Secret indications that he wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you

Secret indications that he wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you

Secret indications that he wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you

Do you believe your guy is ready to commit to you for the rest of his life? Here are some indications that he wants to marry you and be with you for the rest of his life.

A man you’ve been dating for a time has caught your attention. Everything about the relationship seems to be ideal, and he appears to be wonderful as well. Does it seem to be moving ahead, or have you and your partner reached a point of comfort where you don’t intend to make any more changes? What makes him content with the way things are now. 


When you’re secretly hoping for more from a relationship, it’s important to keep an eye out for indications that he wants to marry you.



When it comes to marriage, does he have a preference?

You may find it extremely simple to just accept the status quo after you’ve been dating a man for a lengthy period of time. What is the point of fixing something that isn’t broken? He’s happy, and you seem to be pleased as well. It’s possible that your man is thinking exactly that!

While marriage is essentially nothing more than a means to formalize your relationship in accordance with the rules of the state in which you reside, it is one of the ways in which the world in which we live defines a “genuine” relationship in the eyes of the public.


Getting married is a sign that you and your partner are serious about each other and want to be together for the long run. So we’ve been led to believe our whole lives. In the end, if your guy really cares about you and wants to be with you till the end of time, why not exchange wedding rings?


While most men consider marriage to be the next step in a good relationship as well as a demonstration of commitment, this is not the case for all guys.

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Has he decided to just play games with you for the time being?
The present moment is something that some guys really appreciate. Why would you want to tamper with something that’s already perfect? What’s the point of adding more stress to an already difficult situation?


It might be much worse: He may be happy with you right now, but he may not consider you marriage material in the future. *gasp!*


Do you think he’ll turn out to be one of those men who says he’s not ready for marriage only to break up with you a year later and propose to the very next lady he dates? Is it possible to be nothing more than a foster girlfriend, who is exploited by a guy because he’s too lazy to go out and find the right woman for him?



All of these ideas are, of course, completely illogical, but they are also quite normal for humans to have them. It does not follow, however, that he isn’t serious about you or completely in love with you simply because he hasn’t proposed just yet. Maybe he’s immature, maybe he’s scared of commitment, or maybe he really does love you and has every intention of marrying you after he’s gotten his “ducks in a row,” as they say in the movie.


Even if he hasn’t stated it out loud, there are quite clear indications that he wants to marry you.
For those of you who are approaching middle age and are wondering whether your guy would ever propose to you, here are some tell-tale indications that he is interested in marrying you and that he is coming near to proposing so you should hang in there*.


1. He refers to himself as “we” rather than “I.”

This is a witty piece of writing. Guys can tell from the beginning of a relationship if they are in it for the long haul or not. This is something they know subconsciously. Even if they aren’t aware of it, the way they talk about their future goals may give you a clue as to how they see your relationship with him to be going.


The use of the term “we” when discussing plans and activities indicates that he is aware that you will be there and that you have a significant role in his life. If he frequently employs the pronoun “I,” you are just an afterthought.



2. He still believes in the institution of marriage.

A growing number of individuals, particularly males, have lost confidence in marriage as a result of the increasing number of divorces and separations. It is critical to have casual discussions with your guy in order to determine whether or not he still believes in marriage and the concept of marriage.




3. When he reads postings about weddings, he doesn’t have a negative reaction to them.

If you’re looking for clues that he’s interested in marrying you, go no farther than his reactions to social media postings about marriage and weddings, which are common. They can be found anywhere!

In the event that they make him grin and/or he expresses an interest in his own wedding day, you’re on the correct road.

If, on the other hand, he dismisses them or tells you that the concept of marriage is ridiculous, trust him instead of expecting that he would alter his mind… sometime!


4. He seems to be at ease in your presence.

It’s safe to say that you’re on the correct road if your guy doesn’t feel the need to dress up all the time, behaves comfortable and regular with you, and doesn’t feel the need to put on a show with you. If your guy feels comfortable being himself in your presence, this is one of the telltale indications that he wants to marry you.


That does not imply that he is “letting himself go.” It simply means that anytime he is in your company, he feels at ease and does not feel the need to put on a mask or put on a false act. That includes the way he portrays himself, but it also includes the ability to show you an aspect of himself that very few people are able to view.


5. His family begins to treat you as if you are a member of the family.

He brings you along with him everytime he goes to see his family members. Most of his family already know you by your first name, and they know a lot more about you than simply your first name.

Meeting the parents and getting to know the rest of the family is just the beginning. But now that you’ve established yourself as a regular fixture at his side during family gatherings, it’s possible that you’ll be accepted as a member of the family in the near future.


6. You are a part of his long-term goals.

The future is something that a lot of couples speak about. However, not all couples include their partners in their future goals. Most guys would probably create a list of things they’d want to have accomplished by that time, such as what vehicle they’d like to be driving, how much money they’d like to have made, or how many countries he’d like to have been.


When he is asked what he wants to be doing in 10 years, your name comes to mind.

He could mention that he hopes to be a senior executive by that time. He’d be traveling to and from work in his sports vehicle. And when he returns home, he’ll be welcomed by his children, as well as their beautiful mother *you!* Aside from the fact that it is the nicest thing he could ever say, it is also a sign that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.


7. You mention the children you intend to have.

For most guys, talking about children is a huge issue. Not everyone is looking forward to the prospect of converting their home entertainment room into a playroom for the kids. However, if your man is really forthright about it and he genuinely considers your suggestions about children, this is a positive development!

Children are a significant part of most couples’ lives and future plans, so discussing them is a good indication and one of the most telling signals that he is interested in marrying you.


8. He discusses and shares everything with you.

You’d be the first to know about anything he’s thinking or what’s troubling him. You are always a significant component in his decision-making process, and his consideration of your suggestions is highly valued. However, he may be sharing other, more concrete things with you in addition to this.


For example, you and your partner may already have a joint bank account where you and your partner may manage your money together. Some of you may already be living in a shared house or at the very least be contemplating it as a possibility in the near future. Marriage has a lot to do with sharing, and if your man has already shown an interest in sharing with you, it is possible that marriage is not long after.


He inquires about wedding and engagement-related matters.

This is a no-brainer in almost every way. He’s beginning to inquire about details such as the location of your ideal wedding, who you’d want to invite, and the music you’d like to dance to on your wedding day.


It’s possible that you’ll believe he’s just asking you to tell him about the wedding of your dreams if you’re totally deaf. However, when he begins rummaging through your jewelry box in order to determine what size ring you are wearing, it is almost a foregone conclusion!



10. He flirts with you on a regular basis.

A healthy relationship is characterized by continuous love and affection. Over the years, you will hear this advice from marital counselors and elderly couples you meet with: ‘Never stop flirting with your spouse!’ If he is continuously flirting with you, it is likely that he is interested in you in the long run.


11. He has a large number of pals who are already married or engaged.

This is one of the most significant indications that he wants to marry you. Most men are hesitant to get married at first, but if a large number of his acquaintances or the individuals in his immediate vicinity are already married or engaged, this is a good indication that he may be ready to marry as well.

Who knows, he may end up following the current fashion.


12. He is always on time for your appointments.

This may not seem to be as significant as the others, but believe us when we say it is. In the event that he is always on time to meet with you, if he prioritizes meeting you, and if he is never late to date night, this indicates that you are a priority for him.

He loves you so much that he constantly prioritizes spending time with you above anything else. He thinks highly of you.


13. Do you think he misses you?

One of the most telling indications that he is interested in marrying you is if he still misses you after the two of you have been together for a long time.

In the event that you are just an addition to his already wonderful existence, he will not be too sad when he is not with you. However, if you’ve been a significant part of his life, he will miss you if you aren’t there to share it with.


14. He just has one set of eyes on you.

The wandering eye occurs in everyone at some point in their lives, yet it is completely acceptable to take pleasure in the beauty that surrounds you.

Is he, on the other hand, just interested in you? If a room is empty and you walk into it, does your man’s gaze immediately turn toward you? If that’s the case, you might be the one for him.


15. He begins to make significant financial obligations.

Consider the factors that bind two individuals together in one way or another. Purchasing a home, having a kid, establishing a combined bank account, and linking your auto insurance are all examples of major life events.

In this case, it may be a sign that your guy is on the verge of making the major commitment to be with you permanently.


16. He prefers to remain at home with you, even if it means missing out on activities with his friends.

Isn’t this what love is all about? On a Friday night, would your guy prefer to remain at home with you, even if his boys are out having a good time without him? Do you and your partner sometimes cancel plans in order to stay home and spend time with one another?

This indicates that the two of you enjoy each other’s company very much. This is critical for a successful marriage, and it is a wonderful omen for approaching weddings. [Read more about Should I marry him? 


17. He shows interest in and respect for your viewpoint.

When it comes to making choices, does your guy ask for your opinion?

Your man’s willingness to seek your opinion on a variety of issues, such as job, wardrobe choices, or difficulties he’s experiencing, is an essential first step. He should respect and appreciate the answer he receives.


18. He is there for you on an emotional level.

Is he there to hug you when you cry? Or does he take a step back and not pay attention to anything? This is a demonstration of compassion and love, and if you decide to be married, you’ll need enough of both! It is reasonable to expect that a man who really loves about you and wants to marry you would also care about you and be there for you on an emotional level.

It’s a two-for-one deal, and it’s one of the most obvious indications that he wants to marry you.


19. The phrase “if” becomes “when.”

If your guy always uses the word “if” while talking about your future, you’re dating the wrong person. You can rely on us! In the event that you are in a long-term relationship with a guy who does not use the word “when” while discussing your future, it is very probable that you are in need of a new partner.


As soon as the if becomes the when, he begins to prepare for your future together.



20. He expresses his feelings for you in a straightforward manner.

A wedding is an opportunity to publicly declare your love for one another. And if your guy doesn’t already do this on a regular basis, he won’t want to do it on a big scale and in a tuxedo for the occasion.

It is one of the most telling indications that he is interested in marrying you if he is frequently expressing his feelings for you in both public and private settings.