Getting satisfaction from sex

Getting satisfaction from sex

Getting satisfaction from sex

Getting satisfaction from sex

1. Make use of more secure sex practices. When you are certain that you are engaging in safer sexual behavior, it might be simpler to relax and enjoy yourself as well.


2.You should be proud of the physique you’re in. Sexe might be made unnecessarily unpleasant if you are self-conscious or ashamed about your appearance.

3.Communicate with your spouse in an open and honest manner. Communication with your spouse will boost your sexual pleasure and will aid in the development of your intimate relationship.


4.What you want to reveal is up to you. When it comes to having sex, you must be honest with your partner about your thoughts and emotions about it.

5Inform your spouse of anything that isn’t functioning. In the bedroom, there are moments when something you do just doesn’t seem to be working.

Thinking sex to be either unpleasing or painful? Perhaps you’re concerned about how much your lover is taking pleasure in it. Whatever the situation, if you put in the effort, you may significantly enhance your sex life.

1 Adopt more protective sex practices. 

When you are certain that you are engaging in safer sexual behavior, it might be simpler to relax and enjoy yourself as well. Consider the implications of this and devise a strategy to keep your sex life as safe as possible. If at all possible, get to know your partner before you have sex and discuss your sexual experiences with him or her honestly. Every time you have sex, and for the duration of the act, use a condom or dental dam to protect yourself.


Only latex and polyurethane condoms provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. Polyurethane condoms have the potential to break more readily than latex condoms. Use a condom whenever you have sexual contact via the vaginal, anal, or oral routes. Dental dams are latex barriers that may be used to protect your mouth when having oral intercourse with a female partner. It may aid in the prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.


Getting the HPV vaccination is also something that women should consider doing in order to help avoid issues such as genital warts and cervical cancer. Fainting and allergic reactions have been reported in some persons after receiving HPV vaccinations. Consult with your doctor about whether the vaccine is good for you.

2 Appreciate the physical shape you’re in.

 Sex might be made unnecessarily unpleasant if you are self-conscious or ashamed about your appearance. If you are dealing with body image problems that are interfering with your sex life, make it a point to correct what you can while accepting what you can’t change. Accepting your body is essential for a good self-image and is the first step toward a more satisfying sex life.
Try gazing at yourself in the mirror and making it a point to notice something new and pleasant about yourself every day.



Aside from that, you might make it a point to get to know your own body in a sexual manner. When compared to non-masturbating women, masturbating women report much higher levels of sexual satisfaction.  Knowing what makes you feel good about yourself can assist you in communicating your requirements to your spouse.


3 Be honest and open in your communication with your spouse. 

Communication with your spouse will boost your sexual pleasure and will aid in the development of your intimate relationship.  Opening and maintaining open communication with your partner may be difficult, particularly if you are not comfortable with sex and what you desire. Consider what you may be able to say while yet feeling comfortable and protected.


There is no way to read your partner’s thoughts no matter how well you believe you know each other. If there is anything about your sex life that you would want to improve, it is critical that you discuss it. If your spouse is really dedicated to you, he or she will be ready to listen to your concerns and to respect your desires and requirements. 
In fact, communicating your sexual wants with your spouse may be a beneficial bonding experience for you both.

4.Make a decision on what you want to reveal. 

You must be honest with your spouse about your views and emotions about having sexual relations. You should also make it a point to inquire about your partner’s desires and preferences. Being bashful or coy will just make your partner feel self-conscious, which will make the experience worse for both of you. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience, and allow your partner to see that you are having a good time as well.


Don’t pass judgment on your spouse based on what he or she enjoys. It might be frightening for both of you to share that type of information, so be patient and don’t interrupt them. You should let your spouse know if he or she enjoys something that you are not interested in without making him or her feel awkward or uncomfortable about his or her preferences.
When at all possible, avoid the use of euphemisms. These are not clear, and it may be difficult for your spouse to comprehend what you’re saying. Use language that you are comfortable with, but keep in mind that sex is not “bad” or “filthy,” and that using clear and communicative terms is beneficial.

5.Keep your partner’s attention at all times. 

Keep in mind that your aim is for him or her to be happy. Of course, it’s crucial for you to obtain what you want out of a sexual relationship as well, but you should start by providing a good example for your partner. More than anything, the more positive you make him or her feel, the more likely it is that he or she will rise to the occasion. Making sure that you’re absorbing and appreciating your partner’s emotions to the event is essential to having satisfying sex.


You should stop when you see your companion flinch. Maybe you’re doing more harm than good. When you hear your spouse groan, repeat the move you just performed since it is likely to feel incredibly nice for him or her. Most crucial, pay close attention during sex to make sure that your partner is as engaged in what you are doing as you are with her.
If he or she replies “no,” stop immediately.
Please keep in mind that just because your spouse doesn’t say “no” does not necessarily imply that he or she is okay with the circumstance at hand. Consent is a procedure that is never completed. The idea is to have both of you respond with an emphatic “yes!” after all.

6.Get rid of the preconceptions associated with pornography and sexuality. 

Like all other movies, porn does not mirror reality in the way that it is presented. Despite the fact that porn is produced and staged to appear beautiful on camera, it seldom represents what it feels like to have a sexual experience or what a genuine sexual encounter looks like.

Prepare yourself by going into the situation with no preconceived notions about what will happen. Allow for the flow of events to take its course.

