10 Love-Inducing Strategies to Inspire Your Partner to Ask For More

10 Love-Inducing Strategies to Inspire Your Partner to Ask For More

10 Love-Inducing Strategies to Inspire Your Partner to Ask For More

There is a distinction between having sexual relations and making love. 


Straight intercourse may provide you with a satisfying sexual experience in a matter of minutes. However, making love is a more complicated process. It starts well before the sexual encounter and concludes considerably afterwards.



Love making involves several factors, from how you prepare for the moment to how much attention you devote to the foreplay and what you really do when engaged in the act of sexual intimacy. Continuing reading this article will provide you with some efficient methods to satisfy your spouse and make him or her go crazy with you.


Foreplay Is Important: The art of making love is not limited to just having sexual relations. For some people, particularly women, the anticipation of sexual activity may be more pleasant than the actual act itself. 


Foreplay is a method of preparing your partner for what is to come and of building on the excitement that has already begun. Furthermore, it allows your partner’s body to prepare itself and begin the natural process of lubrication, which will make sex more pleasant and less painful for both of you.



Making love is much more than simply establishing a physical connection. You may be having a fantastic time in bed, but if you want to take it to the next level, the key may lie in emotionally bonding with your spouse.



How To Make Your Man Fall in Love With You And Want To Be With You:
Each guy has his own preferences and inclinations, but there are certain elements of physical bonding that are appreciated by a majority of men on a regular basis. The following are some of the things you may try out during your personal times with him to ensure that he doesn’t get enough of you:



1. Understand how to arouse yourself: While you may believe that it is solely your man’s responsibility to turn you on, the majority of men get turned on when they see their partners in a state of arousal, even before they have done anything themselves.
As a woman, it is possible that you may need more time to get aroused and in the mood. Your guy will almost certainly be there to prepare your body. 


However, if you take the initiative and do anything to excite yourself, he will appreciate it much more.
If you’re having trouble becoming aroused at first, shut your eyes and think about anything sexual. Consider all of the things you want your guy to do for you and imagine he is doing them to you right now, along with the effects it is having on your body. Try to experience those feelings in your head, and then picture how your body will respond to those sensations.


You do not have to tell your spouse everything you were thinking about or how you were aroused, but you should make sure he is aware of how your body is acting and how it pleases you.


2. Allow The Act To Be Enjoyable: When people hear the term sex, they typically think solely of the act and the pleasure it provides at the conclusion. In spite of the fact that you may have many fantasies about the act, the reality may be very different. Sexting does not always have to be smooth, and it is conceivable that both you and your partner may experiment with different positions that will not work well. It is possible that you may feel uneasy or irritated.


However, do not dwell on such unsuccessful efforts since it can negatively affect your attitude and cause your spouse to be disappointed. Instead of concentrating on what went wrong and why things couldn’t have gone better, take advantage of the opportunity to laugh out loud and relieve stress.


Your guy will appreciate you for not making him seem to be a failure in bed, and it may even improve his sexual performance as a result of your actions.
There are a variety of methods to treat your spouse to a visual spectacular, and the method you choose should be based on your comfort level with the process. Men get a kick out of seeing their partners in action, and it will give them a high when they see ladies becoming aroused as a result of them.


If you want to get your guy excited and into the mood, visual stimulation is an excellent tool to use. If you allow him to continue to enjoy it, he will never stop coming back to you, begging for more of it.


You must make sure that you are having a good time, since only after you are aroused and have reached that last point will you be able to express that emotion via your face. It will also provide a jolt to your companion.


Put yourself in a comfortable position and begin playing with yourself, while maintaining eye contact with your companion. By looking at him, you may demonstrate that you are enjoying yourself while simultaneously observing his responses to your movements. You may assist yourself in reaching a climax by moving your body and making some sounds. If you don’t want to go the whole distance by yourself, tell your guy when he should join you and assist you in getting there.


4. Stroke and fondle him a little bit:
Manly men like it when their female partners make excellent use of their hands by stroking their child. Fondle and stroke him, and while being kind, demonstrate to him that he is a man of authority and strength.

