Secret Qualities That Men Delight in About You, the One They Love

Secret Qualities That Men Delight in About You, the One They Love

Secret Qualities That Men Delight in About You, the One They Love

Things that men secretly adore, as well as things that women secretly like, have been covered in prior articles. It’s true that some of them aren’t exactly hidden. Although a lot of the comments raised were broad in nature, it’s worth continuing the discussion to discuss the particular characteristics of the woman in one’s life that men like but are reluctant to share with her (though, they should).


Many tiny or less apparent aspects of a woman’s personality and appearance will cause a guy to grin, not just on his face but also on the inside of his heart, when he is falling in love with her.

Consequently, what are some characteristics that the guy in your life undoubtedly admires about you but hasn’t informed you about yet?


One of his favorite things about you is the way he grins whenever he thinks of you.
Whether he’s stressed out at work, sat in traffic, or just bored while browsing through Facebook, he’ll find something to talk about. If a guy is fortunate, he will meet a lady who can bring a grin to his face despite the fact that they do not live in the same city or even the same state.


Simply thinking about her or hearing her name will cause him to burst into flames, much like fireworks on July 4th. After all, what’s not to like about that situation?


His favorite thing to do is to make you laugh.
You’ve probably come across a man who seems to gain speed while he’s having a good laugh. In fact, he was attempting to be humorous, even if it wasn’t funny at all.

If the lady in his life is smiling, laughing, and having a wonderful time, a guy will be delighted. Further, he enjoys being the source of her grin, even if it entails making ridiculous jokes for her to laugh at.


 He enjoys being in close physical proximity to you. 
A guy enjoys being near to the lady in his life, whether the two of you are snuggled up on the sofa or standing next to each other while waiting for a taxi. It’s a wonderful way to feel physically and emotionally connected to someone.


A lady you care about lying on your chest or putting her head on your shoulder is a sensation that cannot be matched. Ask me why; it’s just a matter of scientific principle.

While he is driving, he enjoys it when you mess with his hair while he is driving.
There is no explanation for this, and all I can say is that it’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.


He loves the way you grin when he kisses you on the mouth.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the ecstatic surge that occurs when you kiss the right person. When you get that rush of endorphins and emotions, it seems like you’re being carried away. Is it the electric tingling sensation you get when you kiss him/her?

Some feelings can’t be expressed in any other way than by just smiling.


The fact that you are gazing at him makes him very happy.
Males, just like every other person, yearn for the sensation of belonging. The pursuers in a relationship are often ourselves, and we feel as if we must continually prove ourselves in order to get attention, a first date, and then a second date. It is clear what I am trying to say here.


There is no greater feeling in the world than being with a woman who we believe really wants to be with us — who shows us the same devotion and effort that we show her, and who we believe may possibly fall in love with us.

Seventh, he enjoys it when you do that amusing little thing that you probably aren’t even aware that you are doing.

When you laugh, you may wrinkle your nose, and if you’re (a little) angry, you might slap him on the shoulder. When you’re feeling a little anxious, you may fiddle with your hair a little.

Whatever it is, you may simply go about your business as usual, but he is paying attention to every move you make. His attention is drawn to this because it is one of the numerous little differences that distinguish you from every other woman he has ever met. Moreover, it is very much appreciated by him.


In your company, he appreciates how natural everything seems.
To express the notion that things should flow naturally, I was going to title this “He enjoys how he doesn’t have to try.” But of course, to make a relationship work, every man (and woman) must put in continuous effort and “try.”

Two individuals, on the other hand, may simply be totally comfortable in each other’s company and their connection will seem to be natural. Not in a complacent or bored manner, but they will be satisfied. 


They’ll breathe a sigh of relief and gaze into each other’s eyes, thinking to themselves, “So, this is how it’s meant to be……”.


 He enjoys coming to you for guidance and direction.
People’s opinions are valued in ways that outweigh the opinions of others when they really appreciate them for who they are and the things they believe.

You’re interested in hearing their thoughts. To find out what they think of your newest dilemma, you want to talk to them first. Their opinions and points of view are important to you to get. If the guy in your life not only asks for your opinion, but also takes it into consideration and considers it while making choices, consider this a positive indication..





