how sex feels when you’re in love

how sex feels when you’re in love

how sex feels when you’re in love

how sex feels when you’re in love

It’s impossible to tell whether or not the person we’re dating is interested in us until we know what we’re looking for.

You get lovely text messages and are permitted to leave your toothbrush at their residence, but WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Is it really love, or are they just occupying their time until something better comes along to take their place?

Our relationship guru, matchmaker, and all-around dating enthusiast, Matthew Hussey, shared his thoughts on the seven telltale indications that the person you’re with is head over heels in love with you. They should be, and for good reason. As a side note, you’re incredible.

When they are in a sexual relationship, they make eye contact.

The extended kissing and eye contact that occurs during sex with someone you care about allows you to be more expressive. In this case, sexual encounters become more than just pleasure; they become a means of feeling more connected to you.

They push the relationship forward.

The certainty that comes with being in love is unmistakable for someone. The implication is that they will no longer be afraid of making a commitment and will actively seek methods to bring you closer together. It is a clear indication that they love you if they show any symptoms of wanting to build a future with you (even if it is just talking about moving in together one day).


They will have soppy, tender moments when they are in love, even if they are the hardest eggs to break. You may expect them to be more physically loving towards you, such as embracing and kissing you, as well as more protective of you in general.


People will want everyone to know when their hearts are fluttering, and they will sing from the rooftops as if they were in The Sound of Music. In order for their pals to adore you as much as they do, they’ll want to take you out with them or introduce you to their siblings and parents.


When someone wants to hang out with you even when they’re simply working or doing something relaxing at home, you know it’s progressed past the ‘casual-fling’ stage.. You’ll know they want you to be a larger part of their life if they start including you in their regular, ordinary, and daily activities.


The happiness of another person is important to them. That means they’ll take the time to learn about you and your interests, whether it’s bringing you your favorite cup of coffee in the morning or taking you to that concert you’ve been talking about for weeks. The fact that they’re paying attention to what you want and attempting to make your wish a reality is a clear indication that they want you to fall in love with them.


If someone tells you often that they’re dreaming or thinking about you, it’s a good indication that you’re someone who has a significant impact on them. Being in their mind implies that you are also somewhat near to their heart.


how sex feels when you’re in love

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When you’re having sex with someone you care about, things are different.

When you’re having sex with someone you care about, there are many differences.
Sex, how I love thee!


One night stands and pals eventually admitting that they are attracted to one other after months of covert glances and flirtatious talk are common themes in films and television programs depicting steamy sex.




When it comes to being in love with someone – that is, being in love with them after getting to know them, developing a relationship that is based on time, care, and commitment rather than raw, animalistic want – it isn’t often presented as the ideal scenario for, well, loving.




Actually, it’s a crying shame. The reason for this is because although loved-up sex is different from ‘we both find each other physically appealing and will rub our genitals together immediately’ sex, it is by no means any less sexually stimulating.


Not to sound sappy or anything, but sex with someone you love is in many ways superior than sex with someone you simply like in a lot of situations.


Here are a few examples of how sex with someone you care about varies from other types of sexual encounters.



First and foremost, they are aware of your preferences

As soon as you’ve had sex with someone more than a few times, they tend to acquire a genuine understanding of the very precise things that make you want to get off their back.


They’ll kiss your neck with just the perfect amount of pressure, grasp your bum, and do all the other things you’ve always wished others would do for you without you having to ask them. I think it’s wonderful.



 They are also aware of the things you dislike.

For example, in contrast to a casual hookup, someone you care about will not spend time fumbling about with a method that has worked on other people but is ineffective on you.


Because they’ve already done it, and you cared about them enough to tell them you didn’t like it, they’re not going to do it again.



The fact that they are able to keep it unexpected

You cannot anticipate what will happen even if you have been doing it for a long. Each day, they’re thinking of new methods to make you feel wonderful and finding new areas of your body to touch that you didn’t realize would feel so nice.



 You have the freedom to express yourself without fear of being judged.


Spanking, a finger up the bum, or a session in which you pretend to be a severe archeologist while they’re the upstart who thinks they’ve discovered a rare bone in the desert sound appealing?


Whatever. That doesn’t mean they’ll take their time or label you a weirdo. Your friends and family adore you, and if they don’t like a suggestion, they will politely decline it.


Even better, if they are willing to give it a go…




 You find yourself becoming more concerned with their happiness than with your own satisfaction.

The removal of them results in the removal of yourself.

You don’t have to be concerned about your personal pleasure since you know they feel the same way.

Consider yourself taken care of. Furthermore, there is no need for constant supervision. You can just concentrate on them, secure in the knowing that they are also concentrating on you, and nothing else.