A lubricant, such as massage oil or those designed especially for sexual pleasure, may also be used to enhance the experience.
Rub the lubricant into the palms of your hands and place one of your hands on the base of his genitals. Make use of your other hand to go from the bottom of his penis to the top of it. Use circular and twisting strokes to massage the area in a gentle but forceful manner.


Go down and back up with the flat of your hand, then strike the head of his penis with the flat of your palm again. Alternatively, if it is more comfortable for you, you may descend to him at the same time and provide him with a combination of both hand and oral pleasure. 


5. Tie up your guy to demonstrate control. which he will appreciate and be thrilled about. Of course, we don’t mean that you tie him up in a manner that makes it impossible for him to relax or that causes him to become disfigured in any way.


Tie him loosely to the bedpost using ties that are comfy, sensuous, and silky, such as his tie, your scarf, and other such items. Lie down next to him with a cushion under his head to keep him propped up so that he can watch everything you are doing to him.
Hold in mind that the purpose of tying him up is to keep him in position while you do your duties on him. If you don’t want it to be too tight, make it more of a symbolic gesture by telling your guy that he is not permitted to move at all until and until you order him to do so.

You may make it more entertaining by assigning him a penalty for each time he disobeys. In the event that he attempts to get up and use his hands, give him a spanking and puts him back in his seat.

6. get it wet: Your guy will like the feeling of water on his aroused body, so getting him started while you both are in the shower together is a wonderful idea!
As the water pours over your bodies, turn on the shower and give him a full-throated kiss on the lips. Putting your arms around his head and gently rising on your toes while you kiss him will make the experience even more personal. Close your eyes or open them gently as you slowly fade the kiss off of your face.

Make a good lather and wash him down with it. Better yet, do it for the benefit of one another. Request that your spouse soap you up as you begin to lather him all over with soap. Show him the area where you want the soap to be applied.

Always make a point of kissing him in between soapy sessions to show him how much you care about him and how much you are drawn to him.

7. Dress Naughty: If you can master the skill of dressing naughty, your guy will desire you even more. As far as stimulation goes, there is nothing more sensual and faster than seeing his spouse dressed up in inappropriate clothing all around them, and this is especially true for men.

Wear some lacey or kinky underwear and stroll about the home in a relaxed manner, without seeming to be exerting too much effort on your appearance.
Choose a simple white shirt that is loose and large, and leave the buttons undone on the upper half of your outfit.


If you want to take it to the next level and are comfortable doing so, you may also move to the next mode without removing your innerwear or changing your clothes. Exude confidence in your own flesh and wear just that around the home, maybe with a pair of sultry high heels or boots.


8. Speak Dirty To Him: He will adore you for it! You may believe that if you speak filthy, he would think less of you, but the reality is that it will get him enraged to no limit.
The term “naughty” does not refer to abusing him or speaking in a manner that indicates you have just spent some time down in the gutter.


Instead, use your best husky voice (but avoid using it if you have never tried it out before and are unsure of how it will sound) and tell him everything you want him to do to you (without being too explicit). You may also begin teasing him right away by telling him all that you want to do to him in the future.


Take control and use a few harsh phrases that are not offensive but will give the impression of strength and dominance to whatever you are saying to gain some control.

In your personal times with your lady, you may experiment with the following techniques to ensure that she never gets enough of you:

Setting the atmosphere for your lady is essential, and if you haven’t heard it before, the fact is that she will love you more and enjoy herself more between the sheets if you do a good job of setting the tone for her.

Create the ideal environment for your lady based on her preferences and the manner in which she like to be pampered. You may lower the lights and place a few scented candles about the home to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Fill the bathtub halfway with warm water and drop in some sensual bath salts and a few rose petals for good measure. Prepare the tub by making sure the water is pleasant and warm and assisting your partner to enter the tub with you. Place yourself in front of her, look her in the eyes, tell her how beautiful she is, and lean in to kiss her.
Remember to play some music in the background to complete the scene; it shouldn’t be too loud, but it should be something she can hear and appreciate.


