10 Ways to Become a Better Friend

10 Ways to Become a Better Friend

10 Ways to Become a Better Friend

10 Ways to Become a Better Friend

“On this planet, there is nothing more valuable than genuine friendship.” Thomas Aquinas is credited with coining the phrase

Friendships are by far the most significant relationships you can have since they are not handed to you; rather, you must seek them out for yourself. It is the time we spend with friends that makes every minute we have on this planet more precious.




We chose them as our family, as the individuals who will embrace us and be by our side throughout our journey. It is entirely up to us how we will cherish them and the time we spend with them.

Simple but considerate gifts like these can let them understand how grateful you are to have discovered real friendship in them through your road of uncertainty.




1.Invest some time on your relationships with your pals.

There are some of your pals who aren’t affected by the adage “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Although some may withstand the test of time, others may succumb to the passing of time. Calls, messages, and get-togethers all have the potential to be successful. Make an attempt to communicate with them; they will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts!




2. Be available to them at all times

Always be there for your friends, no matter how difficult the situation may be. When they want to celebrate the joys of life, be present to share in their joys. Attend to them when they are angry with the world and need someone to assure them that everything will be OK (you can hug them also). Everywhere you go, your presence will be felt.





Three, defend yourself and your buddies when no one is looking.

Sadly, some individuals are unable to resist the need to spread negative information about others. While we cannot prevent this behavior from occurring, we can (hopefully) prevent it from occurring. If they start talking about your pals behind your back, let them know you won’t stand for it. It is likely that your pals will want to lavish you with kisses and embraces as soon as they learn of your situation (so just ready your hand shield in case it gets too much).





4 – Express your gratitude

Compliments about oneself (particularly from those one loves) are something that everyone wants to hear, and your friends are no different. Some people want verbal confirmation that you value them, so express your gratitude to them for being such a terrific friend and for keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.




5. Express regret when the situation calls for it, and accept responsibility.

Avoid disappointing your companions. The fact that your buddy may forgive you without your apologizing does not absolve you of the need to apologize. You will be able to win back your buddy if you express your regret and acknowledge your faults. This will also help you to mature and strengthen your bond.



6.Provide a favor in exchange for their cooperation.

So long as the favor is something beneficial, say yes when your buddy asks for a favor. The fact that you are not paying attention to them will make them unhappy. It will give them the impression that you are unable to devote attention to their needs. Take a chance and try it out! Effortlessly provide a helping hand to them. Taking the initiative to assist others, even if they do not want assistance, is preferable.




Seventh, it’s always nice to be given gifts.

Send a hand-written letter, a bouquet of flowers, the book she enjoyed reading at the bookstore, your favorite dress that she would like to wear as well, a movie ticket to a movie you have discussed, or anything else you know your friends will enjoy receiving from you to demonstrate your affection for them.




8.Be someone that others can lean on when they’re in trouble.

Occasionally, the world will fail to provide what we expect of it. It will seem as though the rest of the world has abandoned us, and your friends will be moved to tears. Be there for your friends when they need you the most, and they will appreciate it. Simply sitting next to your pals can let them know that there are individuals who care about them and who will pull them up when they are feeling discouraged or sad.


9.Never tell them anything that isn’t truthful.

It is possible to lose your friendship if you lie, particularly if your pals are already aware of the truth. If you continue to deceive your friends, they may lose faith in you. If you don’t want to speak about anything (or if it’s something you want to keep private for the time being), tell them that you can’t talk about it at this time. No problem, they’ll get it.





10. Try to be a good influence on your friends and family members.

When you make your friends feel good, they will want to spend more time with you. It is desirable for your pals to have an optimistic attitude on life, therefore cultivate one yourself. Continue to be cheerful, as well as your loved ones and friends.

Finding the appropriate individuals to remain in your life, which includes your friends, is the best present you could possibly offer to yourself.




Remember that your friends are the gems you ‘accidentally’ discovered in the middle of nowhere, and that you should value them as such.

Constantly look for methods to improve your relationship with your peers.

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