The 10 Best Life-Changing Books to Help You Discover Your Purpose

The 10 Best Life-Changing Books to Help You Discover Your Purpose

The 10 Best Life-Changing Books to Help You Discover Your Purpose

The meaning of life is distinct for each and every one of us. However, we are all looking for solutions in order to discover our own personal purpose in life. For some of us, this is a trip that will last a lifetime. Others believe that it is just a question of taking the necessary steps to discover why we are here and what we are supposed to accomplish with our life in order to be happy.

Here are the top ten greatest books about life that may assist you in discovering the meaning of your own existence. Here are our top ten recommendations.

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

The Hundred-Year Marathon

Let Your Life Speak

The Celestine Prophecy

The Artist’s Way

To be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future

The Alchemist

Dream Year

The Secret

20 Things That Are Priceless But Cannot Be Purchased with Money

“It’s great to have money and all the things that money can buy, but it’s also great to check in on yourself every now and then to make sure you haven’t lost sight of the things that money can’t replace.”


In fact, money is something that everyone enjoys. For some individuals, it has the ability to decide whether or not they will have a joyful or sad moment. This occurs in part because money has the ability to elicit emotional responses in people. However, there are many priceless things that money cannot purchase.


Money will enable you to enjoy the luxuries of life, such as a Tesla, a mansion, or first-class tickets to any destination in the globe. Money, on the other hand, cannot purchase everything. There are some elements of your life, yourself, relationships, and experiences that will remain valuable for the rest of your life.


So, what are the twenty most important things that money cannot buy?


1. Love
Because of how often it is taught throughout life, you must have anticipated this one.

Love is a real action accompanied by lovely feelings that develops between individuals who have a certain amount of familiarity with one another.

There are many various reasons why people fall in “love.” Everyone needs love because it is unconditional and it keeps people connected to one another.

Money can buy you attractiveness and attention, but can it buy you love? In no way, shape, or form.


2. Genuine Friendship
Everyone enjoys having money since, without it, we would almost certainly perish if we didn’t have even a penny or two. And it’s only natural for individuals to identify themselves with those who are putting out effort to earn money for themselves.

However, there are instances when individuals are just interested in what you have and what you can provide, rather than who you are.

It functions in the same way as love. True friends should be there for you even if your finances are in shambles.


We all know that a family is made up of a father, a mother, and children, so let’s take a look at each of the different components.

When it comes down to it, a father is only a parent because of the connection he has with his kid. Is it possible to purchase a relationship with money?

Similarly, if a connection with a father cannot be purchased, then neither can a relationship with a mother or a relationship with a child purchased.

Even if it’s a large extended family, you still need to establish a connection with someone who can help you connect with the other individual. It isn’t rocket science, either.


4. Wisdom
Someone once said that wisdom is “the mother of knowledge,” and how does one go about acquiring this wisdom? He or she learns it via personal experience.

As a result, if you cannot purchase experience, you will not be able to acquire knowledge. And if you are unable to get both, then knowledge is clearly beyond your reach. To acquire it, you must first study, then meet people, and then just live your life.


For example, in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt,

“Happiness is not found in the simple possession of money; rather, it is found in the satisfaction of accomplishment, in the thrill of creative endeavor.”

So, apart from the reality that money cannot purchase us health, the pursuit of it may sometimes deprive us of it.

7. Longevity
We wish individuals a long, successful, and healthy life on their birthdays. Money would be the greatest present to give to loved ones in order for them to purchase these items.

But, since you can’t, you wish these people all the happiness in the world. You may also provide them with enjoyable and loving experiences without spending any money.

Time is an important factor.
The cosmos has been kind enough to provide each of us with 24 hours to accomplish anything we choose. But no one has ever been able to buy an additional hour, or even a second, with all their riches.

9. Respect
It is said to be reciprocal. In other words, you can only receive respect if you offer respect, and there was no money for respect the last time we looked.

So, if you can’t provide anything in any money, you can’t expect to get it in any currency.

10. Personality
The totality of a person’s attitudes is their character. Money can affect a person’s character, but it cannot purchase a good one. Attitude has to do with how you behave, and although money may influence a person’s character, it cannot buy a good one.

11. Self-assurance
Money-based “confidence” isn’t truly confidence. It’s a tint of arrogance that typically culminates in blatant bravado. That is not confidence, my buddy. Confidence is a characteristic that develops through time.

12. Attractiveness
There are a plethora of beauty products on the market, many of which are expensive. These cosmetic products may only improve attractiveness by concealing imperfections, and some even go so far as to change certain bodily characteristics.

No one, however, has been able to alter anyone’s inherent attractiveness. If you contemplate surgery, you are still modifying, not changing, your inherent characteristics. From your mother’s womb, you can’t purchase beautiful looks. It’s just not feasible.

13. A good sense of humour
Some people are born with the ability to make others laugh. The majority of the comedians in the area got rich as a consequence of their wit.

The jokes didn’t appear once the money was handed up. Nobody turned humorous due of a sudden increase in their financial account.


14. Trust
Why do you put your faith in people? Because they’ve established a reputation for being trustworthy. They were able to gain their trust because of their character.


15. Talent is a natural ability that must be found and developed. Talent, like beauty and everything else that comes spontaneously, cannot be bought.


16. Purpose
People go to conferences and seminars to find out what they want to do with their lives. These conferences may be free or paid, but the goal is not bought with money.

They knew what they were looking for long before they realized they needed to locate it. Many impoverished individuals found their calling and used it to become wealthy. This goes on to show that money may come as a consequence of discovering a purpose, but it cannot provide the purpose itself.


17. Contentment
Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a lot of other things. Money can never buy pleasure, even if it can afford any of the other things on this list. Our drive for more money is fueled by money. The more money you have, the more hungry you will be.


18. Compassion
We’ve never heard of a guy who purchased the capacity to empathize, and we never will since empathy is an emotion. Feelings can’t be purchased.

19. Harmony/ Peace
Why do individuals use high-tech security systems? Because people desire quiet when they go to bed, yet despite this, peace has never been obtained in return for money. It is the consequence of a healthy heart and a clean conscience.

Money, ironically, may attract adversaries who will disturb your tranquility.


20. A Reputable Name
“A good reputation is better than money,” according to a saying. It’s as if you’re comparing two distinct items: a name and silver (which could be referred to as money).

What exactly is a “name?” How is it perceived as a form of identity? People are more likely to accept you because of your way of life and character.