Many guys tear a woman’s clothing off her body and immediately put her to bed. If you are one of those men who believes that this is the greatest way to satisfy your wife, you should reconsider.


You can accomplish a lot with the clothing that your lady is wearing if you know where to look. Consider turning the process of removing her clothing into a sensuous delight for her rather than just removing them all at once or forcing her to do so.
When you begin stripping her of her clothing, go slowly and entice her to continue. You may always utilize the time to get her in a good mood and to give her a taste of what is going to happen next. She wants more of these kind of actions when having sex, therefore your fingers should gently touch her skin and your lips should offer her those pecks around the intimates.


Play along with whatever she’s wearing by removing some of her clothing off and leaving others on as she walks about. In the event that she is wearing a shirt with a bra beneath, gently remove her top while keeping the bra on. Additionally, you may use your teeth to open the buttons on her shirt, and you can give her a small bite around her tummy and nipples as you open the shirt. Taking off her bra is as simple as caressing her over it and softly massaging her nipples until you can feel them hardening in response to your touch. Once you’ve determined that she’s turned on, you may take action.


Couples who are well-versed in each other’s languages are more likely to succeed in their love-making. If one of the participants is not having a good time, it will never be a complete experience. In order to effectively communicate with someone, it is critical to understand their requirements.


Knowing what your spouse wants, particularly during your heated sessions in bed, may be a difficult job. Choose between reading up on the interests of the other sex and asking your more experienced pals for assistance. What if you were to learn the tricks of the trade (or the finest sex advice) straight from your partner? Is it possible to have a better experience?

Anyone who has had any experience with sex knows that the concept intrigues them, and who wouldn’t want to learn more about it? Whereas only a small number of males are reluctant to speak openly about their sexual dreams and preferences, not all women are equally comfortable speaking about their sexual preferences. 


When it comes to learning what turns on a woman, there is no greater instructor than the woman herself, since she understands her body better than anyone else, and she knows what works best for her personally. Males may certainly learn a great deal from women, which is interesting to consider. We spoke with seven guys who revealed what their female partners had taught them in bed, and this is what they had to say.


The most important thing is to be patient.

“When I become aroused, it’s difficult for me to keep my trousers on. It was more along the lines of ‘Wham! Bam!’ ‘Thank you, ma’am!’ is what I’d want to hear. Because I was naïve, I assumed it was the proper way to do business, and none of my girlfriends objected. After I got married, it was only through my wife that I realized the value of being patient in life. When we had sex for the first time after being married, it felt very uncomfortable. She subsequently informed me that I was moving too quickly through the process. “Treat sex the same way you would treat your favorite cuisine. “Would you like to eat it quickly or take your time with it?” she inquired. “The trick is to be patient.”

Inquire about what you desire.

“Until and until you ask the other person what they want, you will never know what they want. You may make a guess (and a lot of them!) or experiment with various methods to learn what your spouse loves by chance or by pure chance. But are you really willing to put in that kind of effort and time? “Ask what I want!” was the greatest piece of advise I ever received from one of my pals. And it developed into a fascinating game. Every time we were about to have sex, I would ask her what she wanted, and she would always give me a different response depending on her mood and the circumstance we were in. Believe me when I say that we had the greatest sex experience of our lives.”

“Call it ‘love-making,'” she says.

My partner is a Piscean, and Pisceans are renowned for having a high emotional quotient, which she has. During intercourse, she actually’makes love’ to herself. Her thoughtfulness, compassion, delicate strokes, beautiful kisses, and hugs after sex brightens my mood. In fact, she opened my eyes to the idea that sex is so much more than simply penetration, and that there is a lot to do both before and after the act. “I don’t want to have sex,” she said, and I’ll never forget what she said. I really want to have sexual relations with you. Your heart will melt when you feel how delicate and sensitive it is.” And, true to her words, she was able to melt my heart in the process.”