 He enjoys it when you engage in physical intimacy with him.
The little things are what I’m talking about, not the big things (though no man will object to a woman in his life initiating sex on his behalf); I’m talking about the little things — the random hugs, random kisses on his cheek, the random hand on his knee while you’re sitting next to him, or the random arm wrapped around him while you’re walking.

These are things that, dare I say it, are more personal than sex in terms of their intimacy. 

Sex may be had by any two individuals who are attracted to one other. However, the smaller, physical gestures are things that should only be done with someone you really care about.

The things that bind the two of you together are symbolic of your connection. They are things that bring your energies together and turn “you and me” into “us.


 He enjoys gazing you in the eyes with a warm smile.
It may be a bit uncomfortable looking into someone else’s eyes. What to look for is a mystery to you; you’re not sure which eye to glance at, or if you should simply stare at the bridge of their nose.

With you, however, this is not the case! The discomfort fades away, and exhilaration takes its place.



Fortunately, hope has taken its place. It has been replaced with love — a love that can only blossom between two people who are willing to open the doors to their souls and allow the other to reach through to hug them. One can’t help but be drawn in by the peaceful tranquility and not want to look away.



The list of all the things a guy loves about a woman can never be lengthy enough to express all of the things he loves about her when a woman is perfect for him — and I mean, when she is really right for him —

There will never be a term that can adequately express how he feels. His feelings for her will never be expressed in any other manner except via her.

When she asks him, “What’s that look for?” all he will be able to do is grin, shake his head, and reply, “Oh, nothing…” Why? Because there are times when it is all he has left in him.

But trust me when I say that it’s simply his way of reminding you that no words will ever be enough, and that only love will do the job.

Here are some suggestions on how to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to be a wonderful girlfriend, Cooking his favorite meal, wearing seductive underwear, or learning some weird sexual technique aren’t going to cut it (not that these things aren’t helpful; they just aren’t getting to the core of the issue!).

Being able to connect to one another more effectively after learning how guys think and what they need in a relationship makes a significant difference in your ability to be in a relationship.


The most important need for being in a successful relationship is to be your most authentic self. When difficulties develop in a relationship, many individuals fall into the trap of blaming their spouse for their actions. However, rather of looking at what they can do to improve the situation, they blame him for not being what they want and believe that if only he did XYZ, everything would be great.





However, it does not function in this manner. You will never be able to mold someone into the person you want. All you can do is do your very best. When you do this, the other person will typically rise to your level and compete with you on your terms.

Here are six tips on how to be the most wonderful girlfriend anybody has ever had.


1. Be Direct in Your Communication 
Women experience the bulk of relationship difficulties because they expect their partners to fulfill their demands and then get resentful of them when they do not. She doesn’t ask for what she wants since she believes that he should “just know” what she wants. Her attempts to assist him may result in her becoming more irritated when he does not take up on her suggestions.




 The guy, on the other hand, becomes dissatisfied since nothing he does seems to be good enough. He eventually becomes disheartened and gives up, which causes her to become even more bitter.


Both parties have good intentions; the issue is that they aren’t talking well with one another, which is due to the fact that men and women communicate in very different manners. 




Men do not see nuances and subtleties in the same way that women do, and thus need information to be communicated in a straightforward and plain manner.


Rather of being passive hostile until he inquires as to what is wrong (to which you may respond “nothing,” which he would interpret as meaning there is nothing wrong and you will continue to boil because he should freaking know it’s something! ), just explain what it is that he did wrong. In relationships, it’s not always about what you say, but rather about how you say it.


Telling a guy anything he is doing that you are angry or hurt by in a loving and caring manner will almost always result in him trying to make it right.

If you approach him from a position of bitterness or hostility, he will shut down and become less eager to fix the situation. When you consider that Freud was considered one of the most brilliant minds in psychology, yet even he had no clue what women wanted, how can you expect the ordinary man to do it?





The majority of disagreements in relationships are caused by deeper underlying problems that are never addressed or resolved. For example, a woman may believe that her partner does not truly care about her or is not fully committed to her because he is not as attentive as he was at the beginning of the relationship, and instead of being direct about it, she freaks out on him if he does not call her back one night or does not do the dishes after she has worked so hard to prepare dinner for him.


