How to Date Moscow Girls

How to Date Moscow Girls

How to Date Moscow Girls

How to Date Moscow Girls

Beautiful, graceful, and endowed with a plethora of other desirable characteristics, Russian women are well-known around the globe. We are obviously great lovers of Ukrainian ladies, but it should be noted that Russian women are also a fantastic option. 



This week, we’re going to be talking about a subject that we don’t talk about nearly enough on Expat Ukraine: ladies from Russia. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about meeting and dating Russian women..

Congratulations on your arrival in Moscow!

Russian Federation’s capital city is Moscow, which is the country’s most populous municipality. Approximately 12 million people live in this enormous city. Moskow is a microcosm of the former Soviet Union since it comprises varied inhabitants from several Russian regions, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.



While this is fantastic for cuisine and culture, it is also fantastic in terms of the variety of ladies from whom to chose. You will almost certainly be able to locate what you are looking for in Moscow, unless you are just interested in black chicks.


Additionally, Moscow’s sightseeing is really unlike anywhere else on earth. Red Square, the Kremlin, the Tretyakovsky Gallery, and Lenin’s Mausoleum are just a few of the city’s most renowned tourist sites. We just returned from a vacation to the city, and we strongly advise you to take a break from your hectic dating schedule to explore the city’s history.



Arrangements for Transportation and Accommodations

It doesn’t matter whether you like day or night games; Moscow offers something to suit everyone’s taste. Our normal three-pronged strategy is recommended. In addition to making advantage of online dating services while in Moscow, we recommend contacting females you see on the street and partaking in the city’s famed nightlife.



In contrast to the club scene in Kyiv, Moscow’s nightlife is widely dispersed.

But there are a few places in the Russian capital that should not be missed. Among the most notable is Red October, which is an island that at nighttime provides trendy bars with spectacular views of the river and is home to many other attractions.

Only a few clubs and bars survive for more than a few years due to the intense rivalry in the nightlife business. On the other hand, it also means that every time you travel somewhere new, you’ll have a new range of options.




The garden ring, which is regarded to be the geographic heart of Moscow, is a good place to stay. The subway, inexpensive ridesharing applications (the most popular of which are Yandex or Uber), or walking are all viable options for getting about after you’ve entered the garden ring.

Moscow, like many other former Soviet cities, is relatively walkable and has a well-developed public transportation infrastructure.




However, it is crucial to realize that Moscow females are not necessarily the same as every other Russian lady you will encounter, both inside the nation and when traveling abroad.

Girls in Moscow vs. Girls in the Rest of Russian Federation

The fact that economic circumstances in Moscow are much better than in other places of Russia must be recognized as such.

As a result, in Moscow, there are two categories of women. There are Moscow females who are native-born and reared in the city, as well as girls who have moved to Moscow from other parts of Russia.




Naturally, folks from Moscow are more Westernized than those from other parts of the world.

The fact that they are able to live rent-free in their mother’s apartment allows them to devote their time to photography, going to the gym, playing tennis, and traveling on holidays as they choose.

The fact that they are in their late 20s helps them to rationalize delaying marriage. Moscow girls are up to date on the newest trends in fashion, cosmetics, and western culture, and they are often well-traveled as well.




Additionally, Moscow females have the ability to alter their overall conduct just for their own benefit. It depends on the context whether they are to be feminine, nasty, demanding, or laid back. The majority of their time is spent obtaining likes on Instagram, rather than concentrating on real-life concerns.




They Are Quite Contemporary, These Moscow Girls

For the most part, girls from Moscow do not need to be very ambitious since, if they have not already done so, they will most likely inherit their grandparents’ homes and country estates. A small fortune is likely to be made off of them now. Consequently, many Moscow females are able to live their lives on a more relaxed schedule as a result of this.




More provincial conduct is more common among women from other Russian cities. Compared to Moscow females, they are more reserved, timid, and feminine in appearance. It is possible to compare them to the kind of females you might encounter in a place like Lviv in certain respects.

In many cases, these women have naive notions about love and gender relations as well as romantic and familial relationships. The symbolic importance of flowers, being cared for monetarily by a guy, and subservient behavior toward men is particularly strong among regional females.




After arriving in Moscow, these regional girls hunt for a partner who will offer them with a secure future since they are struggling to pay for rent and food. In Russia, it is, without a doubt, a man’s world.

In general, though, Moscow females are a little more Westernized than the girls you’d find in Kyiv, and in many respects, they’re a little more attractive.

The Characteristics of Moscow Ladies

The Beatles declared in their famous song Back in the USSR that “Moscow females make me sing and yell,” and that the band members desire to “leave the West behind” while they are around the city.

In this way, Russian ladies are well-known for their beauty, but also for their penchant for accumulating large sums of cash.

