How to travel with your dog Shiba Inu

How to travel with your dog Shiba Inu

How to travel with your dog Shiba Inu

Owners of dogs frequently fantasize of taking long road journeys with their four-legged companion at their side.

Consider all of the locations you and your devoted Shiba Inu may visit together in your spare time.

However, traveling with your dog is not always “pawsible” since you may not be familiar with the ins and outs of traveling with your pet, which may be complicated.

The ability to travel with your Shiba Inu is becoming more realistic, thanks to the increasing number of pet-friendly locations across the globe.

Continue reading about the  traveling with your Shiba Inu so that you can make every trip you have with a pleasant experience.

 Are Getting Ready To Travel with Shibes

It goes without saying that when you intend to travel with your dog, you don’t just let them to roam free throughout the destination.

The same is true while traveling, whether you are driving one state over or taking a 14-hour flight across the country.

You must ensure that your dog has received sufficient training to manage travel as well as to respond to your instructions before embarking on your journey.



What are your plans for the day?

Can you tell me what the temperature is like?

Is the flight nonstop, or will there be a stopover?

If so, is it possible for your Shiba Inu to go with you on the plane?

Do you need evidence of vaccinations, medical insurance, or medication?

Can you take your pet on a walk? Is it possible for them to get out of the crate?

There are a slew of questions you should ask yourself.




However, after you have planned out your schedule, you may begin working with your dog to ensure that they are comfortable during the whole journey, if necessary.



Identify the characteristics and behaviors of your Shiba Inu.

It is preferable to travel exclusively with dogs that are well-behaved and have a stable temperament.



Consequently, your Shiba Inu has to be well-socialized and capable of adjusting to a variety of circumstances before you can adopt him.

Those Shiba Inus who are escape artists, or who are prone to anxiety or aggressiveness, are not recommended as travel companions.



If you want to travel with your partner on a regular basis, you should enroll in obedience classes and train him or her to be quiet and used to situations like as vehicle trips, crate sitting, and flying in a busy aircraft cabin.



You should also establish ground rules for how you want others to interact with your pet, such as whether or not you want them to approach your pet.

It’s essential to remember that how you act will have an impact on how your dog responds to whatever is going on around him.

Off-Leash Techniques

Shiba Inus, unless they have had extensive training, are not the best choices for being off-leash.

However, it is still essential to include off-leash training into your training regimen from the time your dog is a puppy.

Others forbid the use of animals entirely.

When traveling to a location where dogs are permitted in whole mass transit zones, be certain that your Shiba Inu has been taught to deal with the chaos and uncertainty that may accompany large public transportation hubs.

Rest Stops are located across the city.

You must ensure that your Shiba Inu has plenty of opportunity to stretch his or her legs and get some fresh air while you are out and about.

Select routes that have a sufficient number of rest stations for you to take rests between miles.

In addition to making your dog’s health better, taking a walk together and breathing in some fresh air may help you both relax and alleviate some of the tension that comes with traveling.



Gear to Be Transported

Keep the basics for your Shiba in mind while purchasing them.


Check your packing list to make sure you have everything you’ll need for your trip. This includes anything from water to food to treats to toys to waste bags to pee pads to a collar and leash to bowls and any medical paperwork you may need.

Although it is not necessary to take this around, it is highly recommended! There are a plethora of traveling harnesses made specifically for dogs, several of which have carabiners and other attachments for attaching travel goods.

This holiday, give your Shiba Inu a task to do!


Maintain Your Routine

When traveling, the most effective method to guarantee that your canine friend will be well-behaved is to maintain a regular schedule for him. If at all feasible, walk, play, and feed your Shiba at the same times as you would normally do so.

This will help to alleviate any further tension. When traveling with your pet, it’s preferable not to change his or her food throughout the journey.


Traveling by Plane: Some Suggestions

It is essential that you check the following items before reserving your Shiba Inu’s airline ticket if you intend on traveling with him on an airplane:

The maximum size of a dog that may be kept is –

All airline carriers have their own rules regarding the size of animals that may be brought into the cabin, as well as the size of dogs that can be transported in the cargo hold of the aircraft.