 From then, a huge argument about something little may erupt, while the actual problem remains unaddressed. When you want anything, or when you don’t want something, all you have to do is tell him.



2. Show Your Appreciation for Him
Most women are unaware of how deprived males are of feelings of gratitude; I definitely was unaware of this until I began writing about relationships full-time in 2009. The issue is that we tend to love people in the same manner that we enjoy being loved ourselves. When a guy is generous and sensitive to her and her needs, women are more likely to feel loved and cared for. 



The result is that many women will be more generous with their husbands, which is great and welcomed, but it is not what men truly want.


One of the most deeply held aspirations of a guy is to be recognized and appreciated for the services he gives. The fact that he wants you to think that his efforts were fruitful extends to everything he does, from taking you out to a nice meal to putting out the garbage.


If he takes you out on a great date, express your gratitude and appreciation to him, and tell him you had a wonderful time together. Males are usually more receptive to praise concerning something they have done rather than to their overall persona or personality. Females aren’t typically aware of this since they like broad comments of the you’re so beautiful/nice/fun/caring kind. 




The effect of telling a guy that he is considerate is different than telling him that anything he did or supplied was thoughtful, such as: “Thank you for washing the dishes, that was really thoughtful of you.”

In the presence of an adoring and appreciative woman, her guy will feel like the ultimate winner, and he will go to great lengths to ensure her happiness and satisfaction.

Attempting to understand and appreciate the purpose behind an action is yet another essential relationship skill to possess.




I can give you a personal illustration of this. Years ago, I was seeing a man who phoned me one night and asked if he could come over to my house. He said he’d come over in half an hour, and I agreed since it was becoming late and I was tired. His arrival had been delayed for almost an hour and a half, and I was furious! What might be his whereabouts? Why is he bothering to come over this late in the evening? Why do I have to stay up all night waiting for him when I just want to sleep?





He eventually arrived, bringing something that smelt really wonderful. It didn’t take long until I became enraged at his inconsiderateness in having me wait up for him, and he apologized, saying, “I was hoping to surprise you by bringing you over a quesadilla from that restaurant you like since I know you’ve been working so hard and hardly had time to eat.” Because of my rage, even though I was hungry and had been pining for a quesadilla for hours, the remainder of the night was unpleasant and stressful.



The error I made was that I focused on the action (his being late) rather than the purpose of the person (him wanting to do something nice to me happy). I’m not saying that I shouldn’t have been irritated by his tardiness, but I believe that the night would have turned out quite differently if I had recognized his genuine intentions… He should simply buy me a bag of chips and call it a day the next time there’s an hour-long wait at the establishment, as I might have politely suggested.





It’s impossible to be perfect, and no matter how wonderful your relationship is, there will be moments when he isn’t doing something precisely the way you’d want him to do it. If you concentrate on what he is doing right rather than on what he isn’t, you’ll go a lot farther and do a lot more good for your relationship in the long run.


 Allow him the space he needs when he requires it.
One of the most significant differences between men and women is the way they deal with stress and problems. In contrast to women, who tend to seek out their friends and want to speak about it, males prefer to withdraw into the traditional man cave and cope with the situation on their own terms. When this occurs, a woman may get angry and believe he is shutting her out, but this has nothing to do with her; it is just how he deals with the situation.




Allow your partner to be himself if he seems worried or starts to retreat from you. Don’t coddle him, give unsolicited advice, or get on his case about why he isn’t confiding in you. Instead, be supportive and encouraging. If he wants to speak about it with you, he will make the time to do so. However, if he does not comply and you continue to press him, you will just serve as yet another source of stress in his life, which will cause him to withdraw even more from society.




Intuitively, men understand that it’s difficult for a woman to give him space when he needs it, and if you can manage to do so without becoming angry or resentful towards him, you’ll be the woman who has the most impact on him.


 Continue to live your own life outside of the partnership.


This advice isn’t only for his benefit; it’s also for yours. There are times when I feel like I should throw a farewell party for a buddy of mine when she finds a partner because she will practically disappear off the face of the earth! I’m sure I won’t run across her during Sunday brunches or on great evenings out with friends. The prospect of spending the weekend with the females will be unappealing to her. 


