Exercise to Make Bare Walls Disappear in 20 Minutes

Exercise to Make Bare Walls Disappear in 20 Minutes

Exercise to Make Bare Walls Disappear in 20 Minutes

Exercise to Make Bare Walls Disappear in 20 Minutes

Nothing quite like displaying artwork to make a property seem like a home. When it comes to bringing life into your room, it does two things at once.

On top of covering a blank wall, it also helps to remove some of the “just moved in” atmosphere that may make a space seem cool. But that artwork also brings a little piece of you into the space — art that has been carefully picked to represent who you are and what you personally feel to be beautiful — and this is a good thing.





So let’s get some art up on the walls. Because everyone lives in a distinct reality, today’s homework is left open-ended. Your artwork may be in the form of rolled-up posters or a little stack of prints that is just waiting to be displayed; all you need is a little push to complete the task. Or maybe you’ll profit more from the reminder that there is artwork everywhere, if you’re willing to look, just waiting to be brought out from some drawer, closet, or nook and given the position of respect it deserves, rather than the actual piece of artwork.






Let’s get this show on the road.

On day eleven, go out and get some paintings to frame.
Take a look around your house for anything you’d want to show off, then go ahead and have it framed and put up on the wall!




Choosing your own artwork is entirely up to you; the only requirement is that it should be something that makes you happy. It’s possible that you’ve had a piece you’ve admired for a long time, but you’ve been putting off putting it up on the wall. If you want, you may use something you’ve chosen expressly for this project – whether it’s a new print you ordered online or a valued object (a menu, ticket stub, scarf) that you’ve decided to frame and display. Most importantly, you should like it and be eager to incorporate it into your interior design in order to provide warmth, beauty, and originality to your home.




Having discovered your artwork, the following step is to take whatever measures are necessary to frame it if you so choose. Take the appropriate measurements. The good news is that you probably have a frame that will work, or you can acquire one fast and locally. If you’d rather have it custom framed, that’s OK as well – just mail it off or place your purchase now. When it comes to framing, I have found Frame it Easy to be both quick and economical (if you don’t mind using acrylic instead of glass).




This is the final thing I’d want you to do today, and it’s a little more intangible, but it’s equally important: Make a promise today that as soon as your artwork is framed and ready to hang, you will immediately display it on your wall. You will be tasked with filling your four walls with items that make you happy in order to create a sense of belonging in your house.

For pieces of artwork such as pennants or wall hangings (or if you already have them framed or do not want to frame them), you may skip the framing phase and just put them on the wall right away. For instant satisfaction, how about this:

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