel unimportant to you (over a long period of time), some of the other indicators your wife wants a divorce might readily manifest.





As a result, if you’ve been a horrible spouse, own up to it!

Recognize it, but adjust your conduct so she can see (not just hear) that you’re improving. Your wife doesn’t expect you to be flawless, but she also shouldn’t feel as if she’s at the bottom of your priority list.




4. Your wife wants a divorce if she shows little or no tenderness or emotion.


A general lack of care or feeling towards you is one of the other indicators your wife wants a divorce, along with giving up on fighting back.

Throughout the day and before night, there is no hand-holding, kissing, or saying “I love you.”

This is, in my opinion, one of the most blatant of the 15 divorce indications. It’s usually more of a symptom than the actual issue.




However, overcoming your marriage’s basic issues might greatly assist in re-establishing an emotional bond. When this occurs, the attachment is re-established.

Start taking action immediately if you’re witnessing this symptom along with any of the other symptoms your wife wants a divorce.





5. She is always putting you down.

One of the indicators that your wife wants to leave you is if everything you say is met with backhanded comments, jabs, and other disparaging remarks.

Indeed, one of Gottman’s Four Horsemen (click to read the article on my site) is criticism, which is one of the top predictors of divorce, according to renowned marital expert Dr. John Gottman. If you’re doing any of those four things, your marriage might be in trouble, so have a look at my recommendations.




If every word is aimed to attack or disparage you, she’s certainly harboring a lot of rage and hatred. If you wish to salvage your marriage, you need do the following steps:

Avoid the temptation to just “return it to her.”
Recognize that she’s in suffering, and that she deserves to be heard, no matter how ineffective her method of communication may be.


“It seems like you have some animosity or anger against me,” remark, looking her in the eyes. I’d want to sit down and listen to it firsthand so I can repair it.”





6.You have a gut feeling about something.

We may frequently hear what is truly going on when we listen to our intuition.

When you’re both in the room, you can sense the tension. Perhaps she prefers to avoid making direct eye contact. Alternatively, she may share just the bare minimum of information before leaving the room, or there may be no physical closeness.




And the transition might be gradual rather than abrupt.

While it may not be one of the signals that your wife wants to leave you, it IS an indication that something is wrong. But, like with any problem, don’t get caught up in the details or the symptoms, and don’t assign blame.

Concentrate all of your efforts on resolving the problem!




7. A sex life that doesn’t exist.

Lack of sex might be a symptom of other issues in your marriage, but it’s also one of the most typical indicators that divorce proceedings are imminent.

Your sex life would most certainly come to a standstill if you’re always bickering and there’s no emotional connection. Low sex drive, on the other hand, might be the result of a variety of problems.

Because of aging or health depression, men’s testosterone levels drop after having a kid.
A sexless marriage, in any case, is unlikely to succeed.

If your wife is disinterested in sex or makes excuses, that’s one of the 15 indicators your marriage is doomed.


shirtless couple on the floor kissing Middle Class Dad is an indication that your wife wants a divorce.






Sign #8: Your wife is spending more time away from home or is preoccupied with anything else.


If your wife spends more time with her family or friends than with you, there is a problem.

It’s possible that they’re dissatisfied with your present circumstances and just need a vacation from it. However, it’s possible they’re psychologically preparing for life without you.




Hopefully, this isn’t the case, but it’s one of the obvious indicators of a looming divorce.

Simply stated, if your wife is spending less time with you than in the past, it might be a hint she wants to leave you.

Start taking action right away if you notice this symptom or any of the other indicators that your wife wants a divorce.




9. She’s always on the phone.

It might signify one of two things if she’s always on her phone:

It’s only a diversion for her (from you and your problems)
She’s having a romantic relationship (or maybe even physical affair)


It’s not good in either circumstance. After all, ignoring your issues will not make them go away.

Technology, on the other hand, has made having affairs much simpler. Using numerous applications to discover and interact with someone to cheat with is now simpler than ever. 




