10 Worthy Relationship Sacrifices

10 Worthy Relationship Sacrifices

10 Worthy Relationship Sacrifices

10 Worthy Relationship Sacrifices

A successful relationship allows you to develop as a person while also allowing you and your spouse to enjoy mutual enjoyment. However, if issues are not appropriately addressed, it may turn sour and badly influence both parties. As a result, concessions and sacrifices for each other are required to keep the partnership going. It is impolite to constantly get your way without giving your spouse any ground.



The harsh fact is that when you fall in love, your life changes; you can no longer lie the way you did when you were single. It hurts, but certain things have to give up for the benefit of others. If you find that you are the only one who is willing to sacrifice everything to be with your spouse but they do not reciprocate, your relationship is in serious trouble. Here are a few pointers to help you make compromises in your relationship for each other’s happiness.





In a relationship, how much should you give up?

Every relationship, whether professional or personal, requires compromises. A relationship that does not need sacrifices is less likely to succeed. You and your spouse must both be prepared to make concessions for the sake of the relationship. Genuine sacrifices should be undertaken voluntarily rather than reluctantly.




1. The passage of time

We all have lives outside of our relationships. “How much should you sacrifice in a relationship?” it begs the question. We might get so preoccupied with other things that we neglect to spend time with our partner. Finding a balance between your relationship and other obligations is critical.

When someone gives up their time to be with you, it shows that they care about you and love you. You must spend your leisure time with your spouse in order to form a solid relationship. You must deliberately give up your “alone time” because you want to spend quality time with your partner, not because you feel compelled to. If you need to be alone, tell your spouse and come up with methods to compensate.



2. Funds

Being in a partnership necessitates making sacrifices for your family, both emotionally and financially. It is necessary to purchase presents for your lover on a regular basis. Money concessions require more than simply donating money to your spouse; they also include the courage to have uncomfortable talks and make changes to your spending patterns.

The relationship will suffer if one person is a saver and the other is a spender. As a result, you and your spouse must identify key areas where you may save money and avoid needless expenses. If you have a joint income, be sure to create a flexible budget that takes into account each other’s demands. Spend just what is required and don’t waste money on things that aren’t.




3. Vitality

Should you make concessions in your relationship even if you are physically or emotionally exhausted? Your boyfriend wants to see you in the evening after a difficult day at work. So, what exactly do you do?

In a good relationship, partners will go to any length to spend time with one other, even if it means sacrificing sleep. Putting effort into your relationship is just as vital as putting effort into other areas of your life. Imagine if your spouse required aid with anything and you were unable; then the same thing occurs to you and you want their support! You’ll always feel bad about yourself, particularly if they help you without making excuses.



In order to show up for each other, both couples must dig deep into their reservoirs of energy. Fatigue should never be used as an excuse. Fit your lover into your schedule if you want to avoid depleting all of your energy and leaving none for your spouse.




Nobody is flawless, and we’re all prone to making errors. People around us will not always act in accordance with our expectations. They will have difficult days, just as we do.

When your spouse has tried to make you happy, find methods to inspire him or her. Appreciating their efforts is vital because it helps them feel appreciated. In exchange, they will put up more effort in providing. Perfection encourages us to set unreasonable expectations for ourselves, as well as our partners, leading in the breakdown of our relationships.





5. Self-absorption

Constantly focusing on your own demands will inevitably lead to problems in your relationship. Self-centered spouses are uninterested in their significant others’ sentiments, which makes it difficult to establish love.

A symbiotic relationship is one in which both parties contribute and receive from one other. It doesn’t have to be in equal amounts, as long as there is a mutual sense of self-sacrifice for one another. Even the Bible teaches us to love one another through bearing with one another. It must be a two-way conversation in which you and your partner make certain concessions for the sake of your relationship.



6. Confidentiality

Should you make compromises in a relationship when it comes to your privacy? If you choose to share and spend your life with someone, he or she will discover about you, even your secrets, over time.

Normally, your spouse would want to know all there is to know about you, including personal data. Your interests, how you spend your leisure time, who you spend it with, and even your dark side are all factors to consider. Your personal space is no longer what it was when you were single. It implies that you must give up your privacy, particularly if you decide to live together.






