How to make your woman happy

How to make your woman happy

How to make your woman happy

How to make your woman happy

“What is the best way to keep Your lady happy?”

This is a question that we get from a lot of guys. According to one of the brief replies, the key to keeping a woman happy differs from one lady to the next. However, when it comes to keeping the majority of women satisfied, there are certain broad recommendations that are typically valid in most cases. Do you want to learn how to keep the woman you already have happy, or how to keep the woman you want to have in the future happy as well? Continue reading this article for five tried-and-true suggestions on how to keep a lady satisfied.

Small gestures may make a significant difference.

Purchasing presents for a lady is essential if you want to keep her pleased. Nevertheless, just like your mother used to say, it is the thought that matters. To a woman, ten dollars can buy her the most adorable little item in the world, and she will be grateful beyond measure. It just demonstrates that you are familiar with her, that you understand her, and that you comprehend her. There are very fewer things that will make a lady happy than that.

Pay Attention to Her When She Wants to Speak

Too many men make the mistake of believing that they must address a woman’s issues in order for her to be happy with them. On the contrary, she often simply wants someone to vent to when she’s feeling down. In order to keep a lady happy, you must first and foremost listen to her when she is having a problem. You must also let her know that you are there for her and that you understand what she is experiencing. Make no attempt to provide answers since there is a very strong likelihood that this is not at all what she is searching for.

Give Her Some Room

In the same vein, many women find that being left alone helps to keep them content. It is your responsibility to determine when she want to be left alone, since, in true female manner, she is almost likely not going to tell you what she wants or when she desires to be left alone when you ask. Still, if she seems distant and isn’t talking with you, the best plan of action is often to just back off and allow her some time to think things over. That’s an excellent strategy for keeping your girlfriend satisfied.

Make Her Feel Special by Doing the Following:

Small tokens of appreciation will make her feel unique. In the same way, letting her know that she’s different from previous females you’ve dated without directly comparing her to them can help her feel more secure. One of the most efficient strategies to keep a woman that you’re with pleased is to communicate to her that she is different from the other women that you’ve had in your life.

Take her out on dates with you.

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when they first start dating women is that they cease bringing them out on dates with them. Things tend to get a bit monotonous and “samey” at this point. Unless you’re really concerned about how to retain a lady and keeping things interesting between the two of you, you should never cease your dating relationship with her. Take her out to dinner, take her out dancing, take her out to the bar, or simply take her out with you for a night on the town.

That old joke about a lengthy list of things that make women happy, followed by a short list of things that make men happy, which is basically beer and sex? You know the one I’m talking about.

This is certainly not entirely correct, but it does take a small number of things to make a lady happy.

For instance, sexual partners have varying expectations of guys. By now, if you’ve been dating various women for a time, you’re probably well aware of this. Some women like receiving a lot of physical attention, while others prefer to keep demonstrations of affection hidden behind closed doors. Some ladies like being in your company all of the time, while others prefer to be alone or in their own place. 



As a result, how can you know which items are certain to make your wife happy?

No, you can’t do that! However, this does not rule out the possibility of success.




Things that have been proved to make even the most collected lady grin with delight are included in the following list: And even if you’re with a female who isn’t interested in anything on this list, you’ll still earn points for taking the time to think about it or give it an attempt!



Let her know if she performs a good job and express your gratitude to her!

 Every person contains these little, hidden, and not-so-hidden abilities in varying degrees. When your wife or girlfriend demonstrates such abilities, make sure to express your appreciation for her efforts and to let her know that you value what she is putting forth. Give her a big kiss and tell her she did a fantastic job, whether it was something complicated like preparing your tax returns or something as easy as getting a stain out of your white shirt. Check out this article for 50 extremely adorable things to say to your girlfriend.



 Make her laugh out loud. 

They claim that although appearances fade, a sense of humour remains intact. You should offer your girlfriend as much laughter as you possibly can whenever you can since laughter is a wonderful medication. Even if you’re not a natural comic, you may still strive to perfect a handful of jokes or actions that will be sure to make her laugh and make you seem good in the process. 


Just keep in mind that being amusing does not imply that you must do it at the cost of another individual.



 Prepare a meal for her. 

Your efforts will not go unnoticed, regardless of whether you are a masterchef or just a regular person who can barely cook an egg. It’s good to be able to relax every now and then and not have to worry about preparing a fast lunch. There are a plethora of simple recipes available online that just need the most basic of materials. Learn a few of them, put them through their paces a few times, and then surprise her with a freshly prepared dinner.