 You aren’t concerned about your stomach collapsing in on itself

Or they might be looking straight into your butthole because of unfavorable angles, poor lighting, or both. Every single one of you is loved, as you are well aware!


It is not necessary to be concerned about any physiological function.

Just now, there was an unintentional vaginal fart, or more accurately, an unintentional normal fart. We’re not going to die of embarrassment. Lovely.

It is possible to laugh during the process.

It is true love when you can laugh while having very hot sex and have the joke land perfectly, only for the laughter to morph into groans.



It may be very romantic, or it can be extremely harsh and filthy.

Loved-up sex is wonderful since there are many ways to enjoy yourself. Neither slow jams nor candles nor staring into each other’s eyes are the only things to look forward to on this date.



It is acceptable to expose oneself to risk.

Whether it’s via physical restraints (blindfolds, shackles, a hazardous sex position) or psychological restraints.



 You are not under any pressure to seem flawless.

Exfoliated, shaved, and moisturized for a night out on the town.


In love, I’m sometimes shaven, but I’m also stubbled, or completely hairy, or even somewhat sunburnt on the shaved areas. Not because you have to, but because you want to, you’re getting rid of your hair or taking care of your body, not because you feel obligated to do so.


 And when you’re wearing that one dreadful pair of trousers, you’re not concerned about getting things done.


That your boxers having holes in them doesn’t matter to them at all.


Although you may still dress up, you should avoid doing so.

After removing each other’s sweatpants, it is not uncommon for couples to have a passionate embrace. The work pays off every now and again.


Simply put, you have the impression of being better connected.

Despite the fact that it seems ridiculous, it is correct.


Your rhythms are in sync, you’re a great match, you’re closer, it’s hotter, it’s better – it’s something really unique.

There is the potential for extreme heat and mud.

Fact: If you’re concerned about appearing like a jerk, you won’t be able to get down and dirty.


Pure raunchiness can only be experienced when you aren’t concerned about your hair becoming plastered with perspiration, your cheeks growing flushed, or your makeup smearing on your face and shoulders.


The idea of letting loose and doing some really hot things doesn’t bother you at all.


*It occurs more often, and without the accumulation of debris.

To be clear, there will be foreplay. Everything is still there, but without the, “Will we have sex?” Is this something they want to be involved with? Does it seem that they are fond of me?” bit.


There is no insecurity since you know one other, you’ll tell each other if you’re not in the mood if you’re not, and if you’re both up for it, you can get it on whenever it is convenient for you.


There’s never a time when you feel like you have to put on a show.

While in love, you are certain that they will understand if you don’t complete this time, and that it does not imply they are sh*t in bed/you despise them/everything has gone horribly wrong with them.


They’re also much better at getting you off the ground.



You are not embarrassed to express your dissatisfaction with anything.

When you’re doing a random hookup, you feel a little terrible requesting to change positions since they appear to be having so much fun, you know what I’m talking about. Perhaps this is exactly what they’re into?


The feeling of being ready to have your genitals broken, or being able to look up their nose, or feeling a little dizzy are all readily explained when it’s with someone you care about. Changing positions will not bother them.


Moreover, there is less pressure to perform flawlessly on a consistent basis (20).

Because you know that your one performance will not be analyzed and evaluated, you can afford to have a bad day every now and again.


The amount of time you spend thinking about them may be surprising.

It’s certain that after a time you won’t be the same lust-driven sex addict obsessed with caressing their body that you were before.


But it continues to happen, even months or years afterwards. Still, you consider them to be incredibly attractive. Although strange, it is beautiful.


Twenty-second, the cuddling that follows is really delightful

They’ve practiced and perfected the posture of their arm for years.


The fact that you want to sleep soon after arriving will not be a problem for them, 23.

This means there will be no uncomfortable snuggling afterwards simply because you feel obligated to.


No problem with rolling over and sleeping on the other side.


Watching television is very OK.


If you want a cup of tea, they’re happy to oblige. Possibly the most enticing aspect of all is the fact that

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There is a distinction between making love and having sex.

Many individuals, regardless of whether they are men or women, are unable to differentiate between two quite distinct actions, namely, making love and having sex, which are often confused with one another. According to the website Thought Catalog, sex is an intuitive and bio-mechanical act that anybody can do. Making love, on the other hand, is believed to be a sensuous, leisurely, and non-goal-oriented act that provides us with the chance to experience the metaphysical being of oneness, and it is thought to be an art form in and of itself. As a result, both a satisfying sex life and a successful love relationship should include just a little amount of each of them.



In light of the above, the emphasis of today’s essay will be on highlighting the most important features of both acts in order to raise knowledge among readers and assist them in leading a more effective sexual life, which will ultimately benefit their sexual health. It is defined as “a state of mental, physical, and social well-being in relation to one’s sexuality” by the World Health Organization (WHO), and it requires a positive and respectful attitude toward sexuality and romantic relationships, as well as the ability to enjoy sexual experiences free of coercion, violence, and discrimination (World Health Organization).



