21 Sex Moves That Will Definitely Drive Him Crazy

21 Sex Moves That Will Definitely Drive Him Crazy

21 Sex Moves That Will Definitely Drive Him Crazy

21 Sex Moves That Will Definitely Drive Him Crazy

When it comes to positions, men, who many women have been told would rather have sex than breathe oxygen, do have preferences. And, believe it or not, many people prefer quality to quantity. You still don’t trust us? These guys stepped forward to share their favorite sex movements, and the majority of them were a lot more gentle than you would think.



1.When you take things slowly.

“I like to take things slowly, with a lot of vocal communication on both sides. Kissing and petting in large quantities. Excessive sucking on various areas of the body, slow tongue motions over various parts of the body, and so on. Sucking usually follows the licking, although a few early sucks never harmed anybody.” — Michael F., a 25-year-old San Diego resident



2. When both of you are lying on your sides.

“I enjoy it best when we’re on our sides, facing one other, since it’s intimate while still allowing us to be forceful. We may gaze at each other while f*cking, but we also have control over the pace and intensity of my thrusting from this position. My partner claims that sideways sex hits her clit in the correct manner, and it also helps because she comes in a lot faster this way.” — Brooklyn, New York, resident James P., 35



3.When you say yes to number 69.

“69 may be fantastic — but only if you’re of similar height. When I’m down on her at the same time, my wife appears to be less self-conscious about receiving oral, so she lets free and reciprocates by deep throating and sucking harder at my penis. Overall, it’s a victory.” – 41-year-old Tom F.

“When you’re lying down on the ground “I enjoy it when my partner is submissive, therefore the move that always gets me is her laying flat on her stomach with me on top of her from behind. Because I can wrap my hands over her breasts or massage her clit, it seems more personal than doggie. I also like being able to wrap my arms over hers and keep her hands down. In this position, it always seems like my penis is as deep inside of her as possible.” — Stefan, Hawthorne, New Jersey (31 years old)




4. When you’re in the mood for some good old missionary

 “This is going to make me sound cheesy, but there’s nothing like good, old-fashioned missionary sex from time to time. I can slip my hands under my wife’s ass and feel as if I had her whole body in my hands, and I have full control over the pace and rhythm. When we’re having sex, I believe a lot of women misunderstand how much certain males want to kiss them and brush up against their breasts and bodies — and missionary is personal enough to enable that.” —Thomas K., a 33-year-old Pittsburgh resident.

5.When you sit on his face.

“My girlfriend is unrestrained in the bedroom, and one of the things that drives me mad is when she comes up to me on the sofa, lifts up her nightgown, and forces me to start licking her instead of asking for oral sex or dropping hints. She isn’t really ‘forcing’ me to do it since I like it, but you get the idea.” — Hudson Valley, NY resident Jeff J., 37


6. When you’re having sex in front of a mirror

 “My wife realized one night that if she climbed on top of me and rode me around our den sofa, we could both see her ass bouncing on me via the TV screen reflection behind her. It was scorching hot. It’s as though you’re viewing your own pornography. It was even better that she proposed it and that she wanted to turn around and see it.” — Greg P., Los Angeles, 38

7.When you tell him a tale.

“It doesn’t matter what position we’re in because all positions have advantages and disadvantages (mostly advantages! ), but I have to stop myself from having an orgasm in seconds when my girlfriend starts telling me about this fantasy she has where she comes home and finds her best friend giving me a blowjob and then joins in. She explains every aspect while looking me in the eyes, which just makes me want to push harder or do whatever it takes to get her to come. It took her a long time to include her buddy in the dream (she used to leave out the person’s name), but I reminded her that men are visual, and rather than being frightened, she went through with it. That makes her and the sex much more enticing.” — Raleigh, North Carolina resident Justin R., 29


8. When you’re doing a blowout.

“Aside from teeth and biting, there isn’t such a thing as a poor blow job. However, an incredibly good blow job entails a lady staring at me and attempting to converse with me while she’s doing it.” — Shane C., a 29-year-old Queens resident


9. When you pay special attention to his balls.

“I like it when ladies go out of their way to softly play with my balls when they’re going down on me or even while we’re having sex. It’s a delicate subject, and when handled well, it can really get me going.” — Max H., a 28-year-old New Jersey resident


10.When both of your legs are kept together.

“My favorite position is when my girlfriend is lying on her stomach on the bed, her legs crossed, and I approach her from behind. She feels very constricted, and I believe it is a wonderful fit for her. It’s also convenient because I can touch her clit and breasts from all sides.” — Denis L., a 31-year-old Toronto resident.


11. When you recall his particular turn-ons

 “I told a lady I’d been hooking up with that she drove me insane when she wore strappy heels. She caught up on the fact that it was something I was interested in right away. The second time we were in bed, she wrapped her legs around me in such a manner that the arches of her soles were pushed against my hips/butt, practically pulling me into her, and I could feel her toes clenching as she was near to climax… My body temperature has now risen 5 degrees as a result of thinking about it.”


12. When you’ve cleaned up your act — as a group.

“Morning sex in the shower is such a wonderful way to start the day — my wife will occasionally surprise me with a reach-around, or we’ll schedule time for the whole experience. It puts me in a better mood on days when I know I’ll have lengthy, tedious meetings, and it makes Mondays a little less painful!” — Benjamin B., a 34-year-old St. Louis resident



13. When you bite his ear in the middle of an orgasm

 “When she was ready to have an orgasm, she would bring my head close to her and speak in my ear, then bite or suck on my earlobe while it was occurring. It was sweltering outside.”


