100 never have I ever questions for couples

100 never have I ever questions for couples

100 never have I ever questions for couples

Couples that are serious about their relationship place a high value on getting to know one other on a personal level. It not only aids in the development of intimacy, but it also helps to set your mind at rest about what you’re getting yourself into. Never Have I Ever questions for couples are a great approach to learn about one other’s life and discover things you didn’t know about each other before.



While serious, heart-to-heart discussions are wonderful, it may be beneficial to switch things up every now and then and get to know them in a more lighthearted manner. What better way to do this than to turn a fun evening together into a game of Never Have I Ever?

Nothing Ever Happened to Me is a timeless, entertaining game that never grows old or dull. When performed correctly, it has the potential to bring many skeletons crashing out of their closets. You and your companion may boost the comedy factor by adding shots or swigs of alcohol in the mix. Additionally, you may invite your friends to join you, or you can go on a double date with another couple for even more fun and diversity.

There are a plethora of options for customizing and twisting this game to fit your preferences. However, having the proper combination of questions under your sleeve is the single most important factor in ensuring success. If you’ve ever played this game before, you’re probably aware that winging it or thinking on your feet doesn’t always work out.

Here’s a list of 100+ Never Have I Ever questions for couples to make sure you never run out of ideas again:

1. I have never cheated on an exam in my life.
This is one of the Never Have I Ever Questions for couples that is clean and straightforward for you to start off easy so that your spouse doesn’t become frightened right away when you are asking it for the first time.

2. I have never been caught shoplifting.
Is your spouse truly the sweetheart they portray themselves to be? Do you have any reason to doubt it? Find out the answer to this question.

3. I have never peed in a swimming pool in my life.
Remember their response the next time you want to cool down in the water to fight the summer heat.

4. I’ve never been a fan of pornography.
Porn is always a touchy topic when it comes to relationships. This inquiry will help to clear the air as to where you and your partner stand on the subject.

5. I have never been pursued by a dog in my life.

If they drink to this, you can bet that a funny story will be shared with you later. After all, getting to know someone on a deeper level entails knowing about the little aspects of their lives that are often overlooked. When it comes to couples’ questions, this is one of those Never Have I Ever queries that will enable you to do just that.

6. I’ve never experienced feelings for two individuals at the same time.
This question will reveal how well your spouse manages his or her emotions.

7. I’ve never gone commando before.
This is one of those awkward relationship inquiries that will bring out your partner’s naughtiness. In addition, it’s a wonderful method to stoke your ideas about sexual encounters outside of the bedroom.

8. I’ve never drunk dialed an ex before.
This is a must-ask question for couples when it comes to uncomfortable inquiries. You’d probably both be drinking to this one. We’ve all been there and done that, after all.

9. I’ve never kissed a complete stranger.

This one will undoubtedly reveal if your spouse has a devil may care streak.


10. I’ve never dated someone just because of their appearance.
Take a journey back in time to when the only thing that mattered was how you looked. Let’s hope you and your partner have matured and progressed since then.

11. I’ve never given a massage anticipating a good outcome.
Is there such a thing as platonic massages between couples? If your spouse doesn’t drink to this, you’ve made a saint out of yourself.

12. I’ve never set up a date before.
While couple drinking games are a fun way to pass the time, keep in mind that you also have the goal of discovering certain secrets about each other in order to serve. This is one of the secrets you should be on the lookout for.


13. I’ve never ghosted someone before.
If they acknowledge it, you should be concerned about what the future may hold for you, particularly if you’re still undecided about whether you’re dating or in a relationship.

14. I’ve never been in love before.
Are you unsure whether your spouse loves you? Have you been wanted to say “I love you,” but aren’t sure whether your significant other is present? This is one of those “I’ve never thought about that before” inquiries for couples that may help you put things in perspective.

15. I’ve never used marijuana.
If they have (and you haven’t), don’t pass judgment. Experimenting with new things is a big part of college life. You don’t have to be concerned as long as they aren’t addicted to it. The fact that you have to ask this inquiry indicates that they aren’t being honest with you.

