17 Things Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

17 Things Emotionally Strong People Don't Do

17 Things Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

17 Things Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

We all have a tale to tell about our lives, and everyone of us has a story to tell about ourselves. It is possible to have a billion or a billions of tales, and no two are same. The time has come to alter the narrative of your life if it has been dominated by more unhappy than joyful times. The greatest place to begin is by gaining emotional strength.



Create the life you desire by taking control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Learning how to be emotionally strong is a critical ability that will assist you in reaching your goals. That said, emotional strength is similar to a muscle in that it becomes stronger with repeated exercise.

You will automatically behave stronger than before after you have convinced yourself that you are emotionally powerful. This will allow you to gain more control over your emotional impulses. –Senora Roy, in her own words.



It is discussed in this article how to be emotionally resilient. Listed below are 17 things that individuals who have emotional strength avoid doing. Take what you’ve learned from these experiences and use it to start building the life you’ve always wanted for yourself!




1. They don’t scream or cry for help.

Because emotional strength implies confidence, persons who are self-assured do not need continual attention to maintain their self-esteem. If required, they are able to share the spotlight with others since they are confident in themselves. They don’t need the approval of others since they are confident in their own skin.




The second characteristic is that they do not allow others to bring them down.

The haters and the skeptics have no effect on those who have emotional strength. They pick out negative individuals and instead surround themselves with people that are supportive and uplifting to them.


While this is true, it does not rule out the possibility of them experiencing bad feelings when someone is unkind to them. Their ability to hold unpleasant ideas with love and compassion, work through the suffering, and move on is all that they need.






Third, they never lose faith in their own ability.

“I find it difficult to imagine that there are any heights that can’t be conquered by a guy who understands the keys of making dreams come true.” In my opinion the four C’s of this specific secret may be stated in one word: Confidence. Curiosity, confidence, bravery, and consistency are the characteristics that distinguish them, with confidence being the most important of them all. When you believe in anything, you should believe in it wholeheartedly, fully, and unquestioningly. Walt Disney is credited with inventing the phrase.

Preserve these great words from Walt Disney in your mind since believing is the most important trait of emotional fortitude. Whenever you approach your job from a position of self-assurance, each setback becomes a learning experience that helps you to move forward toward a more promising future.



4.It is not a fear of love that they have.

According to the Buddha, “Love is the transformative and improving energy that enhances the Soul of the World.” The novelist Paulo Coelho says:

The experience of grief does not deter those who have emotional strength; rather, it helps them to become even stronger. Just because you’ve been wounded doesn’t mean you have to exclude love from your life entirely.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open your heart. Whatever it takes to discover love will be well worth the effort it takes.

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5. They aren’t afraid of slowing down when necessary.

When you’ve been pushing yourself too hard in order to handle stress, it’s necessary to take a step back and calm things down. Having ambition is admirable, but it should not come at the price of one’s health and well-being.

When individuals with emotional strength are feeling overwhelmed, they take time to ponder and relax in order to preserve a sense of concentration and optimism, as well as to enhance their psychological well-being and mental health.




6. They refuse to accept that they are a victim of circumstance

To be emotionally powerful is to refuse to make excuses for your actions. Everyone is born into a distinct set of circumstances and is given a different starting point in life than the other. People who have emotional strength don’t dwell on their past mistakes; instead, they look forward and strive to figure out the best path to take them where they want to go in the future.

Leave the past in the past and concentrate on becoming a little bit better every day in the present.



7. They don’t have a problem with the word “no.”

Saying no is one of the most essential skills you’ll ever learn[1, yet it’s one of the most difficult]. When you learn to say no, you’ll be able to create more time for the things that are really important to you. Concentrate on your main priorities and say no to anything else that is taking up your valuable time.



8. They are not afraid to take on difficult situations.

Those who are emotionally resilient view difficulties as chances to learn and better their lives. Challenges occur for a purpose, and it is only after we have conquered them that we will be able to comprehend why they occurred.



9. They do not engage in activities that they do not want to engage in.

To maintain your emotional equilibrium and sanity, devote your time and energy to activities that you find enjoyable. Eliminate all of the baggage and obligations that are causing you to be unhappy.

People who have emotional strength understand that wasting their limited time on things that make them unpleasant is the most effective way to squander their lives, and they avoid doing so.



10. They are conscious of the fact that happiness is a choice.

People who have learnt to be emotionally strong understand that they have the ability to choose happiness. They are aware of the things that they need in order to be really happy. They choose for a life of simplicity, productivity, and enthusiasm over the alternative.

Furthermore, they include thankfulness into their daily routines in order to maintain their attention on all of the positive aspects of their lives in the present now. This assists kids in developing mental fortitude in preparation for when they must confront challenging situations.



11. They are not wasteful with their time.

According to Abraham Lincoln,

“It is not the number of years you have lived that is important. “It’s your life measured in years.”

People that are mentally powerful do not squander their time engaging in meaningless pursuits. They live in the present now, appreciating each and every moment as if it were their last. They focus their time on things that are essential to them and things that will assist them in achieving their long-term objectives.



12. They aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it

Almost every single one of history’s greatest brains, from Einstein to Edison, had assistance along the road. You will not be able to do the task on your own, and it will require someone with emotional courage to admit they need assistance.

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They don’t hold themselves back in any way.
Self-handicapping is a typical characteristic among persons who are emotionally vulnerable. What this implies is that you create excuses and look for methods to explain your shortcomings rather than looking for ways to improve on your shortcomings. Putting yourself in a position of weakness will only make things worse.



14. They aren’t bothered by having to work harder than others.

“The heights obtained and maintained by great individuals were not attained by rapid flight, but by toiling uphill in the night while their friends slept,” writes Charles Darwin. –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in his poem

Take a moment to reflect on these wonderful words from Longfellow. By putting in your best effort, you will get the results you want.

15. They do not react excessively to events beyond their control.

According to Charles Swindoll,

“What occurs to me is just 10% of my life; the other 90% is determined by how I respond to it.”

Consider how many times you overreact to things that aren’t actually that important to you on a daily basis. When you see your blood boiling, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is this really worth getting upset out about?” You’ll come to know that the answer is no ninety-nine percent of the time.

People who have gained emotional strength have also developed a sense of mental equilibrium, which allows them to react effectively to any barrier that comes their way.



They Do Not Accept a Life of Substandard Quality

People who are emotionally strong refuse to accept mediocrity, especially when the going gets difficult. They seek to reach greatness by creating objectives, formulating strategies, resolving difficulties, and delving deep into their own personal motivation on a daily basis.



They Never Give Up on Their Dreams

Fighting adversity head-on, learning from your errors, and surviving to fight another day are all characteristics of emotional strength. As a parting thought, I’ll leave you with this moving quotation from Harriet Beecher Stowe:

“When you find yourself in a tight spot and everything seems to be working against you, to the point where it seems as if you will be unable to hold on a minute longer, never give up, for that is precisely the point and moment at which the tide will change.”




What’s the bottom line?

No one is born with the ability to cope with their emotions. It is the result of years of effort and perseverance in the face of challenging circumstances and emotions. People who have learnt to be emotionally strong did not got to where they are because life has been easy for them.

Study the principles above in order to further strengthen your emotional power and fight for the life that you deserve in the future.

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