Is A Man Using You? 5 Proofs He Is!

Is A Man Using You 5 Proofs He Is!

Is A Man Using You? 5 Proofs He Is!

Is A Man Using You? 5 Proofs He Is!

Women are said to have a keen sense of perception, yet when it comes to their love interests, they may be completely deafeningly blind.

Most women are more prone to being in bad relationships than others, mostly because they have poor self-esteem or a need for acceptance. They fail to see that their boyfriend or spouse does not really care about them.




Even when you instinctively know that a guy is using you for his pleasure and is plainly not in love with you or interested in a long-term relationship with you, as a female, you still want to live a lie about it.




When a man uses you, it showed that the relationship is abusive and not beneficial to your well-being. It doesn’t matter how much you want the guy to be different; he isn’t going to change, and it’s in your best interests to end the relationship while you can.

But how can you tell if a guy is taking advantage of you? In this essay, we’ll talk about how to do just that.




Signs that a man is attempting to take advantage of you

Just because you are head over heels in love with a guy does not imply that he is likewise head over heels in love with you.



A one-sided love relationship is always hostile towards the person with whom the couple is in love. According to this saying, “the one who cares less in a relationship, controls it,” there is a lot of truth to it.

Is A Man Using You? 5 Proofs He Is!

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However, the question is not whether the person loves you less or more; rather, the question is if he cares at all. or is he just taking advantage of you? When it comes to determining whether or not something is true, the following indicators should be kept in mind:





1.) He never develops an emotional attachment to you.

The emotional attraction that a couple feels for one another is the foundation of every relationship’s depth.

The basis of a relationship that lacks emotional attachment is hollow, and the partnership is more likely to be abusive than not. If your partner is not interested in developing an emotional connection with you, it is likely that he does not care about you.




Would you talk about your difficulties, anxieties, concerns, and happy times with others? Do you get the impression that he will be there for you when you are feeling down or alone? These are some difficult questions that will reveal the depth of the emotional connection in the relationship.




2.) He puts undue pressure on you to fulfill his desires.

If a man is just interested in having his wants and needs satisfied in a relationship, you can be certain that he is exploiting you for his own enjoyment and gain.

Many guys would put pressure on their spouse to satisfy their sex requirements since it is all they are interested in at the moment. 



A guy who abuses you will exert pressure on you in one of two ways: either via emotional manipulation or by bodily threats to harm you.

The ability to influence women into giving in to their demands becomes second nature to men who have been in multiple relationships over time.




Three.) He is only concerned with his own physical pleasure.

Physical intimacy is an essential component of a healthy relationship between a man and a woman, but how does he go about establishing it?

Is he considerate of your desires and joys when you’re having sex, or is he just being selfish during the whole process of sex?




Women give submit to their man’s pleasuring in order to prevent conflict in the relationship, and many men take advantage of this emotional handle to control women.

Unless you have a strong intuitive sense that he is using you for sex, it should be obvious that he has no emotional involvement in the relationship at all. This is the point at which you realize a guy is taking advantage of you.




4.) He is a swindler who takes advantage of you.

Some men engage into a relationship just for the purpose of gaining financial gain, and they attempt to extract as much money as possible from it.

Numerous women are so blinded by their passion that they fail to see that he is taking advantage of her financial and other resources.



Using your credit cards, asking you to give him money on a regular basis, forcing you to take out a loan for him, or putting you in financial difficulty are all signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend is just interested in money.




A financially abusive relationship is becoming more frequent these days, with women becoming easy prey for playboys and other manipulative types of men.




He is warned about by your friends, number five.

Because you are blinded by your attraction to him, this does not rule out the possibility that your friends may see him for who he is.

If any of your friends or family tell you to stay away from him, you should be on the lookout for signs of impending danger. It’s true that your friends or family members can’t assess him as well as you can, but if they have a feeling that anything is wrong, you should at the very least have an open mind and investigate to see if it’s real.




It is not difficult to recognize when a guy is taking advantage of you, but most women become blind as a result of their passion. Get in touch with your intuition since it is the most reliable source of guidance.

If you have a strong sense that something is wrong in your relationship, you must make some difficult choices, even if it means suffering through the temporary agony of separation.

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