30 Simple Ways to Maintain Romance

30 Simple Ways to Maintain Romance

30 Simple Ways to Maintain Romance

30 Simple Ways to Maintain Romance

1. Make a romantic phone call to your spouse during the day (or at night if they’re out of town) and tell them how much you want to touch his or her body, feel him or her, and so on.



2. Arrange for babysitters, dogsitters, and other necessities for a surprise vacation weekend for just the two of you. Take your spouse somewhere you believe they will like. Even in your own city, you may stay in a beautiful hotel!



3. At the airport, greet your spouse with a balloon or flower as well as a heartfelt “coming home.”



4. Place an ad in the Lost and Found with a statement like “I’ve found the love of my life with my husband, __name___.” or anything along those lines. Deliver a rose, the newspaper, and a note indicating which page to look to and where the ad is located.



5. Confirm that your spouse will be able to sleep in one weekend morning. Look after the phone, children, and pets, among other things.



6. Leave a message on your partner’s voice mail or answering machine with a portion of your favorite love song (even if it’s from when you first dated) and something along the lines of “I remember dancing with you and want to feel you in my arms.”



7. Massage your partner’s whole body or a specific area of it (if full body, create climate with candles, etc.)



8. Take a seat and reminisce about happy and romantic moments in your relationship, such as when you were dating or newlywed. Take time to savor the memories and consider how you might incorporate some of them into your everyday life.



9. Write a brief poem about your love (even if it doesn’t rhyme or you don’t believe you’ll ever be able to write poetry). Start with phrases like “Like the light of a harvest moon…” and work your way up to “Like the light of a harvest moon…” “Like water caresses the beach…,” and so on.



10. One night after supper, lip sync a love song to your spouse.

Bring your partner’s favorite sweet treat home or to work with you.



11. Before your spouse goes to bed, place a flower on his or her pillow, even if it’s one you picked from your own yard.



12. Take the day off and go somewhere with your spouse, such as an ice cream store, a lake walk, or a location to explore.



13. Arrange a “secret meeting” in your hometown, in a place where your spouse is on business, or elsewhere.



14. When you’re out of town, send your spouse a letter telling him or her you were thinking of them and that you love them. It makes no difference whether you get home before the postcard.

Marriage and love letters



15. As though you were just falling in love with this person, write a love letter to them. Things that have always attracted you, your partner’s qualities, what he or she does for the marriage or family that you value, how your spouse sometimes brings out the best in you, why you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her — or anything else that comes to mind!



16. Tell your spouse that instead of watching TV (or working, or fussing with the kids, or whatever), you just want to be with them tonight to chat, cuddle, play a game, or whatever he or she has in mind.



17. After dinner, take a stroll together, holding hands and recalling happy or amusing memories.

Using lipstick or shaving cream, write “I love You!” on the bathroom mirror.



18. Showering in a together.


19. Use whipped cream and chocolate syrup to paint a heart or other object on your partner’s body or body part, then suck it off gently while screaming 



20. Tell your spouse one of the things you like about him or her before going to bed or before leaving in the morning (quality, physical characteristic, behavior).



20. Agree to meet at a social event or public location and behave as if you’ve never met before—-flirt, make ‘eyes’ at each other or other motions from across the room, brush against each other as you pass by, etc.



22. Go for a swim, a hot tub, or a beach skinny dipping session.



23. Take a Porsche or a convertible for a test drive with the top down and pretend you’re seeing each other against your parents’ prohibition. Please be cautious when driving! You must pull over if you want to kiss!!!



24. Have your bed turned down, a hot bath ready with flower petals floating in it, and candles waiting when your spouse returns late at night (after a conference, etc.).



25. Rent a movie you know your husband will like or has enjoyed in the past, prepare popcorn, and spend the evening together as if you were teens.



26. Throw your own’slumber party’ for you and your partner.
On the beach, a homosexual couple in love


27. Go for a drive to the beach (or stay the night) and take long beach walks holding hands.



28. If you have to go out of town for work, add an additional day to your itinerary and ask your spouse to accompany you for all or part of your vacation.



