11 Things Your Boyfriend Is Secretly Trying To Get You To Do

11 Things Your Boyfriend Is Secretly Trying To Get You To Do

11 Things Your Boyfriend Is Secretly Trying To Get You To Do

11 Things Your Boyfriend Is Secretly Trying To Get You To Do

There are things we tell you women about things we want to attempt in bed, and there are things we don’t mention because we don’t know how to describe them! And that’s why we’re here to tell you guys what they really want in bed…a few things they want to do to you!

1. Take a step back and undress you.

Yes, we realize it seems self-evident that we’d want to undress you, but there are occasions when we just want to do it all by ourselves. We want to be the ones to take everything off you, from your shoes to your jewelry. And if you’re wearing very gorgeous lingerie, WOW! It’s like opening the nicest birthday present ever.

2. Tie you up in a knot…

You’re aware of this. All the time, we have kinky dreams about you. And one of them is having you under our control a little bit, allowing us to do anything we want with you. Scarves to bind your wrists as we touch you and make you powerless with pleasure and arousal…that would be a dream come true.

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 And then you’re left waiting!
Even the concept of you being trapped in your bedroom, defenseless and waiting for us to come in and set you free (but not before we attempt some truly dirty things with you) is an immediate turn-on.

4. You are to be tasted. Everywhere.

And when we say everywhere, we mean it. We want to kiss, lick, and bite on your lips, boobs, butt, toes, and even the parts of you that you’re surprised we’d want to eat. We wish to explore your body, which is a paradise. Thoroughly.

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5. Make you laugh uncontrollably!

When you’re tickled, you know how much you squirm? You have no clue how exciting it is for us to see you writhing. Bonus? When we tickle you, you chuckle and scream, and the sound of your joy and laughter is incredible.

6. You and I, encased in one other’s arms.

If only we could jump into bed with you, shut the door, and toss the keys out the window! If we could manage it, for days on end. Knowing that we’ll be there all day, gorging on one other… That concept is nearly too hot to handle.


7. Just look at you…enjoy yourself.

No, we’re not torturing you here, but you have no idea how much the sight of your hands all over your body – your fingers caressing it the way we’d want – makes us feel. And knowing you’re doing it for us, allowing us to see your joy…heaven!

8. Give you a toy as a present!

It doesn’t have to be intense, but we can’t help but fantasize about teasing you with a vibrator when we’re within you and your eyes are closed. Would you shout with delight if you heard that? Isn’t it true that a man may always dream?


9. Take a bath…

Yes, it is correct. We don’t mind having soapy and wet hands (or all of them!) simply to be able to lather you up in the shower. The how your moist, slick flesh would feel on our hands and bodies…mmm! After all, isn’t it a little strange that we’re cleaning you up while having extremely nasty thoughts?



10.Make you climax indefinitely!

You women have the ability to experience several orgasms, and we males would love to be the ones to facilitate it. It would make us feel like gods to have you climax again and over again as a result of the things we’re doing to you, until you’re ready to pass out!


11. Take photos of yourself.

It makes us embarrassed to say this, ladies, but it’s true. We dream of a dirty picture with you – sultry, seductive, pouting only for us. Any sexy calendar that any expensive mag could issue would be better than a private album that we get to own!

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Your Husband Doesn’t Like These 10 Things

1. He despises it when you put him under the bus in front of other people.

It’s degrading to make someone feel like an idiot in front of other people when you point out his flaws, criticize or chastise him. Don’t put him in a position of embarrassment (especially in front of your children). You wouldn’t want him to do anything like that to you, would you?



2. He despises it when you bring up the subject of his previous failures.

It’s something that was resolved a long time ago (or maybe just last week), but you simply can’t seem to get your mind off of it. We’ve all come up short. Allow yourself to let go of things that have already been worked out and resolved. If there are unsolved concerns that have not been dealt with biblically, don’t bring them up as a bully club; instead, take measures to graciously address them and go on with your life.



