Can I take a leap of faith out of the Friendzone?

Can I take a leap of faith out of the Friendzone?

Can I take a leap of faith out of the Friendzone?

Can I take a leap of faith out of the Friendzone?

The issue with males who find themselves in the Friendzone, as I have said, is that they are terrified.
They are terrified that the lady who has their hearts would reject them and make a mockery of them. They’re frightened to show her who they really are and what they’re passionate about. The dread of rejection, as well as the embarrassing and humiliating repercussions that follow, is at the root of it all.

I’m not going to judge you for being afraid of rejection. Who enjoys being made to feel foolish?
However, if you want to avoid the Friendzone and become more than friends with the woman you’re interested in, you must overcome your fear, get off the fence, and take that risk.

In the movies, the typical method of being her best friend first and then falling in love with her works, but it doesn’t work in real life. You are, in many circumstances, just watering someone else’s garden.
You put in all the effort to re-establish her confidence in males, and then someone else comes along and reaps the benefits of your efforts.

Still, too many males fall into the same pattern again and over again simply because it is the route of least resistance and allows them to avoid putting themselves out there.
It only works in very uncommon cases, and it’s unlikely to work in your case. You and her aren’t the only ones who fall into this category.

You have to put it out there and tell her you’re interested in her in no uncertain terms. You’re looking for more than simply companionship.

If you allow her, she’ll be completely unaware.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the adage that when you make assumptions, you’re making an ass out of yourself and me.

When you make an assumption, you’re assuming that what one person sees is the same as what you perceive.
Diverse individuals have different perspectives on the world. We all come from various backgrounds and have had a variety of experiences. Just because something seems to you to be as bright as sunshine does not imply it is equally obvious to others.

Stop now if you believe she knows you like her and you’re displaying it to her in ways she understands.
Women don’t want to make assumptions about the majority of their male pals, and they also like living in willful ignorance.

This makes sense since most of their male friends would have sex with them if given the opportunity, and living in that reality and accepting that truth on a daily basis would be difficult.
So don’t assume she understands if you’re discreetly introducing yourself to her. If you allow her, she’ll be completely clueless to escape an unpleasant scenario.

You must be direct and explain yourself to her. Don’t imagine that showing her a few pieces of the puzzle will be enough for her to put it all together. You must be a bit more visible than you believe you are. Also, stop making assumptions.

Take the risk.

I understand that you want to escape rejection at all costs.
However, if you want to advance and have a genuine connection with that lady, you must take that risk. You must be upfront and say what you mean (and mean what you say) — you can’t assume she will pick up on your subtle clues, so being straightforward is often the only way to go.

The words that come out of your lips must state unequivocally that you want to be in a relationship with her. This is how you go about taking the plunge. You don’t take a risk by being evasive and dropping clues. You may not see the clues, but she may not.

If your jump does not succeed, the worst that may happen is that you will feel uncomfortable. That’s the worst-case scenario, not a life-altering one.
What is the best-case scenario for success? Long-held ambitions realized, and the love of your life safely ensconced in your arms? That’s the kind of cost-benefit analysis I could do all day.

Be truthful to yourself.

The issue with initially attempting to be a woman’s friend and then attempting to get into bed with her afterward is that it is deceptive.
The truth is that we’ve never been interested in friendship. You wanted to get into her underwear, and the two of you were perplexed.

Because that’s the truth, there’s nothing wrong with admitting it. You may have acquired affection for her as a friend afterward, but your connection began with the desire to be in a romantic and sexual relationship with her, and that desire continues to this day. And you continue to do so.
If that’s the case, whatever connection you’ve formed isn’t really a friendship at all. It was intended to pave the way for a love or sexual connection.

Consider that for a moment. You don’t treat her the same way you do your other pals, and you don’t have the same expectations of her. So, when you leave the Friendzone, what relationship are you truly risking?

Tremendous gain equals high risk.

You will not gain much if you do not risk much, just as you will not gain much if you do not risk much while investing in stocks. Consider this: if you want to advance in life, you must put yourself out there, lay it all on the line, and risk the prospect of failure.

This applies to every aspect of your life. What happens if you don’t enter your name in the hat for that huge promotion?

Do you believe you’ll be able to acquire it?

If you believe this lady is worth the risk of pain and shame, you should go ahead and risk your pride. It’s likely to be a lesser jump than you anticipated, and the relief you’ll feel, regardless of which way it goes, will be enormous.
Is it thus a high-risk situation? It’s debatable, but the payoff is immeasurable, so there’s no reason not to take a chance and tell her your true feelings for her.

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