29. Dress your spouse as if it were the first time, carefully and gently caressing their body.



30. Throughout the evening, make attractive remarks to your spouse.



31. Put on one of your or your partner’s favorite slow songs — perhaps the song from your wedding — after dinner or after the kids have gone to bed, grab her or him by the hand and slow dance, savoring the sensation and the memories.



32. Tell your lover or spouse how ‘hot’ they are in a text message. You might mention something about your spouse that gets you on or one of your favorite things to do while making love.



33. Use your imagination—-you’ve just fallen in love with someone (again! ), so come up with new methods to express it, be together, and so on.

You must understand how to maintain the house in the condition you want it to be in order to keep the romance alive in your marriage. One of the biggest issues with marriage is the issue of maintenance; it is simpler to start a marriage than to keep it going, and the point of maintenance is when the relationship is at its weakest.



Many individuals fail, therefore you must learn to maintain your marriage and be deliberate about it. You must go all out to create a wonderful marriage by caring for it as a good farmer does for his fruitful plants.


“Whoever keeps the fig tree shall enjoy its fruit, and whoever waits on his master will be honored.” (KJV Proverbs 27:18)

Many factors must be considered in order to keep your marriage strong. The following tools are required for maintenance:


1.Patience . You must exercise patience. If you want your marriage to be strong and stable.

2. The ability to forgive. Because you and your spouse will offend each other in some manner throughout your life’s journey, forgiveness may also help you maintain your marriage.

3. Say a prayer. Prayer is also necessary; pray for your marriage to be protected, defended, and rebuilt.

4. Spending time together. Spend time together; you can’t develop a marriage if you don’t spend time together to connect and jell. Doing so will be a wonderful gift to your marriage.

5. Be respectful. Learn to respect and honour one another, to boost each other’s self-esteem by treating each other with great respect, regardless of what happens.

6.Selflessness. Be less self-centered in your thinking, attitude, habit, and everything you do; marriage is about both of you, not just one of you. Marriage is about us, not about me.

7. Accountability. At home, be completely accountable; perform your job as a man or woman, and be responsible; this is what it takes to keep a marriage together.

8. Honesty. Be honest with your spouse and don’t cheat on each other, whether it’s about money or sex. This will help you develop trust.


9. Be unpredictably creative

Shock him, amaze him, make arrangements for the evening, or organize a full-fledged date on your own. Never be too predictable and always surprise him.

10. Refuse to alter your personality.

Maintain your authenticity as the person you are. Don’t keep changing your personality because you think he doesn’t like it. Stick to your comfort zone while being innovative.

11. Take control of your bedtime routine.

Your man may like being in charge in bed, but when you dominate him and flaunt your confidence, he can’t help but be awestruck by your sensuality and confidence. [Learn how to dress for sex here]

12. Smell fantastic all of the time

Always smell wonderful while you’re with him, but avoid overpowering delicate scents with overly sweet perfumes. Maintain a pleasant odor at all times, and give particular attention to personal cleanliness and body odor.

13. Astound his pals

Men are competitive by nature. He’ll cling to you and want to stay with you as long as he believes you’re the finest lady in his social group. Make his buddies believe you’re a wonderful lady who’s done a great job by aweing them.

14. Master the art of seducing him

Seduction does not end in the bedroom. Be sultry in his presence and inventive everywhere you go. 


15. Demonstrate genuine interest in his interests.

A man would like a lady who is interested in his particular interests, whether it’s playing Xbox or mountain climbing. Men want to spend the rest of their life with a lady who really knows and connects with them.

16. Avoid becoming a drama queen.

If your man disrespects you, it’s OK to throw a tantrum now and again. But, whatever you do, don’t exaggerate or exaggerate a circumstance simply to make a point. Even the greatest drama queens may be seen through by guys.