Emotions are very essential….

My previous sex life consisted mostly of one-night encounters, therefore I considered myself to have a healthy sex life until I met my current partner. She instilled in me the significance of feeling my feelings when having sex. We had sex because we were in love, not because we were lustful. That elevated our sexual pleasure to a whole new level, making our sex life even more wonderful. “Having sex without experiencing feelings is the same as eating chocolate without cocoa.”


Female orgasms have been deciphered.

When we were having sex, the most important thing to me was my partner’s climax. I used to worry about whether or not she was having an orgasm to an unhealthy degree. My partner once told me that penetrative sex isn’t the only thing that helps her achieve climax; she also uses other methods. She also informed me about nipple-only orgasm, something I had never heard of before. I’d been under the impression that women could only experience climax via penetrative sex all these time! Following the advise of my partner, I attempted to proceed slowly and began exploring with our respective bodies. ‘It was a great learning experience.’




Having a safe sexual encounter

This is something I am not very pleased about. I used to believe that removing your organ right before ejaculating was a perfectly safe technique. I was wrong. When I informed my wife about this, she burst out laughing. She was the one who instilled in me the habit of always wearing a condom throughout sexual encounters. She went on to say that condoms with different textures helped her climax, and I was very shocked when I tried it out for myself after she informed me. She really compelled me to look into the significance of wearing protection during sex and how we can still have a pleasurable time even while using a condom,” I said.



It is important to engage in foreplay.

“This was something I discovered much later in life. Foreplay may be just as pleasant as or perhaps more so than penetrative sex. It has its own allure, and it has the potential to draw a couple closer together. It is difficult to find anything that can match the joys of cuddling, kissing, and embracing with another person. Furthermore, it stimulates the female reproductive system and aids in natural lubrication.”

How to Intensely Make Love to Your Man for a More Intimate Relationship.

The subject of sexuality covers a wide range of topics, therefore we won’t go into them all here. 


The way we define sex is maybe one of the most fundamental issues. A lot of people associate having sex with basic physicality, as opposed to the concept of making love, which is more emotionally charged and includes falling in love with your spouse.


 I put up this in-depth assessment to determine how effective you are at providing oral sex and fulfilling your partner’s desires. 

Some unpleasant facts may be revealed, or you may find that you are a natural at delivering blow jobs. Neither is certain. Please click here to take my short (and surprisingly accurate) “Blow Job Abilities” exam right now and find out just how excellent your blow job skills truly are…


Making Love Isn’t Exactly What It Sounds Like.
While mastering foreplay, learning some amazing new positions, and using a great deal of variety are all beneficial for having enjoyable sex, having sex is not the same as making love in the traditional sense. Now consider the implications of it. To be clear, having sex is not the same as making love. 

Read that sentence again: When it comes to keeping your guy satisfied, being a sexual queen is a wonderful way to go. Making love to your man, on the other hand, is not always the same thing.

The goal of having a sexual encounter with your spouse is to accomplish more than simply sex with him. In order for us to get closer to him, we must first understand him. To express your feelings for him, you should do so. In order to express your feelings for him, As well as for him to demonstrate how much he loves and cares about you. 

 Keep this in mind. Having a crazed, animalistic sex experience is not the only draw. Connecting with him is the goal.

Making love is strong because it reinforces the importance that you place on your spouse and vice versa .

As a woman who longs for sexual intimacy, you’re not alone in your desire. While the media asserts that only women make this difference, there are many guys who also perceive a significant separation between having sex and what it means to be in love, and they want it as much as the women. To achieve this degree of intimacy and connection is the ultimate aim for many couples in the bedroom.




Defining what making love means to you is essential if you want to accomplish your objective. The only way to tell whether or not you’re having sex is by feeling it. When you feel like you’re simply having sex, what exactly is lacking from your experience?

“I’ll know it when it occurs,” for example, is not very precise. Consider the particular indications he is giving you that he is in love with you. During your sexual encounter, what are you and your partner likely to do, say, feel, and even think? Then, when you want to have a passionate love affair, use the suggestions in this love making guide to obtain even more of it!

