3 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Don’t Have to Think About

3 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Don't Have to Think About

3 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Don’t Have to Think About

3 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Don’t Have to Think About

Cleaning the home is a natural and moment January activity: you’re bursting with that fresh-start enthusiasm and eager to declutter your closets, organize our cleaning supplies, and do a variety of other chores around the house. The most effective strategy to get the most return on our efforts is to concentrate our efforts on the things that have the greatest impact — and to cross some chores off your list.



Here are three housekeeping jobs that may be put off until the new season arrives.




The Bed

When it comes to mattress refreshment, doing it when your bed is draped in soft, cuddly flannel sheets and heaped high with down comforters and warm blankets isn’t the greatest idea. Instead, you should wait until the weather begins to warm up before changing your bedding. It should be done as follows: wash everything, including the pillows and comforters, vacuum and spot clean your mattress, rotate your mattress, and make your bed with new, season-appropriate bedding.





Window .

Cleaning curtains or dusting blinds when the home is still closed up against bad weather and family members are spending a lot of time inside is not only difficult, but it may also trigger allergy responses in those who are sensitive to dust and other allergens. Clean your curtains, blinds, windows, and window tracks when the temperature is a little warmer rather than when it is cold. You’ll be able to open windows to let the fresh air in as you clean, and you’ll be able to clean the exterior of your home at the same time without becoming chilled.






Ceiling Fans 

If you do this on a regular basis, congratulations! Don’t make a single alteration. However, if this is a cleaning chore that you do on an irregular basis in your home, you should wait until the weather warms up. Not only is it preferable to avoid stirring up dust at a time of year when fresh breezes aren’t cleaning your inside air, but it’s also better to wait until the weather shifts and you can reverse the direction of your blades.

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