11 Motivational Thoughts for Everyday Life

11 Motivational Thoughts for Everyday Life

11 Motivational Thoughts for Everyday Life

11 Motivational Thoughts for Everyday Life

Although it may sound a bit cliche at times when you hear people speak about the power of positive thinking, there is no denying its effectiveness. Now I’m here to tell you that whether it’s a cliché or not, the mental and physical advantages of thinking positively have been proved to increase your confidence, enhance your self-esteem, provide you with drive, and overall put you in a more positive frame of mind. Having at least one optimistic thought every day may have a major beneficial impact on your well-being.





Studies have shown that thinking positively may lower the risk of developing health illnesses such as depression, hypertension, and a wide range of other stress-related ailments, among other things.

What does it actually mean to think positively? This sounds fantastic, but what exactly does it imply?

It is not necessary to locate your inner grin in order to practice positive thinking. Many individuals do not experience what they would regard to be joyful interior thoughts, yet this does not rule out the possibility of being satisfied with oneself and one’s life.





Good thinking (thinking about positive ideas on a daily basis) is more about discovering the positive images in your life and seeing things through more hopeful eyes, particularly if you’ve gotten yourself into a rut of only seeing the bad aspects of situations.

However, the most significant issue with positive thinking is that it wears off fast, and events such as rejection, terrible experiences, disappointments, and heartache may rapidly send you into a downward cycle that sends you back into that dismal mood you loathe.


Undeniably, being in a bad mood is an excellent method to deplete your drive and render you unable to perform at the levels that you know you are capable of. For those searching for a quick approach to enhance their motivation, the free Fast-Track Class – Activate Your Motivation is a great place to start. An intense session that is completely free may assist you in identifying your inner drive and developing a long-lasting motivation engine. 




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The question becomes, how can you maintain your optimism when everything around you seems to be conspiring against you? It is possible to guarantee that you wake up every day feeling energized and looking forward to whatever life has in store for you by developing a positive thinking pattern.

Here are some pointers to help you begin to think more positively every day of your life.

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1. Express Your Gratitude You woke up this morning, didn’t you?

While I don’t want to start on a gloomy note, you did indeed wake up this morning. Some folks, however, did not. Don’t think of it as a dismal morality tale; instead, use it to remind yourself that you’ve been blessed with the greatest gift life has to give — the fact that you’re still alive.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the unpleasant elements of our lives, but we constantly seem to forget about the most apparent good thing we have – which is life itself. Take a deep breath and marvel in the beauty of the world around you by looking out your window.

2. You are not obligated to listen to detractors.

There’s no denying that some people are really mean-spirited individuals who enjoy nothing more than ruining other people’s days. I’m here to inform you that they won’t be able to. They won’t be able to if you don’t let them.

Ignore those who are critical of you. Dismiss their poison for what it is: harsh words from individuals who are unhappy with their lives. Keep reminding yourself that you are superior to them and that nothing they say will bring you to your knees.

Three, don’t compare yourself to other people.

I understand what you’re going through. “Don’t compare yourself to anybody else,” is a simple statement to make. The truth is that when we see someone who seems to be more successful than we are, we are all filled with a sense of jealousy in our hearts.

Take a step back and ask yourself whether they are really better than you, and even if they are, does it really matter? You are wasting your time by thinking about bad things when you might be pursuing something that makes you happy instead of being envious.

4. You have to be willing to take a chance.

If you are afraid of being called a loser, it is easy to shy away from something that has a great chance of success but also a high danger of failure.

Isn’t it true that putting yourself in this position really makes you feel worse than if you’d just taken the risk in the first place? We all know how it feels to be rejected, and we all know how it feels to fail, but regret is a much more powerful feeling over time.





If you have the opportunity, take advantage of it. Take a chance and persuade yourself that if you don’t succeed, it’s not a huge deal. At the very least, you tried.

David Goggins is perhaps the most illustrative example of this method. We may all benefit from the inspiring narrative of David Goggins, as well as his valuable quotes, which are available online. [1]

Goggins, a veteran Navy SEAL who is widely regarded as “the hardest man alive,” is the only person in history to have completed SEAL training, the United States Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training all at the same time. He’s also one of the world’s best endurance athletes, having set the Guinness World Record for pull-ups by accomplishing 4,030 in 17 hours, a feat that remains unbroken to this day.




He comes across as a ‘naturally talented tough guy,’ doesn’t he? Nevertheless, in his autobiography, he confesses that he was, in his own words, “the weakest guy on the face of the planet.”