How to Make Love: Techniques
You do not have to employ all of these love making methods all of the time, but deliberately paying attention to these elements may result in intense, passionate love making.

1. Create a mood.
For example, think of any of the classic love scenes from the movies. A sensuous or seductive music – such as the ones on this list – is playing in the background more frequently than not, with the lights lowered and doors closed for maximum effect. Whether or not many of those elements are included in the film once it has been filmed is immaterial.


Take care to make your place feel welcoming by making it comfortable and tidy. Replace the bed linens and towels. Scented candles may be used as a decorative accent. Make a little amount of preparation in advance so that the scenario you’re creating would be appropriate for a film setting.



Providing that your bedroom is a peaceful haven, this should not be difficult to do. With little children running about or roommates living in the home, on the other hand, it may be more difficult to do. When you want to have a night of sexual pleasure, consider hiring a babysitter or perhaps booking a hotel room for the evening. Several hotels also provide special romance packages!



Having trouble getting into bed? It’s possible that you’re not creating the right environment for bedtime romance. It is important to establish a romantic environment so that you do not simply have a quickie or concentrate on mechanical sex.

Take this little test to see whether you’re a bad blower.
If you are new to our site, you may want to take the quiz below to find out how proficient you are at providing oral sex and fulfilling your man’s desires. The fact that you suck (no pun intended) or that you are already a blow job queen may come to light.

Make Your Feelings Known

In certain cases, it is not because the act is carefully planned out that you fall in love. The reality is that you’re feeling overwhelmed by the strength of your emotions. In situations when you are discussing how much you love each other or have seen an emotionally charged event such as a wedding, this may occur. Occasionally, you can’t help but express your feelings of affection in reaction to a considerate and kind deed taken by your partner.


This is something you can duplicate by taking the time to show and tell your guy how much you care for and about him. Make certain that you have enough of time and that you will not be interrupted. Organize a romantic supper at your favorite restaurant, or prepare a meal to be ready when he returns home from work………………………………………….. After all, it’s difficult not to be overcome with emotion after a romantic date.


Additionally, your displays of affection should not cease after sexual contact has initiated. During the performance, tell him you adore him. Everything will feel that much more intense as a result of it. For those of you who have just been dating for a short time, you may want to hold off on saying those three little words for now. You may, however, show how important he is to you in other ways.


It doesn’t matter what particular methods you employ between the sheets as long as everything you do is done with passion and sincerity.


3. Give It Some Thought

While in a hurry, you’ll most likely be dissatisfied when you want to make love but end up falling short of your expectations. When it comes to making love, you have to take things slowly. We are actually referring to slowing down the process of falling in love and taking extra time to arrive to the ultimate event.


Devoting time to foreplay is an excellent approach to learn how to have a good time in bed. Additionally, it helps to guarantee that you will orgasm, which is a worry that many of our readers have. Take as much time as you need to complete your task. Trace your fingertips over the surface of his skin, every inch of it. Make a mental note of how he smells, tastes, and feels. Reduce the rate of your breathing.


Making love is not a competition or about achieving a certain result. It is the trip that is important.


4. Remain in the Present Moment

Many individuals find that their hyperactive thoughts pull them out of the present moment, which isn’t what you want when you’re learning how to have sexual relations. You may assist yourself remain in the present moment by engaging in a few simple techniques, which should come naturally if you’ve ever engaged in guided meditation or experimented with Tantric sexuality.


When you notice that your mind is straying, bring your attention back to the pleasure you’ve given or received. Take note of how your head, your arms and hands, your legs and feet, and your core all feel at the moment.


Concentrate on your own breathing as well as his. Alternatively, you may breathe in sync with him or picture yourself taking his breath while he takes yours with your exhale if that is more comforting. Consider your breath to be energy coursing through your body, bringing you back to your center.


