200+ Would You Rather Questions

200+ Would You Rather Questions

200+ Would You Rather Questions

200+ Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather?
“Would You Rather?” questions pepper this article. Some of these questions are designed to start discussions, others to close them.

I divided the questions into six groups:

Use them to lighten the mood or break the ice.
Get to know each other or get into the proper atmosphere.
Long-Term Couples: This is a good time to address issues or transition into whatever you want.
For a casual talk, they are perfect. Useful in many situations.
These are for friends and people who like esoteric talks, wish to laugh, ponder, and be a bit strange. Unpredictability may be appealing to some, but unsettling to others.
Slightly Uncomfortable and Gross: For discussing unpleasant situations. Your 12-year-old cousin’s questions. Not suitable for dating. To get out of a date quickly, use these.


These “would you rather” questions are for dating and romantic situations. These may be used to assist guide talks or schedule dates.

The questions are aimed to engage and establish the tone. The questions should help you find your mate. They may be utilized for long-term relationships or new relationships.

How can I define flirtatious? You’re acting in a way to attempt to attract and appeal to someone. You want to be passionate, intimate, personable, and captivating.

Tempting Questions

Would you rather meet at a coffee shop or a museum?
Would you prefer a hug or a kiss?
Would you choose salsa or waltz lessons?
Would you prefer date to create pottery or paint a canvas?
Would you prefer stargaze or wander along the beach collecting seashells?
Would you rather grasp my hand or my arm?
Would you prefer I maintain or remove my beard?
Do you rather I surprise you with a vacation or arrange it with you?
Would you prefer chocolates or flowers?
Do you prefer a weekend getaway at a B&B or a camping trip?
Would you prefer I wore red or black?
Do you like large jewelry or something more subtle?
Would you prefer I call or text?
Would you prefer a morning or evening date?
Would you prefer handcuffs or blindfolds?
Rather I wear cologne or not?
Do you prefer I wear perfume or not?
Would you prefer be in a hot tub or a pool?
Would you rather eat chocolate-covered strawberries or cheesecake?
Do you prefer an intimate or grand wedding?
Would you like a romantic candlelight supper or a spectacular dessert?
Would you prefer love notes or chocolates?
Would you rather attend to a symphony or a baseball game?
Would you prefer I pay or we divide the check?
Would you rather someone propose in public or in private?
Do you like to sit on the sofa or go for a walk?
a lavish supper at a 5-star restaurant or a professional chef prepare for you and your companion at home?
Do you prefer a love tarot or palm reading?
a date to a company Christmas party or a wedding
Do you rather I call you sweetie or honey?
Do you prefer Twister or bottle spin?
Would you prefer kiss beneath the mistletoe or at midnight?
Would you rather I call you sweetie or anything else?
Do you prefer a winery or the bacon of the month club?
Do you prefer a poem or a serenade?

A mash

The mixed bag questions are helpful when you’re unsure where to go next. Maybe you’re on a lengthy road trip, or in a long queue at an amusement park. These questions are random and mainly friendly. They’re meant to spark a discussion or help you see things differently.

These questions are perfect for staying up late or distracting others during a board game.

Talk Starters

Which would you choose, the coldest or the hottest?
Would you rather be held in a jail cell for 24 hours or dance for 24 hours?
Do you like penguins or otters?
Do you prefer a clown shop or a spider closet?
Do you prefer the Moon or Mars?
Which do you prefer, fruity or chocolate?
Do you prefer Math or Art?
Which do you prefer, fried butter or scorpion?
Would you rather visit a spooky New Orleans home or a Welsh castle?
Which do you prefer, a stockbroker or a doctor?
Bounty or skydive?



Would you rather go on a beach vacation in Mexico or ski in the Alps?
Do you want to dig for dinosaurs or find a planet?
Disney World or Universal Studios?
Do you prefer a week at your grandmother’s or an afternoon at the DMV?
Would you prefer have long hair or shaved brows?
Which would you rather be, a dragon or a unicorn?
So, tame an animal of your choice.
You like Joe Exotic or Trump?
Do you like Betty White or Elizabeth?
Do you like to make a huge cake or construct a huge Lego tower?
Do you prefer a baseball game with centaurs or an elf ballet?
How about a workout using classic Richard Simmons videos?
Which would you rather teach: how to operate an iPhone or how to secure a second mortgage?
Would you prefer speak to a deceased person or cast a love spell?
Would you rather rock in the world’s biggest rocking chair or enjoy ice cream with the world’s largest spoon?



Which would you prefer: a chaotic Japanese game show or the Amazing Race?
Which do you prefer, Jerry Springer or Maury?
Do you prefer a bouncy house or an escape room?
Would you rather have a wax figure made of you at Madame Tussauds in London or have an old sculpture made of you?
Would you prefer be in a Studio Ghibli or Pixar film?
Would you rather ride a horse down the West Coast or a hot air balloon across the world?
Do you like the Wild West or Victorian England?
Would you rather hold a note while singing or a squat posture for three minutes?
Would you rather be a pumpkin or an anthropomorphic teapot at midnight?