Making Love vs. Having Sexual Relations

Sex or sexual intercourse may mean various things to different people, according to Teen Health Source, but one thing is certain: it is a healthy and natural activity enjoyed by the majority of people, who find it important in their own manner. It has been noted by Isadora Alman of Psychology Today that one may decide to engage in this act for various purposes. These include but are not limited to: lust and intimacy, boredom and relief, exerting power and fulfilling expectations; making babies; expressing love and taking comfort; and many other reasons. This act is regarded to be one of sharing and intimacy at its finest, according to her, since there is no more intimate act than allowing another person to enter a private bodily part with the aim of sharing pleasure with the other person.



While of their common interchangeability, the words “having sex” and “making love” are commonly used interchangeably, and because making love often involves sexual intercourse, they do not necessarily refer to the same action.

When two people are in love, their vulnerability levels are at an all-time high for them. As shown on Your Tango, this is often the consequence of people expressing feelings and phrases that they may not have previously shared. Both individuals have a tendency to let their guard down, resulting in a game of risk and reward. People who have experienced genuine intimacy with their spouse find it impossible to envision any such moments occurring without them in their lives after the experience.

When you are having sexual relations with someone, on the other hand, while vulnerability still plays a part, it is of a different sort. For example, one may be concerned about the quality of the sexual encounter or the loss of necessary chemistry. In addition, as stated on Your Tango, one may wonder if his or her sexual demands would be met satisfactorily or not.



It is important to note that people who are conscious of this difference understand that making love requires both partners to be completely themselves, real and raw, just as they are on a daily basis, whether this includes the occasional missionary position or some more daring excursions. The mutual affection and understanding that exists between partners is what enables them to fully relax and enjoy their sexual encounters without feeling any pressure or restriction about their sexual demands or desires.

According to Your Tango, having sex does not necessarily entail real sentiments and emotions, and individuals may allow themselves to be someone other than the person they are on a daily basis when in bed. One may experiment with a variety of sexual urges and reveal a different part of oneself that they may never show to the world in the first place. It’s possible that you’re also revealing some secret aspects of your personality via the process of having sex.



When there is no romantic interest involved, but just sexual pleasure, saying goodbye is never an issue, and one may be able to go on without necessarily seeking commitment from the other party involved. When you are having sexual relations with someone with whom you have developed a strong emotional bond, this is not always the case. More than just receiving and providing sexual pleasure is at risk when it comes to love making, including your sentiments, emotions, and innermost thoughts that are communicated throughout this act. Thus, saying goodbye is not always an easy task, and both couples feel a stronger sense of commitment to one another as a result of this.

Making Love                                                                                           Having Sex

Ecstatic adventure of a lifetime                                                        more of a physical trill

Complex expression of love                                                            physical activity

Helps communicate your love non-verbally                                        focused on stimulation

Helps one to show good feelings and thoughts about their loved one         can be enjoyed without love

Requires sharing more than your body

If you want to have a deeper understanding of the differences between these two actions, as pointed out on Thought Catalog, it’s helpful to understand the “heights of sex” and the “depths of making love,” as well as how they differ from one another.



A primary focus of the former is on the stimulation and reaction of the nervous system. This kind of sex is often conveyed exclusively via a bodily experience, and its intensity and strength are evaluated by how powerful and strong the stimulation is.

When it comes to sexual intimacy, on the other hand, the “depths of sex” urge both parties to utilize their bodies, souls, and minds to reach one another’s heart.


 Furthermore, love making provides the partners with the opportunity to uncover any underlying problems that may arise during this particularly personal experience, as well as to transcend the limits of their physical bodies and connect with one another. As a result of this act, the emphasis is not only on the physical body, and it takes commitment to really win over a partner’s mind, soul, and heart.



Final Thoughts on the Distinction Between Making Love and Having Sexual Relations

Given the above, it can be concluded that sexual pleasure and making love are two different actions. The former is more connected with receiving high-quality physical pleasure via appropriate stimulation, while the latter is related with receiving both sexual pleasure and feelings of love.



According to Thought Catalog, one may have a pleasant sexual encounter without needing to be in love with the other person, and they can simply part ways afterward if they so want. When it comes to love, however, this is not the case because it often requires exploration of different aspects such as one’s mind and soul, deepest feelings and thoughts, not just each other’s bodies, and it therefore creates an additional level of closeness and intimacy between the two people who are involved in it. The desire that exists between the couples tends to develop at the same time as their affection for one another.



While having sex, intimacy is defined as the merging of your physical wants and body parts with the other partner, while love making is defined as the act of bringing your minds and souls together via the act of sexual contact.