10 Ways to Be a Solution Not a Problem

10 Ways to Be a Solution Not a Problem

10 Ways to Be a Solution Not a Problem

10 Ways to Be a Solution Not a Problem

Everyone, whether they are students, employees, or just everyday people, is a member of some kind of community. Unavoidably, issues will inevitably develop at certain points throughout time. As a member of that organization or society, you have a duty to contribute to the solution’s development.

However, there are situations when, instead of making a contribution to the issue, we instead contribute to it. 





This occurs when we refuse to collaborate or when we fail to fulfill our responsibilities. When members opt to complain about people in control rather than giving assistance, the situation deteriorates even worse.




If you want to be a better citizen, employee, or member of an organization, here are some suggestions that can assist you in contributing to the solution. 

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10 Ways to Be a Solution Not a Problem

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1. Take an active role in the process of finding solutions.

Get rid of your disinterested attitude toward your leadership role. It is incorrect to believe that leaders have been placed in positions to deal with the problems of the organization. Their duty is merely to serve as a system’s leader or governor in order to maintain order. They are, nevertheless, unable to do all tasks without the assistance of their subordinates.




Just because you are a regular member does not imply that you have no authority or duty to contribute to the resolution of the problem. Instead of being passive, consider volunteering or informing individuals in positions of control that you are prepared to assist.






2. Take Charge of the Organization or Project.

You would only be concerned enough about the society or organization in which you are involved if you took responsibility for it. Your willingness to assist others will increase when you are sure that you are a genuine member of the group. You would realize that the difficulty that the firm is experiencing would have an impact on you as well.





As a result, whether you are a member of a community, corporation, or organization, make an effort to be a part of it. Keep in mind that it is an integral element of your personality. In order to protect it, you should contribute to its upkeep.



3.Encourage others to contribute their thoughts.

Helping yourself and other members to support your organization is one method of contributing to its success. You may all at the very least attempt to brainstorm and provide any ideas that you think would be useful in resolving the problem. “Two heads are better than one,” as the saying goes.




Some individuals are apprehensive about expressing their opinions because they are either self-conscious or concerned about making a mistake. Encourage them by expressing your appreciation for them each time they make an attempt to speak out. Always avoid telling them that they are incorrect or that their beliefs are stupid, particularly in front of other people.




4. Refrain from snooping and grumbling.

People in positions of authority may make choices that you believe are ineffective from time to time. It is fairly uncommon for persons who disagree to congregate in order to vent their frustrations and disappointments. Even worse is when they attack individuals in authority or who are in positions of leadership on a personal level.




Gossiping is considered to be one of society’s malignancies. Unfortunately, this does not assist in the resolution of any issues. It just serves to further divide, distrust, and disdain amongst individuals. If you want to be a part of the solution, one of the first steps is to quit gossiping about others.





5. “First and foremost, obey before you complain.”

This is a well-known quote that is particularly popular among military men. It is necessary for people to attempt something before complaining that it is difficult or fruitless. Otherwise, they will get frustrated and give up.




Hopefully, this will become the standard of discipline in all types of cultures. If everyone would initially follow and accept the rules before voicing any worries or questions, it would be much simpler to resolve any issues that may come up.




6. Reduce your need to be critical of others.

It is true that everyone has the freedom to share their opinions. However, receiving an excessive number of critiques may be counterproductive. There are certain individuals who were born with the ability to perceive the bad side of everything. If you were forced to work with this kind of person, you would almost certainly get disheartened as a result of your experience.




Instead of focusing only on the flaws and gaps in your group’s administration, attempt to provide a more balanced assessment of the situation. Be objective enough to see the good outcomes and the development made by the company. In this manner, the leaders and active members—who, like you, are human and fallible—will be encouraged to continue their efforts.




7.Take Care Not to Fall Prey To The Crab Mentality.

The crab mentality is one of the poisonous attitudes that you should be on the lookout for in a group of people. Others are motivated to discover methods to bring someone down who has accomplished a great deal because of their jealously and jealousy for that person.




If someone in your group is gaining attention for their significant contributions to the organization’s well-being, you should rally behind that individual. Instead of spreading rumors against him or her, encourage that person to continue doing what s/he does for the benefit of the whole team. Who knows what will happen? That individual may be able to provide a solution to the challenge facing your firm.




8. Work as a member of a team.

You might be regarded an ace in your area if you possess the necessary skills, intelligence, and brilliance. These characteristics are necessary if you want to be a productive and self-sufficient worker. If, on the other hand, you are not comfortable working with others, this might be an issue in your career.





It may also be advantageous to be a team player or someone who can work well with others in a collaborative environment. Consider the possibility that your company has a team comprised of people that are very competitive, such as yourself. If you all band together and work together in humility, any problem will be resolved in a shorter amount of time.




9. Evaluation and Planning of the Values.

One of the keys to running a successful company is to have frequent review and planning meetings for everyone. Evaluations are required in order to keep track of the progress of any ongoing initiatives. It also aids in the identification of the group’s shortcomings, strengths, and difficulties. In contrast, planning is done in order to strengthen the current programs, enhance the weak areas, and find a solution to the issues that have arisen.





As a volunteer, make yourself accessible for your organization’s assessment and planning meetings if you wish to contribute your time and talents. That will assist you in better understanding the problem and may even provide you with more suggestions for potential remedies.





10. Keep an open mind about everything.

As a member of a community, you will unavoidably come into contact with a variety of individuals. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to think or act in the same way as you. There will always be divergent viewpoints and points of view expressed by different people.




It is important not to take criticism personally if you attempted to provide a viable solution and others did not agree with you. You would become resentful towards your organization’s leaders and other members as a result of this experience. Negative behaviors like as gossiping, whining, and insubordination would result as a result of this.







You Have an Important Role to Play

You are not need to be a member of the leadership team in order to make significant contributions to the community. Being a good follower, who criticizes less and encourages others more, may already have a significant positive influence. Learn to express your thoughts, to execute your work properly, and to do so while also showing respect for others, particularly those in positions of power. These may be really beneficial.

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