It may be beneficial for some individuals to pay attention to how their senses are being stimulated. For example, groaning may assist to keep your auditory sense occupied and interested in the situation. Alternatively, you may need to change positions in order to get your head back in the game. There is a plethora of varied advice available since no one piece of advise is effective for every woman.


5. Include Your Entire Body in the Exercise

There are many women who have experienced what it is like to have sex with someone who sees them as nothing more than a warm, wet hole. This is almost the polar opposite of having sexual relations. As a result, if you want to have sexual relations, do the polar opposite. Consider the possibilities beyond the genitals. Incorporate your whole body — as well as his — into the exercise.


From his head to his toes, he receives undivided care. Kiss him all over his body. Caress his chest, arms, back, and legs with your hands, letting the sensation wash over you. Make an effort to link as many of your body parts as possible.


6. Maintain your connection

Making love differs from just having sex in that you and your partner maintain a sense of connection throughout the process. The same attention to detail that you employ outside of the bedroom may assist you in learning how to make love and elevating your love making to a higher level within the bedroom.


Make this happen by establishing eye contact, calling each other by their first names, and concentrating on giving pleasure rather than just receiving it. Connecting with your partner on a personal level is essential to the art of creating intimate connections. No, you don’t learn the art of making love to a guy; rather, you learn the art of making love to your man.


In order to maintain your grounding and connection, it is possible that you may gravitate for positions such as missionary or cowgirl, where you can maintain eye contact with your partner. Many individuals believe that doggy style or anal sex, for example, are incompatible with the act of falling in love with someone. That, on the other hand, is completely up to you!


If a man establishes direct eye contact with you, it’s a safe bet that he’s thinking about making love to you.

You may also hold hands with him and wrap your arms around him like you’re embracing him to keep your bodies completely linked while you’re having sexual relations with him. You should bury your face in his neck so that you may groan straight into his ear. There is a significant difference between making love and having sex when it comes to kissing. It is possible for some individuals to never kiss someone they are not in love with! Take a look at this tips on how to kiss passionately.


Obviously, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to have the sensation that you’re having sexual relations with a one-night encounter. While we strongly encourage you to experiment with casual sex if it is something you are interested in, now is not the time. Furthermore, you will have an easier time attaining those love emotions with someone whom you can put your confidence in, both emotionally and physically.


7. Keep your attention on the journey rather than the destination.

Orgasm signifies the culmination of a sexual encounter. It is the ultimate aim for many individuals. It’s also OK if you like to have a sex-fueled orgasm. However, getting too wrapped up in the end result may cause you to lose sight of the road that brought you there. It’s almost the polar opposite of being present in the present moment.


However, it may also be harmful since it is easy to get into a habit and neglect to explore new places. However, when you make it a point to concentrate on the trip, you will find that things will go more slowly, and this will help to distinguish making love from just having sex. Furthermore, it provides you with more time to thoroughly explore your own body as well as the body of your partner.




If you chance to have an orgasm, that’s wonderful. Without it, you will change the way sex appears and, maybe, what it means to you in the future. That’s also fantastic. And when you put your attention on connecting with others and experiencing pleasure, it may relieve the strain of attempting to orgasm or coerce your partner into coming.

Our expectations of sex don’t always serve us well, therefore it’s OK not to have any expectations at all.


8. Experiment with Tantra.

Some of the advise we’ve already received is in the realm of tantric sex, which is a philosophy that has its origins in ancient India. Tantric sex is, in some ways, more intentional than regular sex, and this may make you feel more like you’re making love rather than simply having sex. Tantric sex is not for everyone. In Tantric sex, the emphasis is on sharing energy with your partner, which sounds a lot like intimate love making to us.

Tantra stresses the importance of things like breathing in rhythm with your partner and maintaining eye contact, which you may practice with your partner. You could also think about hiring a professional to assist you in learning the art of tantric sex from the ground up.


9. Cum Together (Combined Effort)

Now, it’s not always simple or feasible for you and your guy to orgasm at the same moment, but doing so will definitely give you the impression that you’re having a romantic relationship rather than simply having sexual relations. There are a few measures you may do to make this process a little less difficult.