Of all, humility is not a virtue in Moscow, and kind people always come in last place. The monetary worth of a man might often seem to be governed by his contribution to the table in terms of his personal worth.




So, when it comes to approaching and wooing Moscow females, guys need to be at the top of their games.

An adult man’s shoes and clothes should be clean, and he should have several rubles in his wallet. Although there will always be a few late-nighters (and who wants them anyway? ), high-quality females demand a top-notch effort to be successful.

Moscow has love, sex, and casual dating opportunities despite all of the hurdles that have been placed in its path.



Getting Laid in Moscow: What You Should Know

The art of getting bedded needed a little more finesse in Moscow years ago, before the advent of internet dating. Your strategy has to be well-thought-out and methodical. Some dating apps, particularly those that make it simpler than ever to meet new people, have altered the game somewhat.




Of fact, certain essentials haven’t changed throughout the years:

Being aggressive is the first rule of the game.

Yes, you are correct. Aggressive behavior is encouraged by me.

In the Western world, you are most likely afflicted by the “nice guy syndrome.” There are certain things that are customary in Moscow that just do not exist in the Western world, which might be perplexing to western guys.

Suppose you need to convey confidence by using the “language of confidence.”

“Hey, do you want to get together this weekend?” is not an appropriate greeting.

Instead, you must say something like, “It was a pleasure meeting with you.” Please join me on Friday at .




What may be termed sexual harassment in the West is regarded normal in Russia, which is a source of great amusement. Take it as a given!

This requires being firm but not obstinate, as well as being positive throughout the situation.

Furthermore, in Moscow, it’s never a bad idea to be a bit more compliment-friendly, while simultaneously being pushy, aggressive, and providing guidance.

Males are treated as males in Moscow, whereas females are treated as females.


You will almost certainly have to spend money on flowers and other little tokens of affection if you end yourself in a serious relationship with a lady from Moscow.

Finally, while maintaining a sense of humour, strive to portray oneself as a serious gentleman. In Moscow, men who are always engaging in “cocky and hilarious” behavior are seen as idiots by the ladies. There’s nothing wrong with having a lighthearted side, but keep it in control while interacting with Russian ladies.




What I can advise you on is to renounce liberal notions of gender equality, which I believe to be the most significant step forward.

There is no evidence that the lady ever pays the bill. Never, ever bring it up as a topic of conversation!



To “go Dutch,” go to the country of the same name in Europe.

Russian women ALWAYS want you to foot the bill, since doing so helps them to feel more like a lady.

At least you won’t have to listen to some obese lesbian lecture you about how all gender norms are just a product of society, which would be a waste of your money otherwise.

What’s even better is that there are applications that you can use to begin meeting women in Moscow without ever leaving your home.



On-line Dating with Russian Girls

A dating website known as Russian Cupid has dominated the dating scene in Moscow.

Certain dating apps such as Tinder and similar sites are available in Moscow, and utilizing these services will boost your visibility to the general public.

On the other hand, Tinder might be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to international users. A lot of the time, the quality is simply not there, and it’s also rife with fraudsters. We thus pick a higher-end service, such as Russian Cupid, because of this consideration.




In terms of online dating in Moscow, the nicest aspect is that you do not have to be in Russia in order to observe how the ladies are treating you. Creating a free account on the site and exploring it for yourself are all that is necessary.

Better still, Russian Cupid has an award-winning trust and safety team that assures that your matches on the site are authentic, and, most importantly, that you are protected from fraudsters while using the service.

What you’ve just seen, my friends, is something that cannot be measured in dollars.





It’s important to remember that things were quite different in Russia in the 1990s than they are now.

At the time, a passport from the United States was sufficient to get laid in Russian. By slapping Russian ladies in the face, Westerners gained an unwarranted feeling of security. Those days, however, are no longer available to you.

There has been an improvement in Russia’s economy. This does not rule out the possibility of meeting attractive Russian women in the west. They will just have to “up their game” and be realistic as a result of this.




Even when they are nasty-looking jobless ex-truck drivers and divorcees from Kentucky, many guys go to Moscow in search of the prettiest girls. They are the same males who moan about the restaurant and bar costs they have to pay because they purchased Russian sex bombs in the first place.




Despite the fact that these “expats” don’t speak a word of Russian or even grammatically perfect English, they expect Russian ladies to treat them with respect.

Become aware of your surroundings and smell the borsch. As a last note, entering Russian involves the acquisition of a visa and registration, which will incur additional fees. Due to Ukraine’s visa-free agreements with the majority of nations, the number of so-called “expats” in the country is reduced as a result.




If you go to Moscow, you won’t have to deal with as many British or Turkish stag parties as you would in places like Odessa and Ukraine.

In the Russian capital, being a foreigner distinguishes you from everyone else. Play your cards wisely, and you will achieve your objectives.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey.