is there beauty inside you?

is there beauty inside you

is there beauty inside you?

 is there beauty inside you?

Within us all is a beautiful person who, to put it simply, is called “inner beauty.” The fact that we are overweight has nothing to do with how we look. Nothing matters about your skin tone, your hairstyle, or how much cosmetics you wear. It’s all about how you feel on the inside. It has absolutely nothing to do with appearances, quite the opposite.

There is no competition on the planet that can determine who is the most attractive person on the planet. Beauty is an attitude, not something we often see, read, or hear. Beauty is really on the inside, contrary to popular belief. External beauty is overrated, and it causes us to spend so much time seeking aesthetics that we lose sight of what matters most. Inner beauty is the most significant aspect.



In this world, there is a great deal of beauty. Almost any expression of art, item, or person may be found to be beautiful by humans. We have the capacity to recognize it as well as the desire to appreciate it. When it comes to humans, though, the notion becomes distorted. We often overlook the fact that everyone has the potential to be attractive regardless of their physical appearance. Much more important than the superficiality of our looks.



A bold person is the most attractive.

Living fearlessly is not the same as being brave. It entails turning away from fear and confronting it full on, with the goal of conquering it. It comes from listening to and respecting ourselves, and it moves us closer to our goals. The advantages that daring individuals have are listed below.

People with courage pay attention to others’ emotions and validate them.


Instead of avoiding their emotions, they use them to learn more about themselves. They embrace both pleasant and bad feelings and do not pass judgment on themselves based on their mood. We may reflect on our worries and anxieties and where they are directing us once we begin to define them. Furthermore, this enables us to behave in a balanced and cogent manner.


People that are brave take ownership of their acts.

They don’t search for someone to blame or feel sorry for themselves. They concentrate on what they can do better and strive hard to do so. When we believe we have made a mistake, or when we are confronted with unfairness or failure, our attitude is crucial. Brave individuals go out of their way to recuperate and attempt new possibilities or alternatives. Although anybody may make a mistake, not everyone persists. How do you deal with mistakes, flaws, and failures?



The fearless face swivels around to face the other direction.

Change is inevitable, and rejecting it means going against the current. Brave individuals attempt to convert unplanned changes into chances for us to improve. Change might be scary, but if we resist it and walk away from our feelings, we will cease flowing.


We can’t satisfy everyone, and brave people recognize this.

Nobody can satisfy everyone while while pleasing themselves. It’s only natural that we value the views of those we care about. However, if we prioritize their viewpoints above our own thoughts and feelings, we will be pushed to the sidelines. It’s critical to strive for self-loyalty. This does not imply that we must harm others in order to avoid harming ourselves.

Decisions are made by rave individuals.

Even if it doesn’t get us anywhere near where we want to go, it’s often better to just let ourselves be swept along by the tide. Decisions are made by brave individuals. It’s natural for humans to be fearful about making decisions. When you choose one road, you must abandon the others. We must, however, brace ourselves and make the decision to continue ahead. What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you on the verge of making a critical decision?

Natural beauty is what attracts the most admirers.

Occasionally, we must make a critical choice. In order to be ourselves, we must let go of other people’s expectations, comparisons, and demands. Without extra sweeteners, preservatives, or additives, we must learn to live without them. We just need to be ourselves, nothing more or less. This does not imply a detachment from people or events. It entails bringing ourselves closer to one another.

“You can’t take the flower’s beauty away even if the petals are ripped off.“

Rabindranath Tagore (Rabindranath Tagore) was a Bengali poet who lived under the British Raj

When this occurs, our inner eyes frequently object to what is happening, but in the long run, the landscapes become much more harmonious. You realize you’ve been ignoring yourself throughout the process. Then you come to your senses, pick yourself up, embrace yourself, and resolve to treat yourself with the respect and love that you deserve. With time, you become more aware of the beauty that exists inside you. You recognize that beauty isn’t acquired with creams and isn’t lost over time.



You know that beauty is defined by the ability to think less and flow more…by being completely natural.

This implies that you disregard filters, appearances, and viewpoints. It implies that you find a method to be in the spotlight and take command of your tale. When you are bold and listen to yourself, you transform from the world’s most beautiful person to the one who is always there for you. It’s you, right?

I’m dissatisfied with my current situation. My physique irritates me. I don’t seem to be very attractive.

My teeth, chest, and hips are all things I despise about myself. I still need to shed a significant amount of weight. I haven’t been able to shed any of the baby pounds.

I’m not a people person. I’m terrified of making a mistake and being condemned. With the exception of myself, everyone of my pals are dating.

Does this ring true to you?

It’s the internal monologue we all have. This manner of speech becomes a kind of self-sabotage, causing insecurity, poor self-esteem, and a lack of self-love.

Consider this: what is it about you that you admire? Your eyes, hair, goodness, and unwavering loyalty? Surely there are hundreds of things that come to mind when you think of your soul.

Behind our fears, which we doubt, there is an unending beauty that makes us sick to our stomachs.

We are what we believe, and our ideas serve as a mask that keeps the rest of the world from recognizing us for who we really are. However, the rest of the world may see our inner beauty before we do.



“One can only perceive properly with the heart; what is vital is invisible to the sight.”
–Exupery, Saint–

It’s the soul that counts. What’s behind all the layers of clothing? Invisibility. What is hidden from the naked eye’s vision. True beauty is inside, the only sort that never fades, that you can’t take away, and that can only be seen while gazing into the eyes of the soul.



True beauty is an attitude, which cannot be quantified. We’re all conscious of our looks and want to avoid seeming eccentric or in conflict with the traditions that confine us and prevent us from displaying our magnificence to the rest of the world. However, there is no cosmetics on the globe that can make an ugly heart seem beautiful. It is crucial for our self-esteem that we recognize this.

“Outer beauty is only a fad.” The body’s look does not always represent the spirit.”
George Sand is a writer who lives in the United States.




A lovely environment is designed to make living more enjoyable and to eliminate voids and unpleasant emotions. True beauty is found inside us, therefore we don’t need to fake it with cosmetics or fashionable clothing.

Allow yourself to be kind; do not let the suffering harden you. Make your own unique beauty, one that cannot be described in words, and nurture it with minute touches. On the inside, there’s a key.