As a shy girl, how can I get his attention?

As a shy girl, how can I get his attention

As a shy girl, how can I get his attention?

As a shy girl, how can I get his attention?

Lilly had a question.
Hi, Interested in posting a question regarding a guy in my religious education class, please see the following link. Normally, I don’t speak with him, but when I do, it’s about really unimportant topics. Due to my belief that he does not have any feelings for me, I am unable to think of anything to say to him or how I may approach him.





He generally avoids female company and prefers to associate with male peers. Even though I wouldn’t describe him as’shy’, I’ve heard that all he ever does is play video games on his playstation and on the internet – none of which are activities that I am really interested in or have any previous experience with.




My heart desires for him to notice me, but I’m not sure if approaching him will be a burden on him or whether he will like me if I approach him – which I have attempted before. I try to keep him from realizing I like him because I’m scared and have issues, but I need to make sure he feels the same way about myself, and there isn’t any indication that this is the case.





He speaks to me in the same manner that he does to anybody else. I find this interesting. Being the average timid girl who is terrified of rejection, I’m now debating whether it would be best not to tell him I like him or if it would be better not to.




 In light of the fact that I am scarcely enrolled in any courses and hang out with a diverse group of people, help on how to satisfy this person in order to get him to like me or to catch his attention would be really appreciated.

Mae expresses gratitude for the information provided.




Lilly, greetings to you.

This scenario seems to be giving you a great deal of concern as I can tell you’re conflicted about it. Your worries will be entirely alleviated by the fact that I know precisely what you should do. For the time being, allow me to ask you a question first.



Have you ever been the object of someone’s affections?

A man has developed an interest in you, which is the polar opposite of what’s now occurring. You probably didn’t even notice this person was there; in fact, you may not have even realized he was there at the time!



Or, if you had, you may not have remembered anything about it since it happened so long ago. To grab his attention, you didn’t have to purposefully stroll by him or make a big effort. He most likely had no prior knowledge of your existence or activities. 



As a matter of fact, you couldn’t comprehend how anything like this could have occurred when you believed you had had no role in it. In spite of the fact that you had been informed by friends that “Joe” liked you, there he was, making his feelings for you quite clear.




My argument is that if a man has a strong enough attraction to a lady, he will express his feelings for her openly.

This information is sufficient for the time being since he has not made an attempt to speak with you and get your attention, nor has he urged his buddies to tell your friends that he likes you.





After spending hours with a man they adore, chatting to him continuously, joking with him, and exerting tremendous effort to capture his attention, I’ve seen females humiliated later on when they had to stand by and watch this same person go after a lady who was entirely ignoring him.




Males possess a “female radar,” which is always activated. In the event that a female they are interested in comes into the room, he will recognize her far before she would recognize him. All of the other girls are very inconspicuous. In the event that he likes you, he will notice you, acknowledge your existence, and make his feelings known when the moment is perfect.




You must, however, entirely remove him from your thoughts and begin telling yourself real tales until that moment comes around.



Don’t convince yourself that you’d be a burden to a man, that you have problems, or that you’re not good enough. Stop telling yourself these things. Any man would be fortunate to have you as his girlfriend, and that is the reality of the situation.



Perhaps someone else will fall in love with you for yourself and demonstrate to you by his actions what a wonderful young lady you are in his eyes.

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