Know how long it will take you to get off and what you will need to do before you begin. If it usually takes you considerably longer to reach the point of no return than it does your guy, oral sex or manual stimulation may be required to get things started.


Following our recommendations for becoming multi-orgasmic, you may be able to exert more control over when you decide you want to share the experience with your partner. Consider also edging, which is bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm but then pulling back to allow for an explosive climax when you want it.

10. Hug and kiss one another


It is sometimes just as essential as what occurs during sex for many individuals to consider what happens after sex. In the case if one or both of you leave right away, it will not seem to be an emotionally intimate occasion. Furthermore, oxytocin is produced during orgasm , so this is the perfect moment to take use of it. You may remember that oxytocin is the cuddle hormone, which promotes bonding between people .



After sex, set aside ample time to touch and snuggle with your partner. This may also help to make the transition from sexual times to everyday life a little less abrupt. After you’ve had some fun with your guy, you might take a sleep together and wake up feeling pleased and cherished.


When You Have Difficulty Making Love
The tips provided above may assist you in being more proactive when it comes to making love to your spouse. How can one go, though, when they have exhausted all of their available options and still feel unsatisfied? And what do you do if your guy doesn’t reciprocate your feelings for him?



Take into consideration your relationship

If your relationship is under stress outside of the bedroom, it will almost definitely have an effect on what occurs inside of the bedroom, as well. If you’re arguing, angry, or otherwise emotionally detached from your partner, you won’t be able to make him want to kiss you.


It will be much more difficult to feel like you are making love if you are trying to form an emotional connection with someone who is not a romantic partner, such as a friend-with-benefits. Reevaluate what you want out of this connection, and if you are unable to get it, terminate the relationship.


It’s possible that it’s not about you.
When you have sex with someone and don’t feel like it’s very intimate, it’s possible that your partner isn’t completely immersed in the experience. Perhaps he is stressed out from his job, tired, or suffering from some kind of discomfort at the moment. Instead of connecting with you, he may be looking for sex at these times to help him relax, which may not be a problem if it just occurs once in a while.



Sex, for some individuals, is just a source of pleasure and physical release from their daily lives. This does not always imply a lack of concern or affection for you. It’s possible that they’ll demonstrate this in ways other than sexually explicit behavior. 


Making love may be something they don’t truly contemplate, and they would have to put in some effort if a partner indicated a desire to have sexual relations with them. Even if you consider sexual closeness to be the ultimate kind of intimacy, you may find it easier to deal with if you communicate how essential you consider it to be .



Our following point is prompted by both of these possible issues:

Consult With Your Partner

The most efficient approach to achieve what you want in bed, whether you want to make love or get spanked, is to be straightforward and open up about your desires with your significant other. To be sure, talking about sex isn’t always simple, which is why we’ve put up this resource on sexual communication.


Your desire to be with someone should include a statement that sex is enjoyable, but you’d like to feel more connected to the person with whom you’re having sexual relations. During this discussion, you must be honest about how you are feeling and what you want in your life. You must be kind and willing to put yourself in vulnerable situations. When it comes to making love, it’s important to remember that vulnerability is a component.

You may utilize this conversation to understand more about what it’s like to make love for your guy as well.


This is the moment for you to tell him if he seems to be distant or preoccupied on a regular basis. Even if you’ll express your dissatisfaction with the situation, you should attempt to stay cool and avoid becoming accusatory. It’s possible that he is completely unaware of what is going on!


While you shouldn’t place unreasonable expectations on your spouse, you may ask him to perform the things that will make you feel more connected during sex, if you so want. If your man isn’t the kind that displays emotion via sex, or if he doesn’t think of sex in that way, being explicit may be very beneficial. Please inform him if you would want him to slow down, kiss you more, breathe in rhythm with you, or do anything else.



You and your partner may come up with a signal or phrase that signals when you want sex to be more about closeness and less on the physical elements of the relationship. In order to engage in sexual activity, there are a variety of slang terms to choose from .