16. I’ve never passed out after consuming alcohol.
This has to be it if you’re searching for never have I ever questions with hilarious outcomes. There’s a good chance your spouse will tell you some funny tales.

17. I’ve never made out in public before.
If that’s the case, you’re in for an exciting trip. Secure your seatbelt!

18. I’ve never swum in the sea before.
This question will reveal whether or not your spouse like going to the beach. If they are, do they choose to stay on the beach or go into the choppy seas?

19. I’ve never attempted an adventurous sport before.
Bungee jumping, paragliding, and ziplining are just a few of the activities available.
If your spouse avoids these activities, it’s likely that they prefer to be safe in their daily lives.

20. I’ve never broken a bone in my life.
When it comes to an adventurous streak, this question will reveal a lot about whether or not your spouse enjoys living on the edge.

21. I have never made fun of anybody else.
Haven’t we all done it? Who are they if your spouse claims they haven’t?

22. I’ve never wept after a breakup before.
Depending on your partner’s experience, this may range from heart-warming to humiliating inquiries for couples.

23. I’ve never used social media to stalk an ex.
Do you want to know whether your spouse is over their ex? Find out whether they stalk a former partner on social media and how frequently.

24. I’ve never farted in public before.
This is one of the Never Have I Ever questions that you must add to your list if you’re playing this game as a cure to couple boredom.




25. I’ve never driven while inebriated.
This is one of the Never Have I Ever questions for couples that gives you a clear picture of your partner’s attitude toward their own and others’ safety.

26. I’ve never double-dated before.
This apparently innocuous inquiry reveals how serious your spouse is about commitment and faithfulness.




27. I’ve never fake orgasm before.
Another one of those amazing Never Have I Ever Questions that will generate some hilarious answers. As long as they aren’t faking it with you, that is.

100 never have I ever questions for couples

On the first date, we kissed.
At first glance, fell in love
I lied to get what I want.
I pretended to be ill in order to avoid a date
I considered the person I was dating to be unattractive.
Forgotten a partner’s birthday 
Have been turned away from someone while attempting to kiss them
Refused to kiss someone who attempted to kiss me
Attended a party and kissed a random stranger
While in a relationship, I flirted with someone.
Been dumped
Dumped a person
I had an unusual dream.

I made a video that I now regret (it does not have to be sexual in nature).
Have received a smack across the face
I was involved in a brawl over someone I admired.
I snipped my tongue
Utilized a dating service online
You lied about your appearance
Falsely claimed to be single in order to keep another person away
My parents were deceived
I slipped out of the home.

While kissing, I accidentally bit my lip so hard that it bled.
Awkward kiss
While kissing, I choked someone.
During a conference, we performed footsies.
In the midst of a date, I ran out on someone.
Have been in a relationship for more than a year
Online stalked an ex-girlfriend
Recipient of a lap dance
Provided with a lap dance
I’ve been skinny dipping
In a pool, pee
I attempted to guess someone’s password and despised the pet of a person I was dating.
Farted and imagined the fart was coming from someone else.
I’ve been asked to a trio
Received a massage from a professional
I lied to my parents about the person I was seeing.

Have you taken a sexy selfie?
Sent a filthy SMS to the wrong person

Someone was flashed
Licked food off someone’s body 
Created a fictitious Instagram account solely for the purpose of stalking someone
I picked up a wedgie in public and returned my meal to the cook.
Obsessed with a celebrity
I slipped and fell in front of someone I admired.
On an exam, I cheated
On a date, I fell asleep at the movie theater.
Disappeared as a “commando”
I’ve been dreaming about my wedding day.
Urinate in the shower
I slept off while watching television.
I laughed till I puked
Have you ever tried speed dating?
I’ve been on a double date.
I attempted to impress someone who despises me.