Always double-check (no, triple-check) that your Shiba Inu will be permitted to board the plane at the planned departure time. If in doubt, call the airline and ask.

Pet Carrier that is Appropriate –

You’ll need a dog carrier that is authorized for use on airplanes and that is a reasonable size for your Shiba Inu.2x is okay.

Some airline providers may allow your Shiba Inu to accompany you in the cabin, but since the breed is deemed “medium-sized,” not all will be as accommodating.

It is essential that your Shiba Inu is not only capable of tolerating confinement but also has enough space inside to get up and walk about comfortably.



For crates, the following are some basic guidelines:

Wheels must be removed or rendered unusable for the purpose of transport.
It is required that kennels have a leak-proof floor or be lined with an absorbent substance.
Handles and grips must be accessible at all times.
The cage/kennel must be clearly labeled with the words “live animal” and have directional arrows showing the correct orientation of the crate or kennel.
It is necessary to follow any additional restrictions imposed by the particular airline.
Don’t forget to provide the carrier with your name, address, and telephone numbers (both home and mobile phone) in case anything goes wrong along the way.

Bring along a recent picture of your Shiba Inu in case the two of you get separated from one another during your trip.



Fees in addition to the base rate

Crates, airline and hotel surcharges, toys, food, and any unforeseen vet expenses that may accumulate along the road make traveling with a dog much more difficult than it should be.

Make sure you have enough cash on hand to put aside for this exciting trip.

Aside from incurring additional travel expenses in order to bring your dog with you, you should consider enrolling him or her in some kind of pet medical/travel insurance in case anything occurs while you are away from home.



Pet Passport is a document that allows you to travel with your pet.

Traveling abroad with your Shiba Inu is possible, but there are certain countries or states (like as Japan or Hawaii) that have very stringent quarantine rules for rabies, so prepare ahead of time.

Because these areas have not had any rabies outbreaks and want to maintain that status, having a pet passport is the most effective method to demonstrate that your dog is rabies-free and completely vaccinated.

In addition, you should consult with your veterinarian about obtaining an international health certificate before leaving.

Make careful to schedule this appointment at least 30 days before you want to travel, since the certificate and passport may take some time to process.

Food and Physical Activity

Avoid feeding your dog on the morning of your trip to save time.

Make certain that they have completed their errands before departing for the airport at an early hour. You should also get up early enough to ensure that your dog has received enough of exercise before heading to work or school.

Once you get at the airport, you should be prepared to keep your companion confined to their crate at all times while you are there.

Thus, it would be prudent to let them out once more before inspecting your luggage to verify that they have finished the voided process.

A large number of airports do not let animals to be released from their kennel/crate if they are above a particular weight or size. Furthermore, if you want to allow your Shiba Inu out for a short period of time, you will need a harness and leash to keep him safe.



Airports that are dog-friendly

At the United States, it is necessary by law that “pet relief zones” be given for individuals traveling with service animals in airports.

Fortunately, this does not prevent your canine companion from enjoying these places as much as they would want. Although larger airports may feature more than one relief area, there is typically just one per terminal at smaller airports.



The following are the airports in the United States that are the most dog-friendly:


Denver International Airport (DEN)  airport serving the city of Denver, Colorado.

The John F. Kennedy International Airport is located in New York City.

Reagan National Airport (Washington Dulles International Airport)

The San Diego International Airport and the Philadelphia International Airport 

Airports outside of the United States that are dog-friendly may be more difficult to come across.



Traveling by Car: Some Suggestions
It is never a good idea to leave your Shiba Inu unattended in the car.

Don’t do it, I beg of you.

Even when the outside temperature is moderate enough, a vehicle may quickly become a hazardous environment. Overheating is just one of the problems.

Your Shiba Inu may become a victim of kidnapping at any time. Alternatively, a concerned citizen may break the glass of your vehicle in order to rescue your Shiba Inu from certain death.