17. Be a shoulder for him to rely on.

When he’s down on his luck, give him your strength and encouragement. Reassure him and encourage him to confide in you about his difficulties. When he’s down, be his confidante and warm pillow, and he’ll treat you like a goddess. 

18. Play with his arm sweets

When you’re both together, you’ll look great in his arms. He’ll never want you to leave his arms if you get a new haircut every now and then, appear trendy and elegant, and he’ll never want you to leave his arms.

19. Be financially stable and self-sufficient.

Have a stable work and be in charge of your money. Guys like a woman who has a strong head on her shoulders. At the same time, they keep a safe distance from spendthrifts!

20. Engage in intellectual discussions

When he’s out on the town, a man wants arm candy, but he also wants a girlfriend who can connect with him and have intellectual discussions with him at the end of the day. 

21. Win his family’s approval

Guys are devoted to their families, and a few are even devoted to their mothers. Make his relatives and friends believe you’re a hot commodity, and he’ll fall in love with you even more.

22. Assist him in coping with life

Men may act as though they are the world’s saviors. They’re still young boys on the inside, needing a cuddle and an embrace again and then. Assist your guy in dealing with the problems that life throws to him.

23. Display love in public – but only in moderation!

Even though your guy dislikes PDA, he still enjoys it when you cling to his arms like a damsel in distress. It gives him a sense of strength and sexiness! [Read: 15 Ways to Save Your Relationship Through Public Displays of Affection]

24. Embarrass his ego

Learn to massage your guy’s ego if you want to keep him engaged and pleased. When he’s proud of anything, compliment his accomplishments and offer him a pat on the back. If you make him feel like a guy, he’ll stick with you.

25. Be both self-reliant and reliant

Confused? When you’re with him, be reliant. When you’re alone, be self-sufficient. When you’re around, it’ll help him feel more manly, without making him feel needy when he’s out doing something else.

26. Be cheerful and engaging.

Make your life exciting and innovative. Look for the positive side of things, even on the most ordinary of days. When you’re an optimist, your contagious joy will inevitably rub off on him.

27. Don’t put him in a bad mood by making him feel uneasy.

Flirt with others and strike up conversations with guys, but never at the expense of his insecurities. Hug him tight while he’s nearby, and he’ll fill with love for you.

28. Do not make yourself readily accessible at all times.

Spend time with him, but don’t expect him to come to you at his whim. Make him miss you while you’re not there by being there for him. [Learn how to make him miss you by reading this article]

29. Be feisty and clever.

Don’t make a fool of yourself by asking dumb questions. Guys may enjoy a stupid bimbette at first, but they aren’t seeking for a long-term relationship.

30. Don’t be needy or clinging.

Guys who want to assist a damsel in distress. When the infatuation phase is finished, though, this ceases. Demonstrate your independence, and he’ll go out of his way to assist and satisfy you.

31. Experiment with your sexuality.

Know what you’re doing in bed and elsewhere. Have sex in various locations, role play with him, prepare something special in an apron and nothing else, bind his wrists to the bedpost… Don’t you see where I’m going with this?

32. Be an excellent chef, and if you aren’t already, learn to be one!

Whatever others may say, the saying “the road to a man’s heart is via his stomach” remains true.

33. Develop the ability to think like a man.

Guys and females do not always share the same thoughts. Learn to think like him, and his eyes would fill up with joyful tears at the thought of having such a wonderful woman’s affection.

34. Never give in to peer pressure.

Don’t be the obedient wife. To win his respect and affection, you don’t have to sit at his feet. Instead, be assertive and toss him about when he puts his weight on you.

When he behaves like a kid, put him in his place.
When he misbehaves, treat him like a spoiled kid. Ignore his infantile conduct or chastise him when he acts shabbily. When he misbehaves, be unexpected and nasty, and he will both fear and respect you.

35. Show him how pleased you are of him.

Guys may seem superficial at first glance, but they still desire a woman they can admire and respect. Be a high achiever and a role model for him.