3. He despises it when you start hitting him as soon as he gets through the door.

One thing I can’t emphasize enough to ladies is to make sure they hug their husbands when they get home from work! Give him a warm welcome with a kiss and some affection! Give him a heartfelt word of encouragement, but refrain from telling him about your difficult circumstances. His day has gone on for a long time (I’m sure yours has as well, but I’m not speaking to him; I’m speaking to you). He’s experienced obstacles that you haven’t, and he’s likely fought fights that you will never know about in his life. Be the thing that makes it all worthwhile to come home to.



4. He despises it when you want him to be the same person as your girlfriend.

He’s probably not a maker or a scrapbooker, and he’s probably not a lover of spending five hours at the mall. A trip to the nail salon is probably not on his list of things to do on a Saturday afternoon. He is not going to connect with you in the same way that your closest friend does, nor will he be interested in hearing the whole tale you want to share. Everything was meticulously planned down to the smallest detail. Respect him for who he is as a guy and leave the girly things to your female pals to handle.


5. He despises it when you expect him to be able to read your thoughts.

Simply inform him. If you could simply inform him, that would be great. Make sure you’re not playing mind games with yourself, such as thinking: “If he really loved me, he’d know that I want him to… (fill in the blank) and I wouldn’t have to tell him!” Getting rid of the mind-reading game and just communicating in an honest and courteous manner would make your spouse very grateful to you.

6. He despises it when you treat him as if he is a kid.

Men are well aware that they do not think in the same way that we do. They understand how difficult it may be to live up to our expectations or fulfill our wants and wishes. It is not their intention to annoy us by forgetting to shut the toilet lid. It’s not because they want to use that additional petrol that they choose to take the longer way because they forgot where they were going. It is rude to speak to our spouses in the same tone that we would use with our children or other family members. Disrespectful. Period. That’s a sin, to be sure.


7. He despises it when you unleash the heavy weapons at 11 p.m.

Don’t wait until the end of the day to bring up a subject of conversation that has the potential to pit the two of you against each other in an all-out brawl into the wee hours of the next morning. If you need to have a talk with someone that has the potential to cause big tension or emotion, try to schedule it for the early evening (or even for the morning when he is home). Be considerate of his desire to sleep in.



8. He despises it when others compare him to the “ideal person” at church. 

It’s possible that your husband doesn’t appear to be as “spiritual,” that he doesn’t treat you the same way that “perfect guy” treats his wife, that he doesn’t sound as knowledgeable, or that he doesn’t seem as interested in the sermon, but it’s also possible that your husband possesses some admirable characteristics that you are overlooking because you are so focused on what he is “not.” Stop comparing him to other guys; what benefit can you possibly get from doing so? Why not pray to God to open your eyes to see aspects about him that you haven’t yet seen or appreciated?



9. He despises it when you treat him in a demeaning manner.

The silent treatment, if it is used to influence him, has negative consequences for both of you. The silent treatment is a kind of hostile punishment that is used to punish people. Don’t make things more difficult for yourself by clamming up or suppressing your emotions. To deal with your feelings of pain or anger, first turn to God and ask Him to examine your heart to see if the anger is justified or whether there is an offense that needs to be addressed. Discuss the situation with your spouse. Remember that he is not your adversary and that you should communicate in an honest and modest manner.



10. He despises it when you use sex as a weapon against him.

The gift of sexual intimacy is intended to be a show of altruistic love on the part of the recipient. It’s a tangible manifestation of spiritual union on a physical level. Keep your closeness a secret so that you don’t have to face the consequences of withholding yourself from your spouse. It is important to note here that I am not advocating allowing your husband to mistreat you or demand your sexual attention–sexual closeness is intended to be an expression of altruistic love from both spouses–but I am advocating for us as a couple today, rather than the husband. Respect your marital bed as a holy space, and love your spouse with all your heart.



I apologize if I came off as harsh today. I hope not, but I’m well aware of how simple it is to slide into a disrespectful attitude that evolves into nasty treatment of people we care about the most. I’m asking all of us today to put any of these things aside that are a frequent inclination in marriage. It’s common, but it’s also quite damaging. And they are definitely “not” God-honoring!



It is because I really care about you that I am writing this candid message. My spouse and I were in a horrible situation for a long period of time. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was guilty of some of the offenses mentioned above, and I apologize for that. You may see our video about marriage by clicking here. If you and your spouse view our tale together, it could be beneficial for you both to discuss it.

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