How Our Expectations for Our Wedding Day Are Shifting

How Our Expectations for Our Wedding Day Are Shifting

How Our Expectations for Our Wedding Day Are Shifting

Engagements have been hastened, while weddings have been postponed as a result of the epidemic — a terrible mix all around. Affected couples are still pondering how to prepare for less-than-certain 2022 weddings, with many of us having already been burnt by repeated rescheduling attempts. It is estimated that during the epidemic, the number of inquiries for ‘runaway weddings’ in the UK more than tripled, while Google searches for ‘elopement’ hit an all-time high earlier this year.



For those who have chosen to go with a more conventional ceremony (like me), the epidemic has prompted a throw caution to the wind attitude, radicalizing techniques, and driving us to go larger than we could have imagined. (Because, after all, why not?) Others have found that the’minimony’ archetype of 30 guests has justified small, low-key weddings in the face of sometimes overwhelming family demands and expectations.



In her more than 15 years of experience as a wedding coordinator in the United Kingdom, Sarah Softley has seen the effects of these polarizations firsthand. “There were a lot more’middle-of-the-road’ marriages before the epidemic. At this point, two clearly distinguishable camps are forming. Some individuals have made the decision that they will not be inviting all of their distant cousins, as they would have done in the past. As for next year, we’re expecting numbers in the 70-80 range, which is much lower than previous years. The opposing camp believes that since they haven’t been able to come together in a long time, they are wanting a large-scale celebration. The return of black tie extravagance is a priority for this group.”


We already have a good understanding of what kinds of flowers, gowns, and engagement rings are on many couples’ wedding wish lists, but Sarah speaks to a broader sense of changing views and priorities among young couples in the United Kingdom. The following are the most important lessons from the current state of wedding preparation.

Budgets aren’t changing, but the expense per person is increasing.


“Budgets have not necessarily gone up or down as a result of the epidemic,” Sarah explains. (In particular, luxury will always be considered to be luxurious.) “What people are spending their money on, on the other hand, is changing.” Interestingly, Sarah has discovered that in situations when the guest list is more limited and polished, the cost per head is often greater than it was before. Consider the possibilities: more expensive food, more money spent on flowers, and so on “To give you an example, we just completed a really unique wedding for 30 people in which we built a beautiful timber copse inside a building. It was luxurious yet on a tiny scale, and it was just stunning. There was a strong emphasis on intimacy here, as we’ve seen elsewhere, and just inviting those who you really wanted to be there,” Sarah says, “but it was also about making it an extremely unique experience for those who were able to be there.” This approach, in my opinion, will continue. “



What’s at the top of our “wants” list for our wedding keeps shifting.

Sustainability is now “very important” in the thoughts of customers and wedding planners alike, according to Sarah, even for those who choose a bigger ceremony. The practice of renting wedding gowns has becoming more common. It reached an all-time high in Google searches in June of this year, and a fashion rental app was among the top results. Rentals for modern wedding clothing increased by a factor of 900 percent during and after the shutdown, according to By Rotation. By renting your dress rather than purchasing one, you open up the option of wearing a couture gown to a larger number of individuals. The designer explains, “After all, you’re only going to wear it once.” Why not use your outfit as your’something borrowed’ this season?




Sarah has been doing this for years, but she is seeing more and more of it in the business. Tree and mature shrub leasing is another option, similar to the garment rental concept, for increasing a ceremony’s sustainability credentials. “A 2ft rose-ball table center may cost you £600, but it will only last a few days at the most, if that. If you were to rent a tree of that size, it would likely cost you £25-30 and, more importantly, it would survive and be able to be planted again later. It’s a win-win situation: using a tree leasing service has a lower environmental effect and also costs much less money.”
It is also continuing in the floristry industry, which has been designated as a no-foam zone for the years 2020 and beyond. Catering options are now being obtained from local suppliers more often, which helps to decrease carbon footprint while also supporting small companies in the community.



Couples, be prepared for additional terms and conditions.

The wedding business, like all other sectors, was severely impacted by the epidemic, which may have long-term consequences for how things are done in the future. “Everyone has had to go back through their terms and conditions,” Sarah explains. “Deposits are often higher today, and in certain instances, they will likely not be refundable at all. Every supplier I’ve dealt with over the past 18 months has been very accommodating to clients, and several have changed dates many times without charging me a dime for the privilege of working with them.”



“As a result of the tremendous amount of damage we’ve suffered as an industry, there will almost certainly be an element of increasing cancellation costs,” she says further. “At the absolute least, costs should be charged for the time spent in administrative tasks and duties. Goodwill has come a great, long way, but as an industry, we simply cannot continue to operate in this manner. I believe customers must see this, and I believe they will on the general. -“



“As a result of the tremendous amount of damage we’ve suffered as an industry, there will almost certainly be an element of increasing cancellation costs,” she says further. “At the absolute least, costs should be charged for the time spent in administrative tasks and duties. The concept of goodwill has come a long way, but we as an industry cannot continue to operate in this manner. I believe that customers must recognize this, and I believe that they will do so on the whole.”



Kindness and compassion are essential at this time, more than ever before.

“I believe that as a result of the epidemic, we have hopefully learnt that we must respect the desires of others,” Sarah says. “For a long time to come, we must accept the fact that some people will be concerned [about pandemic laws] because of the uncertainty. Everyone will be digesting things at their own pace, and some individuals will be more comfortable than others with the situation.”