When you tell him what you enjoy, he’ll be surprised.
“Most men have ‘things,’ but nearly all of us have an insatiable need to please – if we know you’re into it, we’re into it, too. When I casually/sarcastically remarked to a lady that people glancing at their phones during conversation made me want to strangle them, she instantly took out her phone and said, ‘Promises, promises.'” — Chicago, Illinois resident Greg O., 34

14.When you’re a little tangled up.” 

When her wrists are cuffed or tied in front of her, I like to shove one arm over her head while the other grabs the small of her back. It allows us to have more skin contact, provides me more leverage, and allows us to both groan into one other’s ears.”

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Sexual Pleasure

16. Alter your posture for a variety of stimulation options.

You’ll feel a little tighter in certain situations, which is good for him. He’ll be able to delve further into some of them. In certain cases, he’ll have a better sense of other aspects of you (which he may really like). If you need to be in one position to climax for your personal enjoyment, that’s ok! Simply begin in a different location and subsequently swap. (The Sock Monkey Kama Sutra is funny if you want a non-X-rated book on various postures.) It’ll make you chuckle, too. It’s just sock monkeys, after all). Here are two specific jobs that may be very beneficial:

17. Raise your legs.

Being able to push in as deeply as possible is one of the most wonderful aspects about being a man. If you place your legs up on his shoulders while in the missionary position, you may offer him a lot more thrusting power. (Please take a moment to relax.) Don’t do it if it hurts.) If he’s kneeling, you may just put your legs up over his waist for a similar look that’s perhaps simpler to maintain (keeping your legs up that high for that long can sometimes make them fall asleep).

18. Climb on top of your spouse to relieve some of the tension.

I’m not referring about relieving physical strain. I’m referring about relieving mental strain. You have greater control when you are the boss. He’s the one who moves in different positions, so he’s probably thinking about how he can help you feel better. You have the most of the power in this position, so you may focus on pleasing him while he concentrates on pleasing you. He’ll be able to relax and take it all in. (He can also do more creative things with his hands.)

19. Press down on him.

He’ll adore this! Do you know what a Kegel exercise is and how to do it? You may learn how to manage your vaginal muscles by squeezing them there. If you’re not familiar with those muscles, they’re the same ones you’d employ to stop pee from flowing. You may repeat the exercises on a regular basis, such as every time you come to a stop sign. Anyway, if you can learn to utilize those muscles, start squeezing him within you rhythmically as he becomes too aroused and near to climax. It’ll be the cherry on top for him!

20. Gently squeeze each of his testicles

When your hands are free and you can reach things better (like when you’re on top), gently squeeze his testicles. This one requires caution, and it may or may not appeal to your partner, but many men like it. You’ll have to ask him to teach you, and the amount of pressure he prefers will depend on how near he is to climax. However, you should inquire about him.

21. Snack on something fast

Here’s one more to relieve the stress! Have sex every now and then simply to see how quickly he can satisfy himself. What advantages do you have? He’s free to just enjoy your company. And YOU will realize just how strong you are.

22. Take it slowly and deliberately to avoid being too engrossed in the moment.

But if you really want to have a good time, make it last as long as possible. This is the most effective method. Consider your man going through three phases when making love: getting started, becoming extremely aroused, and then shifting to nearly climax. Find out how to recognize each of the three phases. Stop making love and alter positions or slow things down when he’s nearly done transitioning. There are a few of options here: Stop him in his tracks. If you force him to quit, he’ll probably weep. Now, inquire as to what he want to accomplish. 


For him, it will be very aggravating. Then, when you believe he’s had enough, allow him to move once more. Repetition is encouraged! Continue to go forward. You may even inform him that he is not allowed to move while you do. Work things out such that you like them but he doesn’t. You may then let him to roam about for a while. Change places. Stop, take a break, and change positions when he seems too eager. This reduces the intensity of the initial stimulus and lengthens the duration of the experience. It’s more more intense when you stretch things out and then when he finally climaxes.


23. Speak softly to him.

Try to engage as many senses as possible when having sex. Take use of your senses. Speak softly to him (whispering is really sexy). Tell him what you like about what he’s doing in particular. Don’t forget to refer to him by his given name! Hearing his own name from you while he’s having a great time is even more seductive since it’s so intimate.

24. Turn on the lights–or put on a performance!

Don’t forget to let him see you while we’re talking about senses! Begin by donning a provocative and frilly outfit. Alternatively, leave the lights on so he can see you make love as he watches you.

When you’ve reached climax, let him see your face.

Last but not least, the most stressful. Physically, it isn’t taxing. It’s very intimate, which brings us closer emotionally, resulting in more passionate making love sessions. When you’re climaxing, let him see your face. Examine his eyes as well. We feel so close when we release the “bonding” hormone oxytocin when we make love.


 It’s nearly like imprinting with geese when you can gaze directly at him at that time. You know how newborn geese believe their mother is the first thing they see moving? What we’re more attracted to is the thing we see when we make love. So make your face visible to him. It’s very vulnerable, to the point of being uncomfortable. It does, however, bring you closer together. So there you have it: ten ways to make your spouse happy in bed. I hope they’re helpful, and I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And if you’ve been trying to build up the urge to concentrate more on his pleasure since sex has mainly been about you, check out my article on the subject here!

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