Show her love anytime you get the opportunity.

 This does not imply that you have to smother her with your hands everytime you’re together, though. A simple kiss on the cheek or a brief back massage when she seems exhausted might be enough to express your affection for her. These seemingly little things you do may have a significant impact on her attitude and even her day.




 Offer to help her with duties she despises. 

We are not cleaning machines that walk about and chat. There are certain duties we despise doing, yet we must do them in order to maintain our homes tidy. Any guy who would take up the slack and help us with some of the jobs we despise would be seen as an angel in our hearts! It is easy to determine which duties she despises by the expression on her face when she is doing them. So approach her, grab the brush, sponge, or trash can, and urge her to sit back and relax while you take care of things for her.



Make any necessary repairs. 

Men, on the other hand, aren’t exactly walking, talking handymen. But there’s certain to be one thing you can do to make things better for your girlfriend. It might be as difficult as having a peek under the hood of her automobile or as easy as removing viruses from her computer, depending on the situation. Women like guys who are able to repair broken objects, therefore she’s guaranteed to admire you a hundred times over!



Participate in sports or games with your friends.

 Games aren’t exclusively for children any more. Adults play games all of the time to keep their minds and bodies stimulated. To avoid going to the same old places for your date night every time, consider taking your date outside to participate in some activities such as Frisbee, jogging or swimming. Video games are another excellent choice for folks who are not athletically inclined. Choose a game that she would like and show her how to play it. 


Just make sure she doesn’t notice if you’re allowing her to win! You may read more about it in our article, “10 dirty and sexual games you can play in bed!”



 Give her a little more attention when she’s down.

 Women may attempt to improve their appearance in order to feel better about themselves. When they’re feeling down, they indulge in pampering sessions at the spa, with their favorite manicurist, or at their favorite salon. Offer to pay for her pampering treatment or to join her while she is attempting to unwind during these times.



Make her feel special by giving her little presents.

 You don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars to make a good impression on your girlfriend. Even the most little presents may have a significant effect. You may, for example, purchase her the outfit she’s been admiring at the shop for a while. It is usually possible to find cat-related items at the local stores if she has a soft spot for the creatures. If you’re talented with your hands, make her something that demonstrates your affection for her. Most of the time, the effort is more important than the price tag.




 Some women have the ability to speak your eardrums out of joint. However, instead of just shrugging off what she has to say, attempt to truly listen and react to her concerns. You are not always need to fix her issues or provide ideas, since sometimes all she requires is someone to just listen to her concerns and offer suggestions. Be that person, and she’ll know you’re the one she’s been looking for! 

 Include her in your plans and activities. 

Allowing her to participate in things you like will demonstrate to her that she is an essential part of your life. She can join you at the gym if you’re interested in doing so. If you’re a soccer player, you should ask her to come see you play in person. If you like painting, you may want to ask her for advice on how to make your work seem better. Even if it isn’t her cup of tea, the very act of asking helps her feel more engaged in the process.



 Reassure her that her views are important. 

Women are a strong-willed group with strong opinions. We are prone to have strong feelings about anything and everything under the sun. Pay attention to her views, whether they are about little details or major ones. It demonstrates to her that what she believes is important enough to influence your decisions. In order to convince her that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with *or that she already is*, you must first convince her that she has a voice in the decisions that affect your life. 



Take into consideration what she takes into consideration. 

Whether she enjoys art, music, pets, or sports, you must convey to her the impression that you share her appreciation for these things because they are essential to her. For example, if she has to cancel a date because she has to attend a music event, acknowledge that this event is important to her and excuse her from the situation. If she’s madly in love with her pet, spoil her pet whenever you get the opportunity. You may demonstrate to her how important she is to you by demonstrating your willingness and ability to care about the things that she cares about.



 Allow her to take a break when she needs one.

 When everything seems to be collapsing around her, it’s natural to want to jump in and save her from herself. However, if she requests that you allow her some time to sort things out, you should accept her choice and give her the time she needs. It is possible that you will be the savior who will save her from her position, but occasionally women want to learn how to handle things for themselves. Simply tell her that you are there to provide a hand if she needs assistance.



We believe that these little suggestions will assist you in keeping your girlfriend pleased. It may seem to be a lot, but you are not required to do all of them at the same time! Last but not least, don’t rely only on these strategies to bail you out of problems since she will get suspicious as to why you are suddenly being so sweet to her.