Random, Strange, and a Little Funny

These questions are odd. If you ask these, you may get odd looks. The questions may spark lively conversation or halt it.

Yes, some of these could be great pick up lines. You may be sprayed with someone’s drink, or someone might sneak away from you.

Attention, questioners: the next round of questions isn’t for everyone. Before you ask these questions, consider the other person. (True, many are amusing.)

Strange Questions

How about a laser-eyed cat or a flying dog?
Would you rather be able to go to the planet’s core unharmed or shrink to ant size?
Would you prefer carrot ears or corn hands?
Would you rather be a teleporting leprechaun or a gargoyle who sleeps during the day and fights crime at night?



Or sour hot soup for a month, with no other food?
Would you rather relive a day from your youth or your college years?
Or a scientist who discovers a cure for something trivial like ear hair growth, or an inventor of a pointless item such as a banana cutter?
Would you rather eat paper for a year or wear braces for a year?
Which would you rather be, a dragon’s fireball or Thor’s hammer’s lightning bolt?
Would you rather be purple or green for the rest of your life?
Would you rather smell or hear numbers?
Would you rather wear a hat or rain boots every day?
Would you rather have a long title that you have to announce every time you enter or be ignored for the first 30 minutes of a party?



Which do you prefer, a plaid cat that floats or a flowery dog who walks through walls?
Or an eternal genie who must grant wishes forever?
Would you rather only eat flowers or pumpkins for a year?
Rather talk in the first person or conclude sentences with trumpet noises?
So, do you want to be a rainbow and sprinkling Skittles on people, or a train in a child’s hand?
Prefer a pedicure or a dentist for bad breath or toe fungus?
Would you rather get lost in a scary corn maze or a mirror maze?
Or spend a year in a lucid dream?



Preferably the president or a racecar driver?
A skunk or a porcupine ride in an inflatable gondola?
Or a magical flute that grants wishes, or a fruit tree that reveals all knowledge of good and evil?
Would you rather work with Mozart or Beethoven on a film score?
Would you rather be a world-renowned Tetris or kazoo player?
Preferably a bird or a fish?
Which would you rather be stuck in Times Square on NYE or Montana for a week?
Would you rather form a basketball-playing turtle or a baseball-playing deer league?
Do you prefer ostriches or monkeys?
Preferably with demons in hell or with angels in heaven?
Which would you rather teach: quantum mechanics to fifth graders or the baby shark song to the president’s cabinet?
Which would you rather go to the doctor for: inhaling sprinkles or handcuffing yourself to handcuffs?
Prefer a giant burrito with windows or a giant pizza with doors?
Would you rather believe in Santa Claus all your life and be disappointed when he doesn’t appear every year or have to make up a conspiracy theory every time JFK is mentioned?

Uncomfortable and yucky

Unless you’re desperate for repellent, don’t ask these questions. These are disgusting. They’re questions you’d ask a non-squeamish pal. These questions come from a 12-year-old boy’s mind.

These questions are meant to cause discomfort. Some are gross, some are bold.


Would you rather have splinters or boogers?
Do you prefer an outhouse or a sewer?
Rather fart or burp at the end of a sentence.
Would you rather save your nail clippings or your used contact lenses for heaven?
Do you prefer BBQ or coleslaw before a date?
Do you want mucus or bile from your hands?
Would you rather be a salted slug or a tarantula with no legs?
Would you rather moan or sneeze every time you blink?
Would you rather smell like a skunk while exercising or a pig while sitting still?
Which would you rather explain to your grandmother, she can’t drive anymore, or your five-year-old, Santa isn’t real?



Do you prefer a six-hour opera or a cavity filling?
Would you rather miss 30 minutes of work or an hour of peeing?
Would you rather be late for an interview or a plane?
Do you prefer someone who stinks or eats too loudly?
Would you rather sleep during the day and eat only one 300 calorie meal at night?
Which would you rather have: a broken glass heirloom or the flu?
Which would you prefer, a wet floor or scrambled eggs with eggshells?
How about thumbtacks or a whoopie cushion? What about teaching?
Rather tell your daughter she can’t date someone or your son he can’t join a sports team?
Do you prefer a broken dishwasher or a faulty washing machine?
Do you prefer a bad date or a bad interview?




Would you rather paint your mom’s wedding dress or crash your dad’s car?
Do you prefer a root canal or a nose job?
Do you prefer a late or early pick-up?
Would you rather eat rocks or bologna sandwiches through your nose for a year?
Which do you prefer, bedbugs or spiders?
Do you prefer a date at a gas station or a postal office?
Preferably a clown car, not your house painted in magenta and lime green.
Would you rather spend the next five years researching maggot mating cycles or earwax and its genetic traits?



