5 things to let him love you more

5 things to let him love you more

5 things to let him love you more

5 things to let him love you more

Whether you’re searching for a long-term partner or already have one, it’s important to have the appropriate behaviors in a marriage or other committed partnership.


Something about men is that they are not always able to define exactly what they are looking for in a woman.


When most guys were growing up, they weren’t taught how to communicate their emotions. As a result, communicating their emotional and physical demands to their spouse may be challenging at times.


There will be misunderstandings and unmet expectations, which could cause a rift between you two and may even lead to a breakup.


Thanks to my presence, you can get an insider’s perspective on male thought processes. The following are the Top 5 Habits Those Make Men Crazy About You, based on my own personal experience and that of my clients:



To get someone’s attention, make them work for it.

Although this may seem like old ground, please pay attention.


The majority of women (and men!) attempt to draw someone to them by presenting themselves as distant, but with the possibility of being attracted to you.


As a precaution against seeming desperate, these ladies may respond to messages after an arbitrary period of time (e.g., a couple of hours, a few days, etc.). The worst case scenario is that they would act as though they are overloaded with work in the hopes that it will attract more attention from men.


However, this strategy often fails.


Because it’s difficult for him to understand, he’ll ultimately pick up on the ruse. It goes without saying that this is a significant turn-off.


Making a male acquaintance is very acceptable. It’s also unnecessary to engage in pointless mental gymnastics in this day and age.


Instead, you may engage in a new kind of gaming experience — one that is based on genuine immersion.


Send him clues that you’re interested in him, and be upbeat and positive while you’re with him. According to experts, once a person realizes they desire someone, they begin to fall in love with that person.


The “playing hard to get” component is being actively engaged in something. The type of busy when you’re sitting at home, mindlessly scrolling through your social media page, isn’t this kind of busy.


In order to be successful in your other endeavors, it is preferable to be completely immersed in them. The things that make you well-rounded and happy are things like your job, social life, hobbies, and other interests.


This is a wonderful thing, even if it means you’re unavailable from time to time.


Several studies on this were conducted by Richard Wiseman, author of the book “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute.”


The individuals he had difficulty obtaining conveyed the sense that they were a rare resource, according to him. However, in order to be beautiful, they HAD to be passionate about the other person.


The topic was presented in a more balanced and appealing light as a result of this technique.


2. Make His World Go Round

You must elicit powerful feelings from your man when he is with you, to put it another way: He’ll then connect those emotions with you, which will unavoidably ignite the flame. –


Psychologists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) discovered that individuals had a tendency of transferring their emotions from one situation to another.


Why should I care about this?


For example, if you were going to work and almost collided with another vehicle, you would bring those bad feelings with you to the workplace with you. That prior, unconnected event would have a negative impact on the remainder of your morning.


This is referred to as “emotional misattribution” or “emotional leakage” by some, and it refers to the human propensity to attribute powerful emotions to the person who is closest to us, even if they had nothing to do with the event in question.


The fact that being physically stimulated may readily convert into a sexual desire is also a contributing factor. In order to keep things interesting for him, you should engage in sports or other physically demanding activities. He will then transfer his excitement to you.


3.laugh at his jokes.

As a matter of fact, this piece of advise was met with a lot of scepticism by female readers.


Take my word for it, though: this may be a game-changer in your marriage.


It is not necessary to be rolling on the floor, tears in your eyes, if his jokes fail miserably to make you feel better.


In this case, you may use a courteous laugh to let him know you don’t think he’s amusing (i.e., that you aren’t attracted to him).


You may, however, chuckle if his clever one-liners truly make your funny bone tingle. Otherwise, don’t.




According to research, humor has a significant role in attracting a man’s sexual interest. In addition to what you already know, women like men who are amusing since it is a show of intellect on their part (which is an attractive trait).


In contrast, according to recent study conducted by Westfield State College, the University of Western Ontario, and McMaster University, “men favored those who were open to their own humor, especially when it came to sexual interactions.”


As far as treating a guy’s ego with baby gloves goes, it seems to be less important…


…and has more to do with a man’s need to be acknowledged and appreciated by his spouse.




Please believe me when I say that I know lots of men who consider appreciation to be a “must-have” quality in a relationship. Being amused by his sense of humour is a positive step toward that goal.


These scripts can help you arouse a man’s infatuation instinct and you will notice a dramatic difference in how he responds.


4.Discover the power of numbers in your life.

Several studies have shown that spending time with your pals makes you seem more appealing.




Examples include studies from Tilburg University in the Netherlands as well as the University of California, both of which have shown what is known as the “cheerleader effect” in sports.


When you’re in a group, your view of yourself alters in a positive way, according to this theory.


Initially, you may believe it’s because you’ll come across as more social and welcoming. The result is that you seem more beautiful without appearing to be trying too hard to be attractive.




The situation may be seen from a different perspective as well. Consider this: humans have a tendency to group together discrete components (such as forms, objects and people) into a larger group.


To not visually concentrate too much on one item, but rather on the entire image, is a hardwired survival characteristic for most people. The consequences of this impulse may be seen in a person’s social life as well.


For practical purposes, you may use a photo of yourself with a group of pals for your social media (and online dating) profile image. It’s important to make it very obvious who you are in the photo so that you don’t get lost in the sea of faces!


Don’t forget to bring your friends along if you’re seeking to meet up with a man at a bar or a party! So take advantage of the fact that social proofing is a genuine phenomena.


5.Make an appeal to his more sensual side 

In this case, there isn’t much of a shock. If a man is interested in a woman, he will almost certainly desire to have physical contact with her.


The number of women who are weak in this area will surprise you – and may even cause you worry.


Quite a few of them take for granted the ability to win over a man with their feminine appeal.





That is not to say that I am recommending that you start acting out scenes in pornographic films in order to get a man on.


What I’m suggesting is that you should be more conscious of a guy’s hot buttons, and you should learn how to activate them.


The power of physical touch, for example, is often underestimated by females


Most guys spend their whole lives without ever experiencing the sheer joy of a validating pat on the back, a hug, or any other kind of love from another person.


While this is not something that women often face on a daily basis, it is something that they do.




Body language is a great method to arouse his senses

 whether it’s inadvertently brushing across his arm or leg or rubbing his thigh against yours….


Put your hand on his arm for a few precious seconds, if you have the chance.


Just one more thing – there’s another characteristic that I didn’t mention before, but it’s very appealing to guys, too.


Men have a unique psychological characteristic that researchers at Rutgers University have termed a “emotional tripwire,” according to their findings.


Now, after you understand how this works – and how to use it (which, by the way, is very simple), you may proceed.


As a result, your man will immediately fall into a deep state of infatuation.


As though he’s been struck by a splinter in his brain, he’ll be unable to think romantically about any other woman – except for YOU.