7.It’s important to take your time and appreciate it.

 Everything about the encounter should be enjoyable to you. Getting in and leaving should not be a one-way street. Take pleasure throughout the whole sexual encounter. Attend to your partner’s erogenous zones and spend time gratifying their sexual desires. Relax and pay attention to the whole body of your spouse. Don’t limit yourself to the cliches.


Alternatively, you may engage in friendly competition by playing games with your fellow travelers. Make the sex exciting by concentrating on connection and keeping them guessing.
Consistently kiss your partner. Regularly returning to the same location for a sultry make-out session might be an excellent strategy to prolong the pleasure.





8.Preparation is key.

 Spend some time kissing, stroking, and delighting one another before moving on to the big event itself. Sex may be made more sensuous and romantic by engaging in foreplay before the encounter. Women, in particular, believe that foreplay is beneficial in putting them in the correct mood, but males are more likely to be ready to start at any given time.
Making your girlfriend feel comfortable is in your best interests. Because of this, her natural lubrication will be increased, and she will enjoy sex even more.

9.Continue to shower her with praises. 

You should make certain that your spouse never has any questions about the fact that you believe he or she is pretty much the sexiest thing on the planet, and maybe even the hottest thing for the next couple of planets beyond this one. When you come across something you enjoy, make your spouse aware of it.

You don’t have to say it all the time, but take some time to appreciate it. Allow your spouse to know that you are enjoying his or her body as well.




10.Make use of the correct lubricant.

 Personal lubrication products have been shown to increase sexual pleasure by as much as 50%. When having anal sex, excellent lubricants are quite vital, particularly if your partner is a woman and you are having anal sex. There is a great deal of friction in sexual relationships, and most of the time, friction is beneficial. However, it does have certain disadvantages, such as chafing and pain while wearing it. Lubricants are available through a variety of local retailers and pharmacies, as well as on the internet. 


Additionally, your doctor or a sexual health clinic may be able to provide them.
Choose lubricant brands that do not include the chemical glycerin, which may cause dryness in the vaginal area. Keep scented goods and other materials that might promote vaginal dryness out of your bathroom, such as douches, hand lotions, soaps, and bath oils, out of your bathroom. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that lubricants are used appropriately.


Water-based lubricants, silicone-based lubricants, and oil-based lubricants are the three kinds of lubricants available. Water-based lubricants are simple to remove and are readily available at retail outlets. They may also be used in conjunction with condoms, and they have the added benefit of preventing condom breakage while causing less genital symptoms than silicone-based lubricants.
Silicone-based lubricants last longer than other types of lubricants and are the greatest option for anal intercourse because of their high durability. When using latex condoms, oil-based lubricants should never be used since they have the potential to cause the condom to break.

11.Make some noise.

 When you are having sex, attempt to make some sounds to express your gratitude for your lover. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard, but expressing some simple moans and gasps helps your partner know not just when something feels nice, but also when your spouse should do more of it. It also communicates to the other individual that you are enjoying yourself. This will increase his or her delight while also encouraging your companion to put in more effort.


According to a new research, couples who make sounds during sex likely to have better sex. So just go with the flow, and if you feel like creating a racket, go ahead and do it.


Allow your imaginations to go wild. You don’t have to go overboard with the things you like to do in bed, but some basic kink may truly add diversity and intrigue to your sex life. The trouble is that sex may quickly become ordinary, particularly if you’ve been with someone for a long period of time. Keeping it great or making it better requires breaking up the routine. Nothing screams “goodbye boredom” quite like silk blindfolds, soft handcuffs, and a nice game of Bad Cop.



12.You should also try with sex toys.

 Including sexual materials in your sex life may increase your overall enjoyment, and most sex toys are enjoyable for both parties. 
Other sexual items may also be useful in igniting the flames of passion in your relationship. Investigate your options and discover what you could be missing out on.
Many individuals have highly particular sexual fantasies that they are too ashamed to disclose with their partners. If you and your spouse are comfortable enough with one another, then you may discuss your desires with one another.




13.Make things as surprising as possible. 

You could be aware of exactly what to do to make your spouse orgasm immediately, but that doesn’t mean you should. Sex should be organic and feel spontaneous. If you and your lover have sex at the same time every day or night, it’s time to shake things up.
Include variety in the positions you utilize, the locations where you have sex, who is in charge, and the extras you use.




14.Locate some helpful resources.

 You can draw inspiration from sexual fiction — just ask any of the women who have devoured 50 Shades of Grey — but it’s also a good idea to read some “how-to” books on how to enhance your sex life. Look for books authored by sex specialists. It may also be beneficial to seek for materials that are tailored to your stage of life; for example, there are resources accessible for LGBT persons, elderly folks, and so on.
The Sinclair Institute’s “Better Sex” video series is highly recommended by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.





12.Consult with an expert.

 Sometimes a couple is having problems with their sex life that they are unable to resolve on their own. This is quite normal. If you continue to have sexual difficulties, attending a couple therapist who specializes in sex therapy may be beneficial. A sex therapist (or a couple therapist who has received sex therapy training) understands what types of questions to ask in order to assist the two of you in discovering what may be causing your problems in the bedroom.

Talking about your sexual life with a complete stranger might be quite uncomfortable, but sex counselors are subject to the same confidentiality regulations as any other mental health experts. They are there to assist you and will not criticize you or share your problems with anyone else.