Being able to spend quality time with her will never be simple, and you will ultimately give up and acknowledge that you will either see her again at her wedding, or if she becomes single again (in which case, she will be back in full force and ready to do anything!).

It’s not only my female friends that make this error; women in general (including myself!) make this mistake on a regular basis.

They get involved in a relationship, and the man quickly becomes the entire focus of their attention. This is never a good thing!



For starters, it puts your relationship in a kind of holding pattern, creating a situation where you may continue dating for years and years without taking the next step in your relationship. In the case of a man who has you completely under control all of the time, there’s no need for him to go the additional mile, but that’s a topic for another conversation.


Another point to consider is that your relationship cannot be your only source of pleasure and satisfaction; you must have a well-balanced existence that includes a variety of components that fill you up in various ways. 


In exchange for your man, you will place a great deal of strain on yourself and will never be fully happy with the results of your relationship (mostly because no one can be your everything). While it’s understandable to feel resentment against your spouse and believe that he owes you more since you sacrificed so much for him, this is not fair because the sacrifices you made were all voluntary.



 Maintaining your own life outside of the relationship is also troublesome since you may wind up remaining in a terrible relationship for much longer than you should have because, well, you have nothing else to fall back on if things go wrong.




Men are more likely to fall in love with a woman when she is not there, rather than when she is. If you’re constantly there for him, he won’t go through the process of strengthening the connection. It is important to take time apart to do your own things in order to keep your relationship fresh and invigorated.




 A break from the emotional intoxication of relationships allows you to view things more objectively. It also relieves some of the strain on the connection, allowing it to develop more naturally as the relationship progresses.




Although it may be tempting to hang out with him whenever he asks, it is also gratifying when a man requests so much of your time. You may believe that this is because he is madly in love with you, but this is not the case. while it’s possible that he is, but giving in on every single occasion is not a smart approach. If he’s a good person, he’ll be OK.




Take Excellent Care of Yourself

Exercise, healthy eating, getting your legs waxed, blow drying your hair, and any other healthy or beautifying habits that were a part of your life before to the relationship should not be discontinued. When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to adopt a more laissez-faire attitude, but if you do, it won’t be long before you’re frantically looking for the ember that once burned inside you.




Look, you don’t have to be red carpet ready all of the time, but you should make an effort to keep your looks up to date and provide a positive image for your man. You put on your best face during those first few months of dating, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue to do so after things have become more settled.


It will help to keep the fires of desire and lust burning in your relationship, and it also feels very good to a guy when a woman goes out of her way to look beautiful in his presence.




I find it amusing that women in relationships (again, including myself) would laze about the house in sweatpants and a messy bun with no makeup while they’re at home with their man, but will put on a full face of makeup and get decked up when they’re going out to impress strangers? The whole situation is just backwards. A male acquaintance once confided in me that his fiancée had gained about 15 pounds since they began dating and had therefore discontinued her gym membership.




The man admitted to me that he was still very much attracted to her, but that he couldn’t understand why she wasn’t taking better care of herself anymore, and that was a bigger turn-off than the weight increase. He had the impression that she just didn’t care anymore, and he felt trapped since he couldn’t say anything without offending and hurting her feelings more. He begged with me to spread the word and inform women that, although his love is not only dependent on your physical beauty, it is very essential (and beautiful) to maintain your level of self-care from the time you first met… and I have done just that!




6. Put on a smile


This is another another suggestion that will be very beneficial not just to your relationship, but also to your life in general. Men are unable to resist a lady who has a grin on her face. To be more specific, every male I know has said that a good attitude is the most beautiful trait a woman can possess. While life may not always be rainbows and sunshine, it will also sometimes hit the fan, but if you can face it all with a grin on your face and the confidence that everything will work out, your life will be a lot better place overall.


This sort of energy is contagious, it attracts others to you, and it transforms you into the kind of woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Don’t use your man as a sounding board, and don’t use your relationship as a place to unload your emotions. As soon as your man returns home, welcome him with a smile…and then rant if you’ve had a difficult day and need to get it all out.


Make an effort to find the positive aspects of all circumstances, both inside and outside of your relationship. The events that occur in our life are, for the most part, neutral; what distinguishes them as good or terrible is determined by our perception of them and the ideas we associate with them.