“When it comes to the epidemic, I believe that individuals have come to realize, especially those who have had to postpone their wedding date three or four times, that what really matters to them is the marriage that will take place on the other side of the ceremony. They believe that the most important thing is that I am being married, regardless of how many people are in attendance at the ceremony.”

Sarah’s counsel to her couples is still the same as it has been for the last few decades. “Keep in mind that it is your day and no one else’s. From the outside, there are so many various kinds of demands to follow. There are pressures from parents, the extended family, vendors who [say] you should and must. The only thing that should and must occur is that you have the day that you want.”

What to Expect on Your Wedding Day in REAL LIFE

Every pore of your body is bursting with rainbows and butterflies on the day of your wedding, as people prostrate themselves at your feet as you exchange vows. To be precise, no. While your wedding day will undoubtedly be spectacular, the pressure to make it the Best Day Ever may be a bit overwhelming, not to mention a major source of stress and stress-related illnesses.



Here’s a summary of what many women anticipate to happen on their wedding day vs what really occurs. This can help you better prepare for the big day! No matter how unattractive the process may seem at times, one thing is certain: you are being married to someone you love, and nothing can compare to that feeling.



Expectation: You’ll softly awaken to the sound of doves cooing outside your window, preparing you for a morning of gentle pampering and relaxation. The Day After:


Despite being up since 4 a.m. due to a combination of anxiety, excitement, and the awareness that you’re about to make the single most significant choice of your life, you’ve been awake since the wee hours.



 Isn’t it true that you still feel like you’re in high school? Who determined that you were old enough to do this?! You did it, I’m sure of it.

It is expected that you will wake up looking like Gisele Bundchen in terms of hair and makeup. The day will be yours if you dress like Gisele Bundchen, complete with Brazilian accent. But that’s a non-starter! You are going to be the most beautiful lady on the face of the planet. Every guy would kill for a piece of you, so it’s a pity you’re going to be taken off the market.




Oh, look! That zit you’ve been avoiding for days has chosen to attend the big event. Reality: Moreover, it seems that your hairdresser has chosen that the tightly braided velociraptor style is trendy, since your coif is giving the movie “Jurassic Park” a serious run for its money. This is OK, since you seem to be a very beautiful and refined velociraptor despite your appearance.




Bridesmaids Expectations: Your loving circle of closest friends and a few token soon-to-be in-laws are on hand to attend to every whim of yours. It is impossible to be in want.

Reality: Everyone is very concerned about how their hair, makeup, and fugly outfit (haha—just joking!) will turn out. Reality: It seems that they don’t have as much time for, well, you (despite the fact that you chose the greatest outfits ever!) At the very least, one of them will irritate the living daylights out of you, and the money is on the in-law who serves as the mascot.




As your future spouse confesses his love for you in the most lyrical and emotional speech you’ve ever heard, you’ll find yourself wiping away tears from your eyes. They will be as emotional as your own vows. Nobody will ever love as passionately as you and your partner, therefore the officiant will resign on the spot.



You both know you wrote them the night before, after attending the rehearsal dinner and guzzling down a gallon of champagne together. You understand that although his notes plainly state “lkjdoi lijli,” what he truly means is “I’ll love you forever.” It’s a nice feeling.

It is expected that fireworks would fly out of both of your lips, culminating in a lightshow that surpasses the Fourth of July. The First Kiss: You will remember this kiss for the rest of your married life.




He goes for the tongue; you go for a peck that would be acceptable for a grandmother. Meeting in the middle isn’t always the most pleasant of experiences.

It is expected that Kim and Kanye will not be able to match your performance in the photos. The magnificence of your wedding photos will cause Instagram to crash.

You’ll be compelled to do cheesy postures that even your third-grade self would find objectionable. Is it okay to look at each other through a tree? Wandering out by yourself in a field of wheat as your new spouse looks on adoringly from afar? You should enjoy yourselves with it.




If you’ve watched the Sleeping Beauty finale, you’ll be expecting to glide about the dance floor with as much elegance as a million Auroras flying through the sky on a rainbow-filled cloud for the first dance.

Awkward situation, to say the least What in the world is everyone looking at, exactly? Aside from that, your spouse, although very kind and the greatest husband ever, seems to have missed the message about Sleeping Beauty. That’s right, we probably should have practiced this before hand.




The Expectations for the Meal: You worried over the menu and went through several samples to ensure that the food was perfectly delicious. As soon as you are no longer concerned about fitting into your dress, you are going to start stuffing your face with delicious treats.




Reality: If you’re fortunate, you’ll have enough time to eat a passing hors d’oeuvre between serving guests and thanking them for their attendance.

It is customary for you to gently feed each other a slice of delectable wedding cake, which will be followed by an affectionate kiss, during the Cake Cutting Ceremony.

Reality: The guy you promised to love and protect for the rest of your life would almost certainly push cake in your face on your wedding day. Simply accept what is happening.


Wedding Night Sex Expectations: You’ll enjoy numerous orgasms on a rose petal-strewn bed, encircled by a ring of flickering candles, as you celebrate your union with your spouse. He’ll appreciate you for providing him with a night of sex that was hotter than he could have imagined when you gently wipe away his tears.

You’ll end up in bed together, completely nude…

The reason for this is because by the time you finished your fifth glass of champagne, your ability to locate pajamas had completely failed you. Despite the fact that you have a whole lifetime of amazing sex ahead of you, right now you’re completely worn out.