Would you rather chant magical incantations when someone mentions life insurance or break into song and dance when someone mentions apples?
Would you rather crawl up or squat every time you took an elevator?
Would you rather drive an ice cream truck to work or park a spaceship outside your office?
Which stings more, a bee or a jellyfish?
If an airport loses your luggage, would you rather ride in a golf cart?
Would you rather skip a year of exercise or eat only dessert?
Would you rather have a talking freckle or an eyeball that changes colors?
Would you rather stain sheets or vomit in someone’s kitchen sink?
Do you prefer a date in soiled clothes or barefoot?
How about a smoothie your 12-year-old son made with pickles and turkey, or letting your 6-year-old daughter do your makeup for an interview?




Rather have one hand taped to your shoulder or both legs tied together?
Would you rather live in a bathroom for the rest of your life or never be allowed in one?
Would you rather never use a fridge or never use a knife to cut food?
Would you rather be lost in a world of cheese or one of corn?
How about roadkill or a decade-old hamburger?
Do you prefer a broken toilet or a broken garbage disposal?
licking the carpet or a frozen pole?



Do you want to forego showering/bathing or brushing your teeth for a year?
Would you rather have walrus farts or skunk stench?
Which do you prefer, flaky skin or fungus toes?
Which would you rather write about: Benjamin Franklin’s scandalous affairs or biblical characters’ hygiene habits?

Couples that have been together for long

You’ve been together a long time. You’ve divided duties, but maybe you want to divide them even more. You want a spark in your relationship, but not a huge blaze. You want to grow old together, not sound like a young, inexperienced couple.

We’re Dedicated Questions

Do you like the dishes or the laundry?
Would you prefer vacuum or mop?
Would you rather try one of our favorite eateries or something new?
Do you want to save money this weekend or go on a date?
Do you prefer eating at home or going out?
Would you rather solve a puzzle or play a game?
Would you rather purchase a massage chair or a sophisticated shower head with settings?
Do you prefer chocolate or cookies at home?
Do you want to go out tonight or stay in tonight?
Would you rather start a garden or remodel a room?
Would you rather have kids or not?



A lengthy bubble bath or more sleep?
Do you want me to bake you cookies or prepare you breakfast in bed?
Would you rather go apple picking or to a corn maze?
Would you rather give clothing or old dishes?
Do you want to grasp my hand or kiss my cheek?
Do you like to stay up late or go to bed early?
Would you want a large shower or more bathroom space?
Do you prefer tacos or pizza on a date?
Which do you prefer, a backyard or a park?


Would you prefer we save money for a trip or a kitchen remodel?
Would you prefer spend Christmas in Disney World or with our extended family?
Would you rather attend a culinary lesson or a pottery class together?
Would you rather ride bikes or go rock climbing?
Do you want me to kiss you in the morning or at night?
Would you rather clean toilets or take out the trash?
Or ice cream late at night?



Would you rather host Thanksgiving or go to someone’s?
Which do you prefer: Scrabble or Catan?
Do you prefer to mow the grass or water the plants?
Would you prefer a wine or cheese tasting?
Do you want to be more flexible or stronger?
Would you prefer be in a cute or seductive costume?
Do you prefer a puppy or a kitten?
Would you prefer learn to play the piano or the guitar?


A buddy is a relatable person. It’s a friend with whom you share interests. You show up for each other, laugh at the same things, and share interests.

Any of these people may be your buddy. Friends desire to be in sync. They want good vibes.

Avoid seductive inquiries if you don’t want to make things uncomfortable. When in a discussion, know the difference between suitable and improper questions.

Friend synonyms include chum, sidekick, ally, confidante, amigo, companion, homegirl, comrade, supporter, and bro.



Friendly Query

Do you prefer Paris or London?
Do you prefer sushi or tacos?
How about a mashup of both
Do you prefer baseball or football?
Which singer would you rather meet?
Do you like pie or cake?
Do you prefer a dog or a cat?
Do you prefer Oregon or New York?
Do you prefer beer or coffee?
Do you like Fridays or Mondays?
Are you an early riser or a night owl?
Do you like chicken or fish?
Do you prefer heels or flats?
Do you prefer to ice skate or rollerblade?
Do you like dawn or sunset?



Do you prefer the Grand Canyon or a Broadway show?
Would you prefer spring or autumn forever?
Do you like summer or winter?
Do you prefer learning an instrument or a new language?
Would you prefer go to a new destination or revisit a favorite?
Do you like romantic comedies or thrillers?
Which do you prefer?



Preferably a voice in Disney animated films or an actor in Marvel films?
Play Guitar Hero or Super Smash Bros.
Do you prefer Hulu or Netflix?
Do you like sports or sitcoms?
Dolly Parton or Cher?
You like David Bowie or Prince?
Do you prefer podcasts or music?
Do you like Halloween or Christmas movies?
Watch the Olympics or Miss America?
Do you prefer Japan or Ireland?
Do you prefer painting or wallpapering?
Do you prefer the hardware shop or the garden center?
Do you prefer a picnic or a movie?