When we allow ourselves become emotionally exposed to someone and complain about our spouse to them, the door to adultery is readily opened, even if it’s merely confiding in a male coworker.

It’s unlikely she’s having an affair if she often leaves her phone laying about.

However, if she is very protective of it, as well as her different email and social media accounts, and spends a lot of time exchanging text messages, this might be one of the telltale symptoms of an affair.




It doesn’t have to lead to divorce if you suspect or have previously been informed of an affair. My essay, How to Save a Marriage After Infidelity (click here to read the article on my site), follows you through the exact procedures I followed after cheating on my wife in 2013.

Our relationship is stronger than it has ever been, and it can be for you as well.




10. In your computer’s search history, you’ve come across “divorce” themes.

While not all searches are conducted on a personal computer, doing in-depth research on a mobile device is often quicker and faster.

While I do not encourage looking into her personal accounts or being nervous if you have a home computer that is shared, it is simple to glance at her internet search history.

One of the most obvious signals your wife wants a divorce is if you notice any subjects about divorce or attorneys.




It’s not the time to confront her about it.

If you want to salvage your marriage, use this as a chance to calmly discuss the difficulties and let her know you’re prepared to go to any length to resolve them.




11. There isn’t any interaction.

This is simple to notice, particularly if your wife is always on her phone.

You’re never one of the individuals she texts. Throughout the day, I received no texts. There will be no registration. Women, in particular, want a sense of belonging. They need the sensation of another’s spark.

Who, if not you, is filling that void? What’s the name of her closest pal? Maybe you’ll make some new friends? Is this a symptom you’re noticing? Begin immediately!




12. You don’t eat at least one meal with your family every day.

It’s not a good indication if you and your wife are always going to different areas.

You’re on the wrong track if you often make arrangements with your friends after work and/or your wife does the same, with little regard for what the other is doing.

It is critical for couples to pursue hobbies other than one another and to spend some time apart.

However, if your wife spends all or most of her time away from you, it’s evident she wants a divorce.





13.There is no “I Love You” 

It is acceptable and good to say “I love you” to each other throughout the day and week.

That is not a good indicator if you and your wife seldom or rarely do it.

It’s much worse if you tell her and she doesn’t respond. If you’re seeing this, it’s one of the indicators your wife is planning to leave you. Before it’s too late, now is the moment to correct problems.




14. When it comes to future plans, being imprecise or noncommittal is a red flag.

It should be an exciting chat whether you’re talking about vacation plans or potentially relocating for a job chance.

However, if your wife is unclear, noncommittal, or uninterested, this is a red flag.

I used to work in New York City. My old employer, who admired my work, had an approaching interview. I knew I was likely to receive the job, but I didn’t want to apply without first getting consent from my (then) girlfriend.




I heard a lot of ambiguity, hesitancy, and excuses when we spoke about why she didn’t think I’d get the job. She did, however, make a shaky commitment in the end.

She changed her mind and refused to go with me once I received the job offer. I turned down the job twice since they increased the first offer, only to discover she was cheating on me a month later.

She finally dumped me in favor of him.





15. Her looks has recently changed dramatically.

One of the symptoms that your wife wants to leave you is if she has lately begun working out, worn more makeup, purchased sexier clothing, or otherwise changed her appearance.

After all, if your marriage isn’t working, these modifications aren’t going to help.

While the adjustments may be made to make her feel better about herself (which is a good thing), they might also be made to attract someone else.




However, you should avoid criticizing her for the adjustment.

But don’t go overboard with praises since you don’t want her to believe she wasn’t gorgeous before.

Make it a point to congratulate her on her accomplishments. However, it isn’t always about her physical appearance. Women like compliments, but they also appreciate being acknowledged for qualities other than their physical appearance.

Concentrate on telling her what you like about her as a person, with a few compliments on her beauty thrown in for good measure.