Benefits of Dating an older adult

Benefits of Dating an older adult

Benefits of Dating an older adult

Benefits of Dating an older adult

What Tantra Isn’t Able to Fix

Tantra may have a significant impact on one’s emotional, bodily, and spiritual well-being. It is not, however, a magic treatment for all of the maladies of the body and of the soul. It is not a permanent happy pill, nor is it a substitute for chronic medicine, nor is it an acceptable justification for promiscuous behavior.



All that said, tantric practices have the potential to alleviate chronic medical issues, extend periods of happiness, and create a deeper, more rewarding connection with oneself or a partner. Tantra is a peaceful lifestyle that emphasizes fitness and sensuality; but, if you have any health issues, you should get medical clearance before beginning your practice.



1. Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem

Growing older is like a nutcracker to one’s self-esteem for the vast majority of individuals. Modern society is preoccupied with youth and beauty, and the media’s definition of beauty does not seem to extend beyond the age of thirty. Because lovers prefer younger companions or because the mirror does not match the glossy magazine page, we may feel left out as we get older.




Sometimes we just despise the process of growing older because it is unpleasant. Aches and injuries grow more common as time goes on. As time passes, one’s physical strength and mobility deteriorate. Ageing often entails a slowing down or perhaps forsaking the physical activities that we once enjoyed. It’s no surprise that people’s self-esteem is a bit shaky. Occasionally, a great deal.

An alteration happens when a person, regardless of their age, applies Tantric perspectives to their lives and bodies. Tantra has a method of alleviating feelings of self-loathing and disillusionment. Instead, self-assurance and excitement combine to form an acceptance that is not a sign of failure but rather of a fresh start.



2. Increased Well-Being

Stress and a lack of physical activity are two of the most important variables that lead to decreasing health. Both of these issues are easily addressed by the practice of something known as “white Tantra.”

As the art evolves, it moves away from the bedroom and more towards solitary care activities such as meditation and yoga. It also includes mindful walking and healthy eating. White tantra practices should be flexible and calming enough to focus on both your physical health and your feeling of stillness in a gentle and effective manner.


 Yoga and meditation are well-known for their many health advantages. When done on a daily basis, this power duet helps to increase flexibility, mobility, strength, and tenacity in the practitioner. All of these are valid reasons why one’s body does not have to be something to be afraid of.

Regain your freedom of movement
Yoga and other white tantric activities may help people of all ages to feel less tight and stiffer.
Yoga and other white tantric activities may help people of all ages to feel less tight and stiffer.



3. Appearances of Being Younger

If you don’t want to appear sixteen again (sorry), there’s evidence that Tantra may help you lose as much as a decade off your age. Many practitioners seem to be much younger than their actual age.

There is no magic or special lotion in this product. 



It is based on good scientific principles. Stress accelerates the aging process, and Tantra helps to minimize or eliminate stress. Inactivity and negativity both lead to elevated stress and toxin levels, which both contribute to disease as well as a worn-down appearance. White Tantra has the ability to restore that radiance, but gently and steadily. It stimulates blood flow, maintains hormonal balance, and boosts the immune system, all of which are vital for maintaining a youthful appearance.

4. Tantra aids in the healing process

Older folks are confronted with a unique set of issues. Whenever their children leave home, parents experience the dreaded “Empty Nest Syndrome.” Couples become strangers to one another after decades of hard labor and a concentrated effort on kid upbringing. Losing a spouse or wife, going through a mid-life crisis, going through menopause, and developing an age-related disease are all things that might cause misery.



In addition, older individuals, like any other human being, are prone to unpleasant memories, grief, and a sense of despair. Some people believe that life has come to an end, that it is too late to start anything new, and that their past will haunt them forever. All of these challenges are complicated, and no one solution will suffice. Tantra’s emphasis on rejuvenation and finding joy in one’s existence, on the other hand, comes near.




Empty Nest couples learn to bond with one another and get to know their spouses for the first time. It is possible to use tantric meditation and self-care to cope well with loss and grief, as well as with disease and other difficulties. Tantra, when performed properly and over a period of time, has the ability to and does heal on both a mental and physical level.



5. Belief in the Possibility of a Prosperous Future

We’ll go back to an earlier point and talk about how the rest of the world perceives persons who are no longer considered youthful. It’s possible that we’re not entirely incorrect in believing that older people are marginalized by society and the media in certain cases. These attitudes may be felt by persons as young as their twenties or thirties, much alone those as old as their seventies or eighties.




It doesn’t help that funeral insurance firms specifically target the elderly with their advertisements. Discuss what they believe will happen to you in the future! Perhaps your adult children have been advising you to take it easier for years. A large number of individuals experience what is known as the midlife crisis at some time in their lives. They are fixated on a past that did not turn out as they had hoped, and they are fearful that the same (or worse) may happen in the future. Others remain in a rut of a normal existence until they are sure that their finest years have passed them by.




Tantra may be a beneficial practice for anybody who does not believe that age is a hindrance to their goals, but it is not for everyone. It fosters the belief that the finest years are still ahead of us in the important areas of life, resulting in increased health, confidence, pleasure, and enthusiasm. The injured self-esteem begins to heal, and the mind begins to see new possibilities for achieving ambitions as a result of this lightness.



6.Life Doesn’t Come to an End

Tantra teaches that every day may be enjoyed to its fullest potential and that life does not come to an end simply because you reach a particular age. If you want to get married, go ahead!
Tantra teaches that every day may be enjoyed to its fullest potential and that life does not come to an end simply because you reach a particular age. If you want to get married, go ahead!

7. A More Satisfying Love Life

Menopause may have a negative impact on a couple’s sexual life. Not only is this due to the fact that the lady is going through huge hormonal changes. Men may also suffer from a similar experience that can leave them feeling depressed and nervous, which can result in bed-wetting and other problems. This might lead to even greater worry, creating a vicious cycle in the process.



After that, there’s the urban legend that the elderly don’t need sugar in that manner. Personally, I believe that having sex is a question of personal preference more than age. There are some couples who want to maintain their level of activity no matter how many candles are on their birthday cake.

Hormones, injury, and disease may all interfere with one’s ability to function as one gets older. Keeping one’s body as healthy as possible, on the other hand, might enable for lovemaking to take place regardless of the barriers. Tantric exercises may help with the following issues:



Hormonal equilibrium is important.
Menopause may be made more comfortable.
To exhibit one’s love through physical affliction or illness
Get rid of any negative connotations associated with senior sex.



When someone have been together for decades, it is possible to revitalize a stale relationship.
These are the most typical challenges that elderly couples experience, and Tantra may assist them with them. Always keep in mind that the art is about more than simply recovering one’s former power. If the practitioner works first and foremost to repair themselves and the relationship they are in, rather than attempting to push change on a partner, it will be most effective.




And last, there are several online and offline groups that are eager to share their expertise with newbies. In these youth-obsessed times, this is a remarkable accomplishment, since the Tantric community is unconcerned with your age!

While the information included within this article is factual and truthful to the best of the author’s knowledge, it should not be used as a replacement for formal and personalized counsel from a competent expert.