Drive Cautiously

Don’t allow your Shiba hang his/her head out the window, no matter how adorable it may seem. Don’t allow them roam free in the vehicle, and make sure they’re either leashed to the seat or crated to the floor to prevent them from running away.



Rest Stops on a Regular Basis

Rest breaks should be scheduled on a regular basis, if possible. Prepare an itinerary for it rather than rushing to be there before the clock strikes twelve.

You and your Shiba should be getting out of the vehicle at least once an hour to use the restroom, stretch your legs, and investigate the new location you have discovered. Everyone will be pleased, peaceful, and comfortable as a result of this.



The Rear Passenger Seat

No matter how much your Shiba Inu wants to ride shotgun, it’s better to keep him in the backseat of your vehicle.

Never allow yourself to get distracted while driving.

In some automobile accidents, the pet sitting in the front seat was thrown through the windshield as a result of the vehicle’s inability to adequately secure the pet inside the vehicle.

Additionally, air bags may cause serious injury to a dog. Allowing your pet to ride in the rear seat will keep them safe.




Make a list of everything you need to do.

Are you prepared with your pet’s first-aid kit?

Do you need a leash, a harness, and outerwear? Do you happen to have the crate? Pee pads, perhaps? Blankets?

Regardless of where you are going or what you would normally use with your dog on a regular day, you should have everything you need packed up ahead of time.

Food and water are essential.

Make sure you always have food and drink on hand in the vehicle. Your canine companion is likely to be very thirsty as a result of the heat and stress.




Even if they have been taught to travel in automobiles since they were puppies, dogs may get car sick at any point in their lives.

One method of preventing your Shiba from being ill when traveling is to keep the windows partly open for ventilation and to take regular walks.

Veterinary assistance is always available if your Shiba Inu is known to get ill when traveling in the vehicle. Anti-nausea medicine and other treatments are available from your veterinarian.



Several resources for finding animal-friendly accommodations and attractions.
If you had to search out all of the dog-friendly accommodations and attractions on your own, you’d probably go a little insane trying to do so.

Fortunately, there are services that can assist you in finding the most suitable accommodation for you and your animal friend at the most affordable price.

Here are a few pet-friendly hotel chains to consider:

Hotel chain Kimpton has 59 locations in the United States of America. Pet beds, pet playgrounds, restaurants, and other amenities are all accessible for you and your friend.
Even though there are only five Ace Hotels in the United States, one location in London and another in Panama are pet-friendly.



Loews Loves Pets – Loews Loves Pets chains may be located in 18 cities throughout the United States and Canada. Pets are welcome in the rooms, and you can even order room service dishes that have been authorized by a veterinarian and a chef for your companion.
Pets are not permitted at any of La Quinta’s 830 sites in the United States. All of the other establishments accept up to two dogs or cats per room at no additional cost.
More than 1,600 Best Western hotels welcome guests who want to travel with their dogs.
Four Seasons — Not all of these destinations are pet-friendly, so double-check your options first. The ones that do accept dogs and cats, on the other hand, know how to properly care for them.


Websites to Use to Locate Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

On the website, you may find comprehensive recommendations to dog-friendly airports, events, and campsites, all of which are dog-friendly. Canada is also included on the website. – not only will you discover restaurant listings, but you will also find listings for hotels, bed and breakfasts, campsites, and vacation rentals, all organized by state on this website. Canada is also included on the website.
With a single keyword search, is the ideal resource for discovering hotels, restaurants, activities, and events. is perhaps the most well-known of the search engines. What’s the greatest part? It is a WORLD-WIDE problem.


Also, although it may seem like a long shot, another suggestion would be to try your luck with an online rental service such as Airbnb.

When you search on the site, you will be presented with an animal-friendly filter.

It might be a fantastic chance to reserve a place that will enable you to meet up with other animal lovers, if you are so inclined.