I farted with laughter.
We went on a picnic date
I dated someone who was introduced to me by a buddy.
Arrange for a buddy
Taken a tandem skydive with a significant other
Traveled in the company of a significant other
I’ve been to another nation and made contact with someone.
Felt a strong connection with a Kardashian
Sung karaoke Slept in normal clothes Slept at someone I liked’s home without having sex
Have you ever been drawn to a cartoon character?
Pretended to be ill in order to remain at home and watch Netflix or play video games.
For a selfie, I created a duck face.
I stalked a new acquaintance on Facebook or Instagram.

Helicopter flight
I’ve traveled alone to another nation.
I’ve locked my keys in my vehicle.
At a restaurant, you are not tipped
I requested payment from my date since I had forgotten my wallet or did not have enough money.
Falsified information during an interview
Have performed on stage during a concert
Sung in public before a big audience
Participated in dancing classes
I saw a YouTube video demonstrating how to do a certain dance.
Created a TikTok
Undergone surgery
I jumped from an aircraft.
I exaggerated my age
Have personally met a celebrity Visited Disney World
Consumed a bug inadvertently
Provided financial assistance to a homeless individual
I spent hours on YouTube watching hilarious videos.
I Googled something to ensure that I knew how to spell it correctly.

I Googled something to seem intelligent.
Considered a film to be superior than the book
Acquired the ability to play a musical instrument
I cried while watching a Disney film.
I became enraged while watching a Disney film.
Have you ever cried in school or work? 


Have you ever been afraid of a rollercoaster ride?

Have you visited the Grand Canyon?
Have you visited New York City?

I spent my staycation at home.

Cookies baked in collaboration with a significant other
Arrested in the presence of a significant other

Given the moniker of a plush animal
On a date, I farted unintentionally.

While alone, I attempted martial arts.
Have you ever mistook a guy for a woman or vice versa?
Overtook a curb
Called my date by the incorrect name

I’ve entered the incorrect bathroom
Sit on a piece of furniture and cause it to break
I cut my own hair and made a mess of it.
Something has been lodged in my nostril.
I was informed that I had terrible breath.
Screamed in response to a bug
In front of a mirror, I practiced public speaking.
In the mirror, I sang to myself.
Taken a photograph of a stranger in public in secret

Gum wedged under a table
With bare feet, I stepped in dog feces

I vomited after seeing another person vomit.
For more than three days, wore the same pair of undergarments
I’ve been without a shower for more than a week.
Taco Bell more than three times a week
French fries dipped in ice cream or shaken
I indulged in a deep-fried candy bar.
Have you gotten food poisoning?

Consumed pickle juice
Have you tried baby food?
I’ve eaten a whole frozen pizza by myself.
Consumed alligator Consumed butter alone Consumed Taco Bell breakfast


 Consumed raw eggs for health


After cooking for others, I licked the spatula.

Utilized a forged identification
Have you ever been handcuffed for any reason?
Food was smuggled into the movie theater
Accidentally crashed a wedding or party
Become embroiled in a fistfight
On someone’s behalf, I contacted the police.
Ran through a red light
On a table or at a bar
I kissed and informed Been that we were going on a blind date.
Utilized a corny pick-up line
Conceived in a hot tub
Had a thing for a friend’s younger sister
Dated several people concurrently
Purchased lingerie
I fantasized about another person.
Given a blunder
I developed a hickey and then tried to conceal it. 
I developed a hickey and then tried to conceal it. 
Done it Outside
Someone winked or whistled at you.
Been a beneficial friend

Have you ever visited a drive-in movie theater?
I flirted with someone who was more than ten years my senior.
I’ve had food in my refrigerator for almost a year.
Consumed food off another’s plate when they were not looking Consumed an entire carton of ice cream by myself
Binge-eaten Tasted dog or cat food by Little Debbie’s
I fantasized about my life becoming a comedy and pondered who would portray me.
I went about my business with my zipper down.
I filmed myself dancing or singing.
I attempted to impress a crush by seeming informed about their interests.
Falsely claimed to be connected to a celebrity

I took a friend’s tale and made it my own.
Have you ever visited a spooky house? 
Have you ever fired a gun?
Gift card refunded
Purchased food and then claimed to prepare it myself