5 Things to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

5 Things to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

5 Things to Avoid on Your Wedding Day


The following are five things that will ruin your wedding day.

Is there anything better than a nice pow-wow with your girlfriends? The more I get older, the more I want them. When the subject of weddings came up at a recent hash session, the participants discussed what they would have done differently in their own. We were all pleased with the locations, the décor, the cuisine, and the overall choices. There wasn’t much we would alter about the situation. One woman, on the other hand, sensibly observed that she wished she had simply let go of things. She was so preoccupied with making sure that every aspect was exactly as she had envisioned it that she felt as if her wedding had been devoid of their real personality.



This is very crucial! Having high expectations for your wedding day is essential, right? Managing expectations is frequently less difficult than it seems, but when done well, I have seen that brides and grooms love the wedding planning experience even more. Expectations are usually formed based on previous weddings that we have attended as well as what we believe our friends and family would want to see from us today.

Unfortunately, having unrealistic expectations may cause a wedding to go awry. It’s difficult to traverse, therefore I’d want to offer a few of the most frequent things I notice, which you can simply identify and avoid if you know what I’m talking about. I’ll even include some of my recommendations in the future blog article.



There are five things that will cause your wedding day to go wrong.


Uncertainty about the nature of a product or service.

 Differing perspectives on how a service or product was offered vs how it was perceived may rapidly develop into a source of dissatisfaction. Because most providers adhere to industry norms, even if the terminology used is fairly conventional, a couple who has never planned a wedding may not be aware of or be aware of the need to explain certain specifics. Compromise is typically the result of a productive discussion, so bringing it up is never a bad ide

Thinking that it is all about the Bride.

This one is difficult! This is a really important day for a lot of people, and the more fun that everyone else is having, the more fun a bride enjoys. The fact that she should not be treated like royalty does not negate the fact that the princess mentality will ruin a wedding day more than anything else.



The stress of striving for excellence.


 Is there any place on our planet where anything is perfect? The good news is that if you hire a wedding planner to handle all of the problem-solving on your wedding day, you may never have to worry about it. And for the places that you do uncover: rain, a torn dress, a stomach virus that takes out your Maid of Honor… mourn (because this is true and you are entitled to feel it), and then choose to have fun.



Time management is lacking.

 This period of life is filled with travel for other weddings, job changes, house remodels or acquisitions, perhaps graduate education, and working night shifts as you work your way up the corporate hierarchy. Understanding how much time wedding preparation will take and being honest with yourself about time away from work, how you will handle travel and other social obligations, and, most importantly, how you will manage your wedding to-do list will put you in the best position for success from the start. Procrastination is exacerbated by a packed schedule, which just adds to the stress level. From there, it’s going to be difficult to live up to expectations. It’s perfectly OK to say “no” to some things in order to be able to say “yes” on your own wedding day.


There is a lack of faith. 

If you don’t put your faith in your professional wedding providers, you’re going to have a bad day. At the end of the day, going rogue just costs you time, money, and worry.

Managing expectations may be time-consuming, but I believe it is well worth the effort. Next up on the blog, I’ll be sharing with you my top tips for managing wedding day expectations in order to achieve a successful outcome.