Sacrifice Is Beneficial

Making sacrifices for your spouse is likely to increase your devotion to the relationship. Sacrifices are sincere displays of affection between spouses. A caring, supporting spouse would not demand you to make sacrifices that would not bring you joy. If you’re dissatisfied with the sacrifices you’re making in your relationship, it’s time to reconsider if you really need to be there.










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The ‘Lady in Red’ was not playing on my boombox at the time, but I absolutely pulled one of those Say Anything moves to save the relationship. The two of us had been having problems—not major disagreements, but things had cooled down considerably—and my husband was exploring a job offer in Connecticut, so he traveled to Connecticut for a series of tests and interviews there. I was terrified of losing him, so I traveled from rural Pennsylvania via New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, all while dressed in nothing but pajamas and slippers, pleading with him to return home. My knowledge of the hotel where he was staying led me to drive over 250 miles in the pouring rain without stopping until I arrived at his motel and jumped out of the vehicle up to the door of his motel weeping. I was taken back to his office, and he turned down the employment offer that came around. We were talking about 10 years ago now. He’s no longer my boyfriend, at least not in the traditional way. The man I’m talking about is my spouse.”

33-year-old Patricia



2.My cat was sacrificed for the sake of my relationship with my girlfriend 

whom I’d been seeing for a year. “Me and my girlfriend were about to finally move in together, so I gave up an adorable tiny underweight knotted wailing snaggletoothed mongrel that I’d kept for six years. According to her, cats are allergic to my partner, at least in theory. My sister has been around a half-dozen cats at other people’s home parties and she doesn’t even sniffle, so I’m a bit skeptical of the whole “allergic to cats” nonsense. Perhaps she was just envious that the cat received some of my attention. Making certain it went to a decent home was a priority of mine. In the end however, I had to give up a cat that I loved in order to marry a lady who I’m not convinced is allergic to cats at all. Does it make me feel bad about myself? In a way, it’s true that The cat is more important to me than my girlfriend, but if neither of us had them, I’m sure I’d miss my girlfriend more than the cat—I hope.”

27-year-old Derek (Derek)




3.”My partner would drink with me on a social basis, but never to the point where you could tell she was intoxicated,”  

“I gave up drinking.” The opposite was true for me; I was consuming a significant amount of alcohol. I’m talking about the type of drinking that leaves you blacking out and waking up with no idea how you broke the driver’s door of the automobile. After getting drunk and saying some dumb, unforgivable things about her family members, I decided to give up my right to divorce for her. Nothing required me to attend meetings or do anything; I just saw that my actions were bad and decided to cease doing them. Tempting as it may be from time to time, but she’s so nice and wonderful that I’d loathe myself if I ever let my word to her down.”

22-year-old Ian —



4. Fourth, I had an abortion

 “I’d just gotten out of a difficult relationship with an aggressive partner who was not ready to have a child—and it turns out he wasn’t ready to use condoms, either.” In any case, I was pregnant and alone at the time I met my present beau. In every way, he surpassed the prior gentleman: he was kind and understanding, as well as sweet and intelligent. Nevertheless, one night, as I sobbed in his arms, he said that he’d feel uncomfortable parenting another man’s child and that, if I wanted to stay with him, the least emotionally taxing thing to do would be to terminate the child I was expecting. Even though it was one of the most difficult decisions I’d ever made, I managed to get through. So it came down to a decision between an unwanted kid and a person I was interested in. I chose the former. “I made my decision on who I wanted.”

24-year-old Yolanda




This is one of the reasons why I’ve long ago outgrown my attraction to spoilt mommy’s boys: My boyfriend of a few years had been attractive, masculine, charming, and utterly fucking ill in the brain, and I was starting to feel the same way about him. Apparently, he never had to work a day in his life, and I believe this has mutated—or worse, metastasized?—into a twisted urge to have everyone take care of his every need as if he were still a newborn child. Finally, this expressed itself in the shape of a year-long hoax in which he appeared to be suffering from cancer. Using a spoon, I served him soup. Even his chin was cleaned by me! I used a goddamned sponge to wash him! In the course of taking him to doctor’s visits, I was completely unaware that he was just having his Xanax prescription updated while I was under the impression that he was receiving chemotherapy. Eventually, though, it was shown that it was all a twisted psychological concoction. It took all I had to give up to take care of him: parties, plays, movies, and vacations. My willingness to make sacrifices for him came to an end the moment I realized it was all a sham. I’m still getting texts from this jerk!”