As a result, if you must leave your Shiba Inu alone, at the very least they will have another animal companion with whom to pass the time!

When it comes to dealing with hotels and rentals,
Pet-friendly accommodations, whether in a hotel or vacation rental, do not imply that the area is a haven for animal lovers in general.

There will always be regulations that you must adhere to.



Policies and Fees at the Hotel

Always check with the hotel ahead of time, or look up the rules and restrictions on the hotel’s website or listing, before bringing an animal along with you.

Just because a hotel accepts dogs does not imply that the establishment is entirely dog-friendly.

Check the costs, the policy for leaving dogs alone, and whether or if there are any breed or size limitations that you should be aware of before booking your reservation.

Also, request that the person give you the information through email so that you have a copy of the policy in your possession (in case anything happens).



Make Sure You Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone

Some hotels and vacation rental properties may not allow you to leave your dog alone.

In this case, you need either be prepared to take your Shibe with you wherever you go or pay a pet-sitter to look after him.

Without a doubt, if you’re going to employ a pet-sitter, wouldn’t it have been preferable to leave your pet at home?



Convenience and command

Some more considerations to bear in mind while staying at a hotel or vacation property include the following:

Keep your dog on the first level, particularly if he isn’t accustomed to going up and down stairs. This is also necessary since you don’t want to disturb the individual who is sitting directly below you.
Maintain the cleanliness of your pet. Make careful to clean the mud and grime from your dog’s paws after you walk him. If anything becomes soiled, do your utmost to remove the stain as soon as possible by yourself.
Use the “do not disturb” sign to signal your absence. If you need to leave your Shiba Inu alone for a short period of time, place a “do not disturb” sign on the door to avoid any misunderstandings when the cleaners inadvertently come in to make your bed while you were gone.


Take your Shiba Inu for a walk in the designated locations. Some areas in and around a hotel are just not intended to be urinated on.
Traveling with Your Shiba Inu to Some Interesting Places
Finally, I’d like to share with you some interesting places where you may take your canine friend with you.

These places either offer something unique for dogs to enjoy or are just open and free for everyone!



If you want to create lasting memories with your Shiba Inu while also taking stunning pictures of him, try visiting one of these locations:

Washington, USA – the state is essentially a big lawn with ancient structures and beautiful forests among it all. Washington, USA – While your Shiba Inu is “hunting,” you may sip on some wine. It’s just wonderful.

Oslo, Norway is a city of castles and dog-lovers, and it is the capital of Norway. You can’t go wrong with this one.



A highly dog-friendly city, Barcelona, Spain, offers many chances for your dog to sit with you or meet other dogs on the patios of restaurants and bars.

Vermont, United States – While visiting West Rutland with your Shiba Inu, you may take advantage of the beautiful fall leaves and stay at the Paw House Inn.

Helsinki, Finland – Another dog-friendly city that is ideal for canines that are unable to withstand the heat in the United States.



Tunari National Park, Bolivia – Tunari National Park is a protected area in Bolivia. Do you have a Shiba Inu who enjoys mountain climbing?

Ontario, Canada is home to a large number of international students. Dogs on leashes are welcome to wander about and take in the same breathtaking sights of Niagara Falls as their human companions.



Phuket, Thailand — The island of Phuket is a popular tourist destination. Dog-friendly accommodations may be found everywhere in this city.

Monterrey, Mexico – The city of Monterrey is the capital of Mexico. There are rivers to explore, as well as the renowned Rufino Tamayo dog park.

Crissy Field in San Francisco, California, USA — This is a highly popular location for individuals and their pets to spend quality time together in the outdoors. However, no matter where you travel in California, dogs are almost always accepted and appreciated.

The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder of the world. It’s true that your buddy has to be restrained, but so what? It’s the Grand Canyon, of course!




Traveling with your canine companion will be like a dream come true for you.

The greatest part is that your trip is just a plane ticket or car rental away if you use these tips and techniques for travel training, locating animal-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and locations, as well as buying the finest kit for your Shiba Inu.