After overcoming obesity, poverty, racism, learning difficulties, and an abusive violent father, he emerged victorious, motivating others to embrace hardship and struggle in order to discover their own greatness and inner peace, as he had done. He seized the few opportunities he had and used them to drastically transform his life.

5. Recognize that everything must come to an end.

Even the most wonderful things in life come to an end someday, so don’t be concerned about them. Don’t be concerned about when the good times will come to an end; instead, simply enjoy them while they last. And when they do inevitably come to an end, take comfort in the knowing that something just as wonderful will come along to replace them.

6. Don’t pass judgment on others

Linked to point number 2 above, you will not like it if people evaluate you, therefore refrain from judging others. We understand that it might be difficult to stop from categorizing other people, but doing so is a sure-fire method to set off a downward cycle of negative thoughts in your mind.

Our society tolerates casting judgment on others, yet embracing others is not only a wonderful method to help others feel better, but it is also a wonderful approach to cultivate good attitudes inside ourselves.

7. Don’t do things for others that make you unhappy only to make them happy.

Isn’t it true that we all desire to make other people happy? What do we do if the things that other people want us to do cause us to be dissatisfied?

Ignore the reality that you’re doing something just for the enjoyment of others. Put a stop to it right now. The fulfilment of another person’s needs should never come at the expense of your own pleasure and time. If you are dissatisfied in the first place, you will find it difficult to think of positive ideas on a daily basis.


8. Are you dissatisfied with your job? Then give up.

Okay, so it was a touch theatrical, but there is nothing more likely to sap your enjoyment levels faster than working in a job that you despise. Make a decision to change your life if you find yourself dreading returning to the workplace on your nights and weekends.

We’re not talking about putting your livelihood at risk by leaving your job (although the dramatic heading for this point certainly suggests so). This means that you should begin making arrangements and formulating an escape strategy. Nothing encourages positive thinking more than a strategy for removing anything unpleasant from one’s life from the equation.




Begin by putting money aside to cover the costs of making the switch and distributing your resume. The initial step may seem challenging, but the feeling of relaxation you will feel as a result of completing it will significantly enhance your cognitive patterns.

It might be intimidating to start over at a new company and go through a screening process that can be time-consuming, but once you realize that selling yourself can be simpler than you think, you will be half way there.


9. Take Charge of Your Morning Routine

It is your first impression of the day that will determine how the rest of the day will unfold. Panicking one’s way out of bed is an extremely effective technique of kicking off an emotionally draining downward spiral. Get up bright and early in the morning and allow yourself plenty of time to prepare for the day ahead.

Despite the fact that some of the mind-boggling ideas you are thinking when you wake up might be beneficial to you and even signify more than you realize, it is preferable to have a consistent good mental pattern in your life.

Consider the positive parts of your life and tell yourself things like, “Today is going to be a terrific day” or “Today I’m going to be great” to encourage yourself. Although it may seem corny, encouraging words have the ability to foster optimistic ideas.

10. Concentrate on the Positive Aspects of Your Life,

 No Matter How Minor You will encounter difficulties during the day. In most cases, things do not operate properly all of the time. When faced with a struggle, the key is to avoid dwelling on it and instead choose to concentrate on the positives you may discover, no matter how little they seem to be at the time.

If you find yourself caught in traffic, don’t be concerned about how much time is being wasted. Positive thinking may be found in the fact that you now have more time to listen to the radio station you’ve been listening to.




 If you go to your local shop and discover that they are out of the items you need for your dinner party, go out and get something else and make an alternative culinary creation.

Concentrating on the positive aspects of your life is an excellent strategy to build positive momentum in your life. The enormous strength of momentum lies in the fact that even a succession of very tiny things may build to produce immense outcomes — if only the right conditions are in place.

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11. Consider the Lighter Side of Things

Even the most serious circumstances may have a hilarious aspect to them if you approach them in the correct manner. Remind yourself that whatever is happening to you will most likely make for a fantastic tale in the future, and that it may even be passed on as a joke when you are in a dark or stressful circumstance. Look for the humorous side of things and chuckle.

Concluding Remarks

Though most of us are aware that positive thoughts can be very motivating, in today’s society, it may be tough to maintain a happy attitude when the world around you seemed intent to pull you down. Following some of the suggestions in our guide above, you may be able to harness the power of positive thinking and find yourself energized to begin each day. So begin thinking only good ideas on a daily basis!