—Daphne, a young woman of 29 years old.




6.’I gave up a cushy situation as a ‘KEPT WOMAN,” 

 “I had a life that most women would envy—I lived in a beach house in Malibu with all expenses paid, and all I had to do was take my benefactor’s two children to school, cook dinner for everyone at night, look pretty, and maybe blow him twice a month.” But then along came this guy—a musician, of course—who was lot more interesting, and we had way more fun, and the sex was so much better that I almost want to laugh cruelly at the memory of it now.



 I think I went into it with the knowledge that it was doomed from the start because, c’mon, he’s a musician, and only about one artist in a thousand is successful and not a continuously fucked-up overgrown kid, so I went into it with that knowledge. My existence as a “kept lady,” on the other hand, was sacrificed so that I could share in the sweat and thrill of touring with a band. The whole Malibu situation, on the other hand, made me feel cheap in any case. Maybe it wasn’t so much that I relinquished something as that I ran away from something. So it has been two years after the incident. In the meanwhile, I’m continuing to tour, having a good time, and staying with the musician.”

29-year-old Renae




This is not so much about what I gave up as it is about what I would have been prepared to give up. My long-distance relationship with a man had lasted for the greater part of a year. It was just a dozen times that we saw each other—half of the time he flew here and half of the time I flew there. He ultimately moved down here, and the intention was for us to be married after we said the ‘L’ word. A text message from him follows, informing me of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, his love for me, and his desire to spare me the agony of seeing his death. 



That’s right, it was just a text message. I promised him I’d give up everything to be with him, including my career, my family, my friends, and everything else I had going on in my life. His words to me were that I should find someone who would make me happy, that he did not want to pull me down, and that he was going to go gently into that good night by himself, exactly like a man should do. Apparently, I sobbed nonstop for a month straight. If he is alive or not, I have no idea. “I was prepared to give up everything, but he wouldn’t give me the opportunity to do so.

29-year-old Sandra



“There comes a moment in any relationship when you have to decide whether to go all in or go your own ways. ” And although though love is meant to be high and romantic and above all else, there is always a power struggle involved—someone needs to give up at least something in order for you to get along with your significant other. In the past, when one of us were romantically connected with another, our closest friend, who happened to be a male, created a lot of friction.



 ‘Hey, it’s not my fault that my closest buddy has a vagina!’ he’d constantly tell his female companions. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, and despite the fact that I had not planned, anticipated, or even hoped for it, this man appeared out of nowhere and completely swept me off my feet, exactly as in fairy tales. And it’s not like he gave me an ultimatum, but I knew that if I wanted to be with him—and I really wanted to be with him more than anything else in the world—my best friend would have to take a back seat to my relationship with him. The fact that my best buddy was fine with it explains why he’s still my best friend to this day! Just that he’s not the sort of person that females fall in love with, but my boyfriend is. (This came off as a little meaner against my best buddy than I had meant.)

29-year-old Sarah (not her real name)




 “I did something dumb because I was experiencing a crisis of conscience and I was under the impression that I was in love at the time. I abandoned a loving wife and a newborn daughter in order to spend time with a female from work with whom I’d been having a side relationship. Afterwards, the girl from work abandoned me as soon as I made the decision to leave them and begin a new life. According to her, the fact that I’d deceived my wife and child meant that she couldn’t put her faith in me either. Due to a lack of other options, I decided to rent this cheap, dirty, plastic monthly motel room for a few months to get by. I collapsed to my knees and broke down in tears five minutes after checking into the hotel. I traded one predicament for another, and as a result, I was worse off in both situations. With no love in my life, I’m just a work slave who pays child support.”

31-year-old Jack



The realization of what I’d given up didn’t occur to me until after the event was ended. Friends, family, my own personal beliefs and preferences (in music, movies, cuisine, and politics) were all lost to me. I also gave up my own political beliefs. Everything. Because I was under the impression that this was what love was all about! That’s what I interpreted that to mean: losing yourself in someone else. Nonetheless, he abandoned me, leaving me to pick up the pieces of myself and put them back together again.

Holly, a 24-year-old woman

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