Change the way you interact with your partner.

Perhaps the reason you don’t feel like you’re making love is because your definition of what constitutes having sex vs making love is too restrictive. Yes, eye contact and sensual caresses may help you get the emotions you want, but they are not the sole means of achieving them. When you’re madly in love with someone and you have sex with them, virtually any kind of intercourse may be a representation of your feelings for them. 


Rough sex (read more about rough sex) and kinky sex are examples of this. 

A common reason why individuals find the BDSM to be very loving is because the dominant cares and provides for their submit, while the submissive obey and loves their dominant.


Learn how to be submissive in bed by watching this video.

It’s difficult to determine whether or not a couple is having sexual relations from the outside, just as it’s impossible to tell how love feels from the inside out. Of course, sensual movie sequences seem to be about romantic relationships, but they are not. It’s all a matter of perception.


Furthermore, bear in mind that you are unlikely to reach the level of planned precision that you see on your television screen in person. These kinds of expectations may lead to feelings of disappointment and even anger in the long run. Real sex may be messy, funny, awkward, and unpleasant, to name a few characteristics. Nonetheless, the experience you’re experiencing with the person you love should not be diminished as a result of this.


Finally, keep in mind that you are not required to make love every time. Occasionally, it’s great to just give in to desire and indulge in passionate sex (find ideas here) or to have a quickie that gets the job done when you only have a few minutes available.



As long as you at least sometimes engage in passionate love and demonstrate your affection outside of the bedroom, you should be considered successful.

When it comes to connecting with a partner, many people believe that making love is the most effective method. It’s the height of vulnerability, and there’s nothing more rewarding than showing love to someone who you know loves you back in return.

Dr. Lori Brotto’s book, Better Sex Through Mindfulness, discusses the advantages of mindfulness in relation to sex and relationships. The ability to stay in the present moment may make you feel more connected to your spouse, and this book can teach you how to do so.



In this article published by the Good Men Project, men discuss what it means to them to make love rather than fuck.

On Psychology Today, Elliot D. Cohen delves into the theory behind the act of making love.

This article in the New York Post examines the findings of a study on sex, including what makes making love distinct from other forms of intimacy.



If sex is slow, does it qualify as making love? FAQ #1 – Does sex have to be slow in order to count as making love?
When it comes to making love, it is more about how and what you feel than it is about what you do, which is why there is no “correct” way to do it. Some individuals find that rough sex may help them feel the feeling of connection that is so important when it comes to making love in bed. 


If what you’re doing demonstrates sensitivity and emotion, it may be considered “making love,” regardless of how harsh or kinky it is.

When I have sex with my lover, I don’t get the sensation that I’m making love.
You may feel disappointed if you want to make love to your guy but it just seems like you’re having sex with him. This is particularly true if you’ve been successful in doing so with previous lovers.


 The causes for this include having a partner who is just interested in the physical elements of sex, making climax the primary objective of sex rather than pleasure, problems within your relationship, attempting to discover feelings that aren’t really present, and putting too much emphasis on your genitals. Talking with your spouse and perhaps rethinking what makes for good love might be beneficial.



The following is going to seem a bit weird, but… I want to teach you certain oral sex methods that I refer to as “sexual heroin” because they can make any guy totally and utterly dependent on you, willing to do anything just so that he may be with you.

If you employ these secret oral sex methods on a guy, he will have strong orgasms that will cause him to arch his back and shake his body, and he may pass out as a result of the experience.



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This group may be of interest to you if you are in a relationship where the “spark” has faded and would want to experience more passion, fire, and intensity in your relationship.

Some of the adverse effects are as follows:

A guy who stares at you as if he wants to tear your clothes off all the time is a nightmare.
Your relationship and the way your guy treats you are causing other women to be envious of you.
A man who makes excuses to his friends and cancels plans with them in order to spend more time with you is a good person.
a guy who